One Night Surprise Chapter 368

Chapter 368 Not Suited to Everyone


Alexander flatly denied.

However, Courtney clearly felt her hand on the verge of being crushed.

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“Are you sure you really want to go in? Why don’t we just forget about it?”

“It’s okay. Don’t be afraid.” Alexander grabbed her shoulders. “You have me. Let’s go.”

Courtney was skeptical, but it wouldn’t be good to refute him, so she nodded after a moment’s hesitation.

“All right, then. Let’s go in. “

The haunted house wasn’t huge; when the two of them exited ten minutes later and saw the light of day again, both of their faces were pale.

Alexander was propped against a garbage can, looking as if he was going to throw up.

Meanwhile, Courtney stood behind him, rubbing her ears in shock because Alexander had frightened her with his screams.

“Are you okay?”

After she recovered herself, Courtney stepped forward and patted Alexander on the shoulder. The moment she touched his shoulder, he shot upright, then he looked at Courtney with a trace of fear in his eyes.

Courtney couldn’t hold back her laughter. “Why are you so scared?”

“I’m not scared.”

Alexander braced himself and withdrew the fearful look in his eyes, then said stiffly, “I’m disgusted.”

It was a reasonable excuse, because the zombies did indeed look disgusting. The special effects makeup was utterly realistic, but Alexander’s yelling in the haunted house clearly scared the zombies away.

How is this considered being disgusted? He was so scared that it nearly drove him insane.

Courtney concealed her smile and didn’t expose him.

“Okay. It was disgusting. Where are we going next?”

Upon hearing this, Alexander was silent for a while. “The roller coaster…”

As soon as he said this, Courtney widened her eyes and even touched his forehead. “What’s up with you today? Are you okay?”

It wasn’t as if she hadn’t ridden a roller coaster with him before. He could throw up for an entire day, and it was a situation she didn’t want to go through again. What triggered him today?

“You don’t like it?”

Alexander frowned. The look in his eyes was much more gentle than usual, probably because of the lingering fear he felt.

“It doesn’t matter if I like it or not. You can’t get on that again, so don’t force yourself. There are so many other things to enjoy. Let’s go to that one over there. When I came with Tina last time, we queued up for a long time but still didn’t get to try it. Since there’s no crowd today, let’s go play it!”

With that, Courtney grabbed his hand and joyfully pulled him in that direction.

As Alexander trailed behind her, his gaze fell on her hand. His eyes became incomparably gentle and bright, and he couldn’t conceal the smile on his face.

Besides all the exciting aerial rides, there were a number of enjoyable programs at the amusement park. The last one was the 5D movie experience, where both of their faces were sprayed with water. When they came out, Courtney lamented, “We should bring a raincoat next time.”

As it was a working day, the queueing time was shorter than they expected. After playing every possible attraction, it was only around 3.00PM when they came out, and the sky was still bright.

“Let’s go home.”

Courtney glanced at the time. “We can make it in time for dinner.”

Alexander held her back. “Let’s not go home for dinner today. Let’s eat outside.”

“What?” Courtney looked back at him, feeling a little confused.

She suspected that he must have been busy with the acquisition of the Hunter Group lately, and since Susan wasn’t willing to let go, the project was a little tricky. Perhaps he was too stressed out during this period and wanted to get out and relax.

She had nothing to do these couple of days, so she figured she should spend time with him.

At this thought, she happily agreed. “Where are we going to eat?”

After nearly two hours of driving from the amusement park, they got caught up in Tuesday’s rush hour when they were close to the city center, so they were stuck in the traffic jam for half an hour before they arrived.

When Courtney saw the crowded entrance of the popular Korean restaurant, she drew a breath of cold air. “Are we going to eat here today? Have you made a reservation?”

Looking at Alexander’s puzzled expression, Courtney could clearly tell he wasn’t aware that most of these trending stores required them to queue for two hours.

“Hello, a table for two, please.”

After Courtney squeezed her way to the entrance, she asked the waiter for a number, then she came back to Alexander and waved the ticket about. “There are fifty tables in front of us. We’ll have to wait.”

“Fifty tables?” Alexander glanced at the small shop that could only accommodate twenty tables, and his frown deepened.

Meanwhile, Courtney had already found two chairs and was pulling him to take a seat.

Alexander looked slightly impatient. “How long do we have to wait?”

“I guess an hour or two. I can’t be sure.”

Appearing calm and at ease, Courtney drank the soup the waiter had just served them, then looked back at the bustling store. “Is the food here really good? I’ve seen a lot of people from Citron Apparel posting about it lately.”

Alexander didn’t seem to hear what she said, as he was frowning and constantly looking down at the time.

“Is there something you need to do?”

“No.” Alexander turned to look at her. “If we wait for too long, we might not be able to make it to the movie at 7.00PM.”

Courtney grew excited.

“Are you in the mood to privately experience public sentiment today? Going to an amusement park, lining up at a popular store, and even watching a movie according to the cinema’s schedule. Have you given up on your principle of efficiency?”

Alexander was silent for a few seconds, then he asked, “Don’t you want to experience life as an ordinary couple? Although I can’t waste my time like this every day, I don’t think it’s a problem to do this once in a while.”

Upon hearing this, Courtney was stunned. “You’re doing this because of me?”

Before she came back to her senses, she continued, “Where did you… Did you hear this from Gale again?”

That damned Gale really has a loudspeaker as a mouth.

“But I still think this is really inefficient.”

Alexander had a serious look on his face, leaving Courtney between tears and laughter. “So, who gave you the idea of going to the haunted house at the amusement park and queueing at a famous restaurant for dinner?”


“I think you can cut his salary.” Courtney criticized Josh without reservations for giving a completely unrealistic idea that simply wasn’t suited for everyone.

“Who says that everyone’s dates have to be the same? You don’t like haunted houses, and I don’t like famous restaurants. So, what are we doing here?”

“You don’t like it?” Alexander frowned.

“Let’s go.”

Pulling him up, Courtney couldn’t help but laugh.

“And here I thought you enjoyed it, so I’ve been cooperating with you for half a day. Turns out it was all for me. I know of a small scale Otharian restaurant here. It’s not very crowded, but the food is delicious. Let’s go.”

After figuring out what was going on today, Courtney brought Alexander to the barbecue shop next to an office building nearby. The shop was smoky, and the sound of the meat being barbecued on the fire was particularly crisp.

“You scared me to death. You’ve been acting weird today, and you’ve been keeping an eye on the time the whole day. I thought you were triggered by something!” Courtney muttered as she grilled the meat, going through the events of the day from beginning to end.

Alexander felt a little downcast. He had spent nearly half a day planning their itinerary but had made a fool of himself in the end.

As he thought about what happened today, he felt indignant and decided to deduct Josh’s year-end bonus.

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