One Night Surprise Chapter 375

Chapter 375 I Want to at Least Try

Dragon frowned and said with absolute displeasure, “Can’t you tell I’m busy? Why are you telling me every little f*cking thing?”

Outside the door, his subordinate didn’t dare to speak.

The woman on the side carefully studied the man’s expression and said cautiously, “Dragon, did you forget that it was you who asked Buffy to pick this person up? With Buffy’s stubborn temper, if you don’t see him today, he will definitely stand outside all night with that person he brought—they will freeze to death.”

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The man called Dragon was originally displeased, but his expression softened when he heard what Britney had to say, and he pinched the woman’s cheek. “Why did you ask me to send someone to pick up your sister? Are you not afraid that I will want her when she’s here?”

The woman’s eyes were calm, and her face was docile. “This is your territory. Since we have decided to take her in, she is all yours. And not to mention, I brought my sister over just to serve you in the first place.”

Hearing this, the man was overjoyed. After laughing twice, he rubbed the woman’s body hard again with his hand. “Well said. Don’t worry. I’m not interested in your sister—I’m just taking her in for your sake. As for how she’ll live here in the future, I’ll leave it to her to decide.”

The woman lowered her eyebrows and smiled. “Of course.”

Riverark Island was deserted, and there was no woman on it except her. Once Dragon left, she would be at an absolute disadvantage facing this group of men alone, so although Poppy was of little use or value, she would be able to help her with this here.

The man yelled at the door, “Buffy can deal with it himself. Don’t bother me again.”

As soon as he said what he said, he pressed his body against the woman’s again. She cried out, and their bodies began to move with the bed frame once again.

Within the ecstasy of her screams, the woman’s dark and vicious eyes lay hidden.

She was patient. She had been forced to the point where she was now, and she was not afraid of anything. Since she was already going to hell, she would bring those two people to be buried along with her when she died.

Right now, the two families are probably in a mess! She thought.

“Don’t worry about your aunt. I’ve hidden the truth from her. I only told her that you had a quarrel with Alexander and realized that you both are no longer a match, so you canceled the wedding.”

“Did she ask about anything?”

Courtney’s face was pale. Although she had rested all night, she still looked weak and fragile, as if the wind could send her tumbling at any moment.

“No, she didn’t.” Cameron frowned. “But she seemed to have sensed something, so she only kept asking me where you are now. I said you were in a bad mood, so you went to travel. She didn’t ask any more questions after that.”

Courtney nodded with a light expression.

Before setting the wedding date, she had confessed to Alicia about Jordan’s background and said that if she didn’t handle it well in the future, she might have a certain disagreement with Alexander. Perhaps at that time, Alicia had already made such mental preparations for this probability.

It was just that Alicia still didn’t know that the situation was this serious. She probably believed what Cameron said, that it was just a quarrel between the two, and that she went abroad for a trip.

As for the Duncan family, she thought that Alexander must have said something when he went back. But that was fine by her too—it was likely for the best that the two families didn’t have to meet again, so the wedding would be canceled by default.

“What are you going to do?” Cameron asked.

Courtney leaned against the bed and glanced out the window.

Because of the mid-winter holiday, it was very lively outside. The streets and alleys were full of decorations; there was an ancient church not too far from the hospital, and the sound of its bell ringing could be heard occasionally.

“After leaving the hospital, I plan to take Tina directly back to America with no plans on returning here. Citron Apparel will be handed over to you and Bill in the future.”

“What about Jordan? You don’t care about him anymore?”

“He seems to be doing fine with the Duncans. No one would dare to lay a finger on him again, and even if I wanted to do something, I’m afraid that’s out of the equation because Alexander won’t let me.”

“When are you going to leave, then?”

“Within these two days, I guess.”

Courtney’s eyes were dark; there was no light in them, as if she had been completely and utterly disappointed. A man had made her lose all hope in a city.

Cameron didn’t know how to persuade her to stay, so she could only sit silently and accompany her. She was sighing even more than Courtney, who was the victim.

At the door of the ward, a hand with well-defined joints had just withdrawn from the door handle. When he heard what Courtney said, his hands slowly clenched into fists, and the blue veins on the back of his hands throbbed, indicating that he could no longer hide his anger.

Just because her plans were exposed now, she planned to leave the mess behind her and walk away?

Alexander squeezed his hands together, and his fingers cracked—his heart was full of anger and could not be quelled. In the end, he didn’t open the door or enter; he simply turned around and left the hospital inpatient department without looking back.

Two days later, Elijah came back and went straight to the hospital after getting off the plane.

On the phone, Cameron didn’t tell him about Courtney’s injuries in detail. She only said that Courtney and Alexander had a fight, and they resorted to violence. Courtney was too frightened and was hospitalized. Despite this, Elijah still dropped all of his plans and rushed back as soon as he could.

“Courtney told me everything. I’ve already arranged everything for you if you want to go back to America. You can go back whenever you want, okay?” Elijah stood beside the hospital bed and spoke with concern hidden in his eyes. “How are you feeling now?”

“I’m fine. Cameron is just making a big fuss out of this.”

Courtney was already able to get out of bed. Seeing that Elijah came back all of a sudden, she didn’t respond for a while. “I will go back no matter what, but I still have some things to deal with.”

“Is it about Jordan?”

Courtney nodded as she looked at Elijah. “Well, I want to end things nicely and peacefully. I want to talk to him. Although I’m sure he will definitely refuse to give me custody of Jordan, I don’t want to make things ugly. I won’t file a lawsuit, but I do want to ask him if he can let me see Jordan regularly.”

Elijah frowned. “Do you think he will agree?”

“I-I just… I want to at least try.”

Courtney smiled bleakly—her voice did not carry even an ounce of confidence.

Alexander’s paranoia far exceeded her expectations. She just wanted to try it one last time. Even if he didn’t care about the relationship they had built recently, taking into consideration that she was Jordan’s biological mother, letting her meet Jordan regularly wasn’t too much to ask.

Elijah sighed deeply, and there was a hint of hostility between his brows, but he still agreed in the end. “Okay, I’ll make arrangements.”

That afternoon, Courtney was discharged from the hospital. Elijah had a manor on the hillside of Purple Peak Mountain to the west of Melrose City; it was far away from the urban area and was suitable for recuperating. It was also to prevent Alicia from running into them accidentally, so he arranged for Courtney to live there instead.

Even well after nightfall, the study in the Duncan family villa was still lit.

Alexander sat in front of the desk and passed the whole afternoon without turning over a single page of the financial magazine in his hand.

The phone rang for a while before he glanced at the caller ID. It was then that his expression turned stone cold.

After tapping on the answer button, a man’s icy voice came from the other end. “Let’s have a conversation at 2.00PM tomorrow, shall we, Mr. Duncan?”

Alexander clenched the phone tightly and said coldly, “It’s time to talk indeed, but I want to know: What identity are you going to use to talk to me?”

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