One Night Surprise Chapter 378

Chapter 378 She Cannot Leave Me

After spending a whole night under the cold rain, the last of Courtney’s strength left her body. She was struggling to see even the first floor’s window, and everything suddenly turned into a blur.

Before Courtney fainted, she thought she saw the Duncan Family’s servant, May, running toward her with an umbrella in her hand.

She didn’t know what the future held as she fell unconscious. It was as if she was trapped in an eternal dream.

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Inside her dream, there was a huge blaze that made her feel hot all over. She struggled in earnest to escape, but the fiery tongue kept chasing her and scalded her all over…

When she opened her eyes, she saw the big red paper decoration on the window that was extremely dazzling.

The sunlight shone through the window, flashing the word ‘Newly Married’ that was on the paper decor onto the bed sheets, like a shadow that floated erratically.

After she stared at the paper decor for a long time, her eyes began to redden.

“Miss Hunter, you’re awake.”

From the door came May’s voice, then she proceeded to quickly walk inside the room. “Are you still feeling unwell anywhere? The doctor said you had a fever and should rest more.”

As Courtney sat up, she hugged the blanket close to her and looked around blankly.

“Why am I here?”

“Do you not remember, Miss Hunter?” May looked at her. “Yesterday, you stood outside the door throughout the night, but you couldn’t withstand the pouring rain and fainted. It was Young Master Alexander who carried you inside.”

“He did?” Struck with surprise, Courtney asked, “He carried me inside?”

Didn’t Alexander hate me so much he’d rather not see me? Didn’t he leave me there to die? Why did he do that, then?

Nodding, May continued, “Young Master Alexander still has you in his heart, you know. Although I’m not sure what happened, Miss Hunter, please don’t go against him. Even though he has a bad temper, he’s still a kind man nevertheless.”

Just as they were talking, a shrill woman’s voice came from the door. “Enough with your nonsense. He has her in his heart? I think you forgot all about what Young Master Alexander said last night. Stop trying to play the good samaritan. Wait until he comes back, and I’ll tell him what you said. Then, we’ll see what punishment awaits you.”

Going pale, May said timidly, “Miss Rouge.”

Raising her head slightly, Courtney saw a maid she had never seen before bring in a tray. The maid set the bowl of ginger soup on the bedside table carelessly, spilling some soup.

“What Young Master Alexander said was, it would bring misfortune to let someone die at his doorstep. So, he asked us to kick her out after she feels better. You hear that, Miss Hunter?”

Facing the maid’s gaze of contempt, Courtney turned from pale to ghostly white.

After all, she knew that Alexander hated her guts, so much so that he would never believe a word she said, nor would he believe that she genuinely did love him. As such, why would he care if she died right there and then?

“Miss Rouge, you can’t say that. After all, Young Master Alexander…”

“If you know him so well, why don’t you go sleep with him tonight?”

Lana Rouge spoke harshly. Since May was still young, her face flushed with embarrassment as she heard this. “I didn’t mean that. I—”

“Where is he?”

Just then, Courtney interrupted their argument. Part of the reason was because she felt a headache coming on after listening to them, and the other part was because her original aim all along was to find Alexander to get back her daughter.

Crossing her arms, Lana looked at her condescendingly and said rudely, “Young Master Alexander is out. I don’t know when he’ll be back. Just go away now if you’re already fine. We’ll all be dragged into the mud if he comes back and gets upset by the sight of you.”

May, who couldn’t stand this anymore, rebuked, “Miss Rouge, Miss Hunter still has a fever. Young Master Alexander said that Miss Hunter could only leave if she had fully recovered.”

“Who told you to b**t in? There’s loads of hospitals out there that can treat her.”

Being used to seeing people being bullied by others when they fell from grace, Courtney often saw bootlickers but not many who would help others in their hour of need.

“I’ll wait right here until Alexander comes back. I need to talk to him.”

Hearing this, Lana frowned at her. “Miss Hunter, I don’t suppose you think you’re the madam of the house, right? Humility is a cherished trait.”

“I could say the same to you.”

Staring back icily, Courtney spat, “I don’t know how the Duncan Family trains their servants, but I do know that all servants are not to interfere lightly with the owner’s decisions. Even if I’m not one of the Duncan Family’s people, I’m also a guest of Alexander’s. Who are you to lecture me?”

Courtney’s words made Lana flush slightly. “What does this have to do with you? You’re not even a guest!”

“Oh, is that so? How about I call Old Master Duncan and ask him whether I’m considered a guest or not?”

Hearing this made Lana panic slightly.

As she was just transferred from the Duncans’ ancestral home, she of course knew that Scott viewed Courtney highly. If this incident was known by him, she would most likely lose her job.

“I-I-I didn’t mean anything like that.”

She tried to explain, but Courtney wasn’t in the mood to listen. Waving her hand, she chased the servant out.

“Just get out.”

The room quietened down upon her absence. As May was thinking of comforting her, she saw Courtney’s unhappy face and simply said, “Rest well.” Then, she left.

Getting down from her bed, Courtney moved her still unwell body to the window, her fingers slowly touching the paper decor’s edges.

This paper decor was pasted on the window personally by Fiona, who wished them a happy marriage.

As the afternoon sunlight shone on Courtney’s face through the holes of the paper decor, the red shadow swayed as her tears fell.

She knew that there was now an uncrossable line between herself and Alexander. Not only couldn’t Alexander understand the hardship she had suffered all those years, she also couldn’t forgive him for pushing all the mistakes on her indiscriminately.

Although it was said that ‘all good things must come to an end’, how could they end when there was never anything good that happened in the first place?

Later, as night fell, the sound of a car engine could be heard from the courtyard. Shortly after, the servants downstairs could be heard saying, “Welcome back, Young Master.”

Opening the door, Courtney walked out briskly and looked downstairs from the staircase.

Taking off his coat, Alexander subconsciously raised his head as he heard the noise from above, and he happened to meet Courtney’s gaze.

As the two pairs of eyes met, the surrounding air slowly became heavier.

“Why are you still here?”

With a darkened face, Alexander asked, “Why didn’t you leave as soon as you woke up?”

Seeing that he humiliated her in front of the servants, Courtney held on to the staircase railing accompanied by a pale face, then she squeezed out a sentence after some time. “I have something to talk to you about.”

With a face full of ridicule, Alexander mockingly said, “If it’s about Tina, then I suggest you save your breath. Since she is my daughter, that means that she is the darling child of the Duncan Family and has no business running out and about with others.”

“She cannot leave me,” Courtney said with unbearable grief.

“She grew up by my side. She cannot leave me.”

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