One Night Surprise Chapter 365

Chapter 365 Who Did She Have Tina With

Just like that, Alexander and Elijah left her at the entrance of the notary office.

As Courtney stared at the sedan that was disappearing into the distance, the corners of her lips twitched, and her expression was filled with complex emotions.

Alexander actually isn’t here to look for me but Elijah, right?

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Since it was still early, she went to the therapy center to visit Cameron.

“What do you think they’re up to? They don’t even know each other well. I think they’ve only met each other a couple of times in Melrose City.”

Cameron was extremely quiet today. Sitting by the bay window looking through a magazine, she didn’t even raise her head as she said, “According to my understanding of Elijah, there’s a high chance he’s trying to see how sincere Alexander is about you. As for Alexander, you should know him better than I do.”

Courtney truly didn’t understand him that well, so she felt a little embarrassed.

After a long time of not getting a response, Cameron looked up. “Why aren’t you saying anything? You don’t know what he’s trying to do?”

Courtney looked ashamed, but she mustered the courage and explained, “Alexander is the kind of person who you’ll never know what he’ll do next even if you spend your whole life with him. He goes against conventions, and he has an irregular style of conduct. He runs his business the same way too, so it’s not that easy to guess.”

Cameron clicked her tongue. “I kind of get it now. You don’t like someone like Elijah, who’s stereotypical and easy to understand, but you like someone like Alexander, who can always give you a sense of freshness with how unpredictable he is?”

“D**n you. How did you steer the conversation to that topic?”

“I’m just curious. Elijah is definitely ranked in the top three for the most excellent men I know, but you don’t like him. How good is Alexander that you’re so dead set on being with him?”

Cameron closed the magazine, then inched closer to Courtney.

“It’s not that I don’t want you to be happy, but I recently read a book that says that if you can think of a possible reason for divorce before getting married, then there’s basically a 99 percent chance that it’ll be the reason that leads to your divorce. This is the intuition of a woman.”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is, if you get divorced from Alexander in the future, what do you think would be the reason?”

Courtney was slightly stunned. She felt as if Cameron had dug a hole for her to jump in. “If I answered, would it mean that we would definitely get divorced?”

“It’s just a gossip column. How could it possibly be accurate? I’m just casually bringing it up. Just tell me what you think.”

Under Cameron’s constant urges, Courtney pondered for a while before thinking of a possible reason.

“I guess it doesn’t feel genuine.”

“Can you be more specific?”

“What’s the relationship of an ordinary couple like? Or what’s your relationship with Gale like? You go on dates, go shopping, and you squabble and make up. It all feels very genuine.”

Upon hearing this, Cameron nodded pensively, then asked curiously, “So, you and Alexander haven’t gone on a proper date before?”

This poked a sore spot, so Courtney glared at her with dissatisfaction. “Don’t open another can of worms, okay?”

Alexander was always busy working and never had any free time, so asking him to think about what usual couples did would basically be forcing him to do something against his will.

Courtney never expected him to, but it didn’t mean she didn’t want it.

It would be a shame to not even do the simple things that couples usually would do.

Courtney and Cameron talked without any scruples, and they said whatever was on their minds. However, someone was outside the ward listening through the door crack, feeling as if they finally had the opportunity to redeem themselves.

Meanwhile, the night life enveloped New York with soothing music at a jazz bar in Queens, where Elijah and Alexander were sitting, each with a glass of whiskey in front of them.

“I wonder if I’m going to get an invitation to the wedding.”

As soon as Elijah spoke, he started off with a somewhat sensitive topic.

Alexander glanced at him and answered calmly, “Courtney doesn’t have many friends. The guest list was drawn up the other day, but I didn’t look at it. You’ll have to ask her about this. After all, you’re her friend.”

“How would you introduce me if I went?”

His tone was slightly provocative.

As Courtney’s friend, it was only reasonable for Elijah to be invited. Not to mention, Courtney had always introduced him as a friend, so his intentions for asking this question were obvious.

Alexander’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, then he took his time saying, “Mr. Grant, you may not know much about Otharian weddings, but there’s no need to introduce guests at the wedding.”


Elijah smiled nonchalantly. “When Courtney and I got married, we still did the introductions.”

Alexander’s expression changed slightly

“If you still have any intentions toward Courtney, I advise you to put them aside before it’s too late. Don’t betray her trust in you.”

“You know that she trusts me?” All of Elijah’s remarks were intertwined. He had pretty much set up a trap that one couldn’t get out of, and he easily steered the conversation in the direction he wanted to go in.

“As a man from a traditional family, do you really not mind Courtney’s past with me?”

“It was just a marriage of convenience, and it was a decision she had to make to continue staying in America.”

“In a marriage, men’s doubts aren’t any less than women’s.”

Elijah cast him a profound glance, and his tone was gloomy.

“Courtney was the one who said that it was a marriage of convenience, and you chose to believe it. But, for someone like you who only ever trusts your own eyes and evidence, will you really believe that it was just a marriage of convenience? Even if you believe it, do you dare to say that you’ve never been curious that before I came into the picture, who did she actually have Tina with?”

The main point of his remarks was in the last sentence.

Indeed, Courtney had never told Alexander who Tina’s biological father was.

Her relationship history was growing richer by the second. The young master of the Graham Family in Melrose City was her first love; the upstart of the financial industry was her legal husband; and there was an unknown person in the middle, whom she had a child with.

Alexander’s grip on the whiskey cup tightened, causing his knuckles to protrude.

“What are you trying to say?”

Elijah’s eyes grew cold. “If you have a hint of doubt about Courtney, or are trying to explore her past, then I advise you to let her go.”

“This is between me and her. It’s not your concern, is it?”

“The moment you do something to hurt Courtney, you’ll know whether or not it’s my concern.”

Elijah’s tone was cold and contained a strong sense of caution. His usual humble persona seemed to have changed in an instant.

Alexander looked tense, and the words he said echoed in his mind for a long while.

What is it that she can’t tell me about Tina’s birth? He believed that he had been honest enough with her, but she seemed to have been hiding something from him.

Alexander’s phone suddenly vibrated in his pocket, breaking the rigid atmosphere between him and Elijah. When he saw the caller ID, he answered the call.


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