One Night Surprise Chapter 379

Chapter 379 Playing the Victim Card

Alexander looked at her closely. “In this world, there’s none who one cannot leave.”

This sentence carried slight resolution, as if it was meant for himself.

Full of anger, Courtney ran downstairs. “Is it not enough that I don’t want custody of your son anymore? I won’t wish to see Jordan anymore; he will belong to you and the Duncan Family. I just want my daughter back.”

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The words stabbed Alexander as his face darkened even further. “Don’t you think your words are laughable? Who are you to say that Jordan is yours when he’s been my son all along? Since you’ve signed the contract, forget the two kids—even any child you give birth to in the future would belong to the Duncan Family. Now that you’ve received the money, you want to call off the deal? What farce is this?”

Under extreme anger, Courtney raised her voice. “That was because I was forced! Now that Tina’s custody is with me, you can’t just take her as you please.”

“But you can take Jordan away as you please?”

Looking at her without any pity in his eyes, Alexander continued, “From the moment that you went to Sunhill for a job, to the time you fed Jordan at the hotel, then to coming to my house to c**k for Jordan—every step was just so you could get closer to me and Jordan, to make up evidence of me supposedly abusing my child. Do you think this makes you qualified to take Jordan away using these dirty methods? ”


Courtney couldn’t believe that she was such a person in Alexander’s eyes.

“It was the lawyer’s advice. I never went through with it.” She vehemently defended herself.

Doubting her, Alexander sneered. “Is it?”

If she hadn’t gotten exposed, she might’ve gone through with it.

Then I would’ve played the fool who was caught off guard and sued for child abuse unknowingly.

“It’s late, so leave. I won’t be seeing you off.” Passing by her, Alexander walked upstairs, as he didn’t want to deal with her anymore.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

Turning her body around, Courtney faced his back and said, “Unless you tell me where you sent Tina to, I will stay here and I will not budge at all.”

Hearing this, Alexander stopped his advance, leaving a simple sentence. “Do as you please.”

With a bang, the whole house shook as the study’s door was slammed shut.

Courtney clenched her teeth, followed him upstairs, and stood right outside the study.

Originally wanting to persuade her, May was instead dismissed to handle the trash by Lana. After a short while, Lana climbed the stairs while holding a cup of tea. While passing by Courtney, she looked at her with disdain and scoffed loudly. “Miss Hunter, please get out of the way. I’m here to serve tea to the young master.”

Frowning, Courtney moved to the side, but Lana still bumped into her on purpose, which made her stumble. Fortunately, she was able to hold on to the wall, saving herself from falling.

“Oh, my. You should be more careful, Miss Hunter. Don’t blame it on us if something were to happen when you’re standing here with your weak body.” The cynicism by Lana was ignored by Courtney as she clenched her teeth.

After all, her goal wasn’t to create more trouble, but to let Alexander know that if he did not return Tina, she would not leave.

Thinking she felt guilty, Lana sneered and entered the study.

“Young Master, your tea.”

“Ok.” Humming a faint reply, Alexander didn’t bother looking up and continued to look through the project’s details. His complexion looked somewhat pallid under the yellowish lighting.

However, Lana thought that he was feeling troubled due to Courtney not leaving. So, she said, “Miss Hunter is still standing outside the door.”

When Alexander heard this, his complexion got worse. “Then let her continue standing there. Just treat her as if she’s invisible.”

Nodding, Lana replied, “Yes, that’s what I told the others too. Young Master, you were already being too kind with how you treated her so well back then. Now that the wedding is off, she is still sticking to you like a leech. How shameless of her.”

Tilting his head, Alexander scrutinized the middle-aged maid in front of him. “You really think so?”

“Yes. In fact, when she woke up earlier this afternoon, I had already urged her to leave. Yet, she kept insisting on staying here and would not leave at all.” Expecting praise from this, Lana looked extremely full of herself.

“When did you come to work here?”

“During the eve of mid-winter holidays. The butler at the ancestral home was afraid that your residence might be short-staffed, so he sent some of us over.”

Nodding thoughtfully, Alexander said, “Looks like the standards for hiring servants are slipping back at the ancestral home.”

Lana’s face paled when she heard this, her smile stiffening up.

Standing up calmly, Alexander looked at the cup of tea by his side. Suddenly, with a straight face, he flung the teacup toward Lana’s face.

With a clang, the porcelain shattered when it made contact with the floor beside Lana. As the boiling tea splashed her, her knees gave out due to her fear, making her fall to the ground.

“Young Master…”

“Who are you to interfere in my own personal issues? Get out, and never appear in front of me again.”

Scared out of her wits, Lana shut her mouth and stumbled out running.

Courtney, who stood outside, couldn’t hear a peep of what went on as the study was soundproofed. Just as she was curious as to why Lana was inside for so long, the door opened. The person who came out was Lana, who had a pale face with teary eyes. When she saw Courtney, she looked horrified and left without a word.

Peeping through the door that was left ajar, Courtney saw the spilled tea that was on the floor, alongside the shattered cup.

Just then, Alexander, who stood at the center of the study, cast his gaze outside the door, whereupon he coincidentally met with her gaze.

At the sight of Courtney, the man got angry once again. “Come in.”

Slightly stunned, Courtney walked inside hesitatingly.

Just as she stepped through the door, Alexander asked her coldly, “Why are you doing this? Are you trying to gain pity from me by playing the victim card?”

Failing to understand his words, Courtney asked, “What do you mean by this?”

“The servants treated you badly, and you chose not to retort? No matter what, you’re the Hunter Family’s young lady. Would you also not speak a word if you were treated like this by your servants? Is that how you were taught by the Hunter Family?”

Blinded by anger, Alexander had already forgotten that Courtney was the most neglected girl within the Hunter Family. Besides Mrs. Bell, who cared for her, the remaining servants all served her stepmother. As such, how would anyone be nice to her?

But Courtney thought that he said that to make her feel bad, so she got angry too.

“I’ve never been some pampered princess all along. I also don’t have such a temper like you, the spoiled young master. If I had such a great background, I wouldn’t have been tricked to perform surrogacy forcefully, would I?”

“Are you blaming me for this?”

“Oh, how would I dare do so!” Her face was full of animosity while her anger hadn’t subsided yet. “I should blame myself. I shouldn’t have gotten drunk during my 18th birthday, and I shouldn’t have been tricked. Also, I shouldn’t have given birth or returned from America after that.”

Her barrage of ‘shouldn’t haves’ rang loudly as it reached Alexander’s eardrums.

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