One Night Surprise Chapter 366

Chapter 366 You’re My Wife Even Without a Certificate

Courtney stayed in the therapy center until it was dark. During dinner, the nurse came over to ask if she wanted to stay for dinner, but she hurriedly refused and gave a random excuse before leaving.

After trying the food that tasted like cardboard once, she didn’t want to eat it a second time.

On the way back to the hotel, she walked around a supermarket and bought a bunch of snacks. Sitting at the desk, she started a video call with the two little ones.

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“Mommy, do I look good?”

On screen, Tina was wearing a pink tulle dress with a crown hairpin on her head, looking just like a lively flower girl. Jordan, on the other hand, was wearing a white suit, and he had on the same look as Alexander. He was simply a miniature version of his father.

Courtney was amused. “You both look really good.”

“Mommy, have you seen Daddy?”

Tina looked curious. “Has Daddy promised to divorce you?”

“He has.” Courtney chuckled helplessly. “Why are you so nosey?”

“Because it’s about your lifelong happiness, Mommy!” Tina’s tone was naive, and she smiled her innocent smile. “We only meet Daddy a few times a year. Every time he left, I almost couldn’t recognize him when he came back. So, don’t force yourself to stay together with him.”

Courtney didn’t want to explain too much about what happened back then, so she went with her line of thought and teased, “If he doesn’t agree, what can you do?”

“He won’t. I’ve already settled it with Daddy.”

Upon hearing this, Courtney was stunned. “You’ve already settled it with him?”

Tina then told her about the phone call she had with Elijah before she left for America. “Daddy promised me that he wouldn’t make things difficult for you. He’ll give you his blessings, as long as I can go back to see him often.”

It was only then that Courtney understood everything.

No wonder Elijah wasn’t surprised when she mentioned the divorce to him earlier and had agreed without asking anything.

Courtney’s heart was filled with unspeakable emotions.

Elijah always looked after her and had done everything in her best interests. Although she didn’t do anything wrong, she felt a little ashamed for some reason.

It wasn’t necessarily a good thing for a person to be good to another. After searching all over and realizing that there was no way to repay their kindness, their goodwill would become a burden.

Just as she was pondering it, the doorbell rang in a hurried manner, so Courtney didn’t have time to turn off the computer before she rushed over. The moment she opened the door, the strong scent of alcohol wafted over.

Alexander hugged her and placed a random kiss on her forehead as he muttered, “You smell nice.”

“How much did you drink?”

Courtney pushed him away, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Do you still know who I am?”

“My wife.”

His husky voice painted those two words with a thick sense of ambiguity, causing Courtney’s face to turn red in an instant. “W-Who’s your wife? We aren’t officially married yet!”

“You’re my wife even without it being official.”

Alexander trapped her in a bear hug once more.

Courtney almost toppled over from his grip, and she exerted a lot of strength to hold him up before finally bringing him to the sofa.

“My God, how much did you drink? Sit down first.”

Alexander sat down, but he grabbed Courtney’s arm and refused to let go. His usually cold face was now heated and flushed. It was like he was a completely different person.

“I’ll pour you a cup of tea. Let go of me.”


That one word was spoken in a strong nasally voice, and his extremely coquettish tone made Courtney tremble and look at Alexander in surprise.

Is this still him?

She held herself up on the sofa and settled down before sitting down and asking,

“Did you become like this after drinking with Elijah?”

Alexander nodded, indicating his admittance.

“What about Elijah?”

She was well aware of Elijah’s alcohol tolerance. In America, Lillian would be the one drinking at social events, while he simply couldn’t drink at all.

However, Alexander misunderstood her. His head snapped up, and blood vessels were clear in his eyes.

“Are you worried about him?”

“It’s not that. What exactly did you two talk about?” Courtney felt that it was truly a hassle to talk to a drunk person as she would easily trigger him.

Still bothered about her concern for Elijah, Alexander suddenly got up. Before Courtney could recover, she was pushed onto the sofa.

He used quite a lot of strength, causing her to grunt in pain.

Alexander leaned over and peered at her face. Seeing her pained expression, he suddenly felt guilty. “I’m sorry, Courtney. I’m sorry…”

Courtney sighed inwardly. “What are you doing?”

“I won’t ask about anything you don’t want to say.”

Alexander’s voice was a little muffled, and his breathing was heavy, so his reply wasn’t clear, and Courtney only heard fragments of what he said. He muttered something rather long, but only the last few sentences were audible.

“No one loves you more than I do.”

Courtney was stunned for a moment. She figured Elijah must’ve said something for Alexander to be acting like this.

She placed her hand on Alexander’s back and patted him consolingly.

“Don’t think too much.”

The air was filled with the scent of alcohol, and it seemed to be intoxicating Courtney as well. The atmosphere between the two of them was steamy, and Alexander’s eyes lost its usual calmness; all that was left was a rich sense of desire.

L**t was part of human nature. At this moment, he wanted to possess her body and mind.

The moonlight outside the hotel was dim; the neon lights were still glowing, and the bustling world made human emotions seem like a drop in the ocean.

After everything was settled, Courtney and Alexander returned to Melrose City. Before they left, Courtney handed Lilian a wedding invitation.

“I hope you can come with Elijah.”

Lilian didn’t understand what she meant. After Courtney and Alexander walked through the airport security gate, Lilian opened the invitation and saw her and Elijah’s names written side by side. Her eyes narrowed, and she closed the invitation in a panic, afraid that it would be seen.

After a while, she laughed at herself.

Initially, she thought she had hidden her feelings well, but it turned out that others could clearly see it.

After returning to Melrose City, Courtney was fully immersed in the wedding preparations. Because their wedding would begin from Alicia’s house, Alicia let Courtney move in right after she came back from America.

Courtney was about to dawdle and ask to move in a little later, but Alicia started to talk about that night in New York.

“You guys could at least turn off the video. The two children were still waiting to talk to you on the computer. I only turned around and saw Jordan covering his sister’s eyes because I heard him suddenly shouting for me. You two… Sigh…”

Courtney suddenly remembered that she didn’t turn off her computer that night.

When she thought of the fact that the two kids might have seen what she and Alexander did on the sofa that night, her face turned as red as a tomato, and her heart nearly jumped out of her throat. She wanted nothing more than to find a hole to hide in.

How could I have let that happen!

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