One Night Surprise Chapter 374

Chapter 374 Don’t Let Anyone In

Cameron learned about Courtney’s injury from the doctor in charge. Her lower body had been torn, and she needed two stitches—she didn’t even have to think twice to know what had happened.

“So what if he found out everything? You’re the victim here.”

In the ward, Cameron was livid, so much so that she was turning blue from the anger. “Let me find him.”

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“Cameron.” Courtney fought through the pain and grabbed Cameron. “Don’t go.”

Seeing Courtney’s sickly face, Cameron’s anger grew even more, and her expression became even more unsightly, but she finally sat down in a snit.

“So are you just going to let this go? If he doesn’t apologize to you properly this time, why would you still marry him? No matter how rich and powerful he or his family is, he can’t just trample over people like this. If Aunt Alicia finds out about this, she would feel super bad for you; you know that, right?”

Courtney was silent for a moment, then she continued to say, “Don’t tell Aunt Alicia about this.”

“Are you kidding me?” Cameron raised her brows. “What makes you think you can hide this from her? Today is the eve of the mid-winter holiday, and your aunt is going crazy looking for you. I don’t know how many calls she’s made so far.”

“I’m not getting married,” Courtney said all of a sudden.

Cameron’s expression was deadpan for a long time, then she sighed deeply. “I don’t think the marriage will work out now, but even if you don’t tell your aunt, I don’t think you should marry Alexander—he is just too stubborn and extreme. Why couldn’t he put himself in your shoes?”

“I’m tired.”

Courtney didn’t seem to want to hear anything about Alexander anymore and rested her head on the pillow with an exhausted look.

When Cameron saw her like this, she knew it was her cue to stop talking about him or anything related to him now.

“Then take a rest and don’t worry. I’ll find a way to handle the rest. As for your aunt… I’ll figure something out too.”

“Okay.” Courtney nodded weakly. She then pulled the quilt up and covered it all the way to her face, only revealing a pair of tired eyes, which she slowly closed.

After closing the door behind her, Cameron stood at the door with her brows furrowed. After standing there for a while, she pulled out her phone and made a call.

The call was quickly connected, and a man’s low voice came from the other end.

Cameron took a deep breath; her tone was upset. “Something happened to Courtney. Come back when you can. I feel like this won’t be the end of it; something else is going to happen.”

The call continued for a while.

After hanging up the phone, Cameron glanced at Gale, who had been standing by the door.

“Courtney won’t marry Alexander anymore. I’m going to Courtney’s aunt’s house to clarify this matter. You don’t need to accompany me. Go home first, alright?”

Gale left with her during the Langley family’s reunion dinner, and she was afraid that everyone in the family was still waiting for them to return.

“No. I’ll come with you.” Gale frowned.

Although he wasn’t any clearer on what had happened, from the moment he was abruptly kicked out and ignored by Cameron, he could roughly guess that it was all related to Alexander.

“No.” Cameron looked at him with a complicated expression. “If you really want to help, just stay here, and don’t let anyone in until I come back. Should anything happen to Courtney, let me know as soon as possible. ”

“Don’t let anyone in?”

Gale hesitated.

Cameron gave him a deep look. “Including Alexander.”

At the Detention Center of East Side of Melrose City.

It was already late at night. The dim light in the interrogation room shone on the woman’s bony face, and her sunken eye looked particularly hollow.

The interrogation had lasted for half a month. The people in the detention center did not let her sleep and only gave her small amounts of water and food every day. It was only a matter of time before the constant interrogation reduced her into a husk of her former self.

She could barely survive the time she promised Britney, but fortunately, it was all over now.

“Poppy Waller, your detention period is up. Someone has come to bail you out; let’s get moving.”

All of a sudden, the woman’s eyes lit up with a glimmer of hope, and she forced her already weakened body to stand up.

After going through all the paperwork, she followed the man dressed in black and left the detention center until she got into the car. Once the car left the detention center, she asked, “Did my sister tell you to pick me up?”

The man had his hands planted firmly on the steering wheel—the black hoodie over his head hid his sinister expression. Poppy’s heart started racing, and she started feeling agitated as soon as she saw him.

“Where is my sister? Where are you taking me?”

“Shut up if you don’t want to die.”

The man coldly spoke. His eyes under the cap were particularly gloomy, and he glanced at her impatiently.

After driving for more than 5 hours, they arrived at the riverside far away from the suburbs of Melrose City. At first glance, it was an undeveloped tidal flat area; their feet were covered in mud after walking merely a few steps.

Poppy followed behind the man obediently and didn’t dare to say much. From a distance, she saw a covered fishing boat parked on the edge of the river.

“Where are we going?”

“Oh, are you afraid?” The man turned his head and glanced at her. “My boss told me that if you refuse to come with me, then I’ll have to take care of you on the spot, just to make sure we have no loose ends.”

When Poppy heard what the man had said, she immediately felt nervous, and her expression turned timid. Almost immediately, she climbed onto the fishing boat without any resistance.

“Who said that I didn’t want to go?”

The man snickered and got on the boat as well. The fishing boat stocked, and with the rowing of the oar, the two of them headed toward the middle of the foggy river.

On the deserted Riverark Island surrounded by green trees, there were several wooden houses in a row in the woods, and there were several sentry towers in the nearby areas which provided the best views. There were even a few men standing guard equipped with guns.

“The boss must be happy to have brought back such a fine woman. Every night, my heart is itching from her moans, yet he wouldn’t let anyone touch her. D**n it.”

“Don’t you dare. She’s the boss’ woman. Don’t you even think about it.”

“Hey, where did Buffy go? I haven’t seen him all night.”

“The boss told him to go out and pick someone up.”

“Who is it, though? Didn’t they say that we’re all wanted recently, and that no one was allowed to go out before the mid-winter holiday?”

“I heard that Britney was the one who told him to pick the person up. Don’t you know? The boss listens to everything she says now.”

“Hehe.” Both men exchanged a wretched look. “Well, they say that even if his body should perish, girls he’ll still cherish. Isn’t that right?”

The two of them subconsciously glanced at the second floor of the cabin below in unison and both had ambiguous expressions on their faces.

The second floor of the log cabin was different from the ice and snow outside the house. There was charcoal fire inside, and the bed was covered with fine mink fur. The house was simple, but the furnishings inside were all very valuable.

A mighty man leaned over a woman’s body and thrusted with all his might. He kept pushing and wishing he could melt into this person under him. The bed was creaking from their intense session.

“Ah, ah! Dragon, please spare me. I-I can’t hold it in anymore. You’re amazing!”

The louder the woman moaned, the harder the man thrusted. Seeming that he wanted to hold on longer, he panted and shouted, “You little b*tch. I’ll make you scream till you lose your voice today!”

After a while, the man let out a low growl and finally stopped. He then laid his exhausted body down on his side.

The woman was panting from their love-making session as well. Her face was crimson, and she seemed to have lost all her strength. Her snow-white chest was exposed in the air, and they were rising and falling from her heavy breathing. When he saw that, his passion grew once more, but as he was about to crawl atop her, there was a knock on the door.

“Boss, Buffy is back with a woman.”

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