One Night Surprise Chapter 362

Chapter 362 Getting Spoiled by You

“Oh, my God! You’re not going to cry, are you?”

Noticing that Courtney was acting strangely, Cameron poked Courtney’s shoulder. “Why are you getting emotional over such a trivial matter? If so, you’ll have to bow down before me after I finish making the wedding dress and place it in front of you.”

“Dream on!” Courtney glared at Cameron. “I’ll never bow down before you.” The feelings Courtney had when she was deeply moved by Cameron’s gesture were now gone.

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As Cameron touched her nose, she smiled. “Anyway, I only have one request: You have to make me the maid of honor. Then, you can’t get mad at me for bullying the groom.”

“I only have two bridesmaids. If you’re the maid of honor, then Natasha will be the deputy. What’s the point?”

“Even so, I’m still the maid of honor, so my bridesmaid dress has to look different. I’ll design my own dress. As for hers, you can buy it from wherever. I don’t care. How else will I be able to show off my status?” Cameron stated arrogantly.

As Cameron mentioned Natasha, Courtney couldn’t help but notice the bitterness in her tone. With that, Courtney chuckled and teased, “Do you hate her that much? Because of Bill?”

“Bah!” Cameron rolled her eyes. “So he accepted her as his apprentice. So what? It has nothing to do with me.”

“So, are you bothered by her relationship with me? That we’re close like sisters?”


“Then, are you bothered by the fact that Jordan and Tina like her?”

“Pfft!” Infuriated, Cameron shot daggers at Courtney. “Are you done yet? I’m getting out of here right now!”

Hearing this, Courtney burst out with laughter. “Didn’t you say you didn’t mind? Did you think that things would change after your hospitalization? Is that why you suddenly cooperated with the doctor to go for treatment?”

“No.” Cameron denied.

Seeing how Cameron was trying to cover it up, Courtney didn’t refute, but she knew the truth.

Cameron was a restless person. Though she promised to cooperate and get hospitalized for treatment, she was always tight-lipped about her past and never told the doctor the truth. Hence, after two months, Gale had no choice but to call Courtney for help.

After that, Courtney paid little attention to Cameron every time she called her. Courtney would always mention Natasha and tell Cameron how great Natasha was. Natasha had basically replaced her, and this caused her to feel threatened.

Compared to all the pain Cameron buried in her heart, she cared more about her friends and lover. Hence, she was willing to talk about her past even if it caused her agony.

Once she told the truth, she would be treated and not be troubled by it again.

In the afternoon, Gale came back. So, the three of them had a nutritious yet bland meal in the therapy center’s ward.

Once the nurse walked away, Courtney took out the salsa dip from the first drawer. “I finally understand why you insisted on the phone that I bring some salsa dip. What kind of food is this?”

“Give it to me.” Cameron’s eyes sparkled. “Hey, leave some for me. I’ll be staying here for another half a month!”

“Are you sure you can have this?” Courtney asked suspiciously.

“No.” Just as Gale said so, he took the bottle from Courtney and kept it. Then, he went on with a straight face, “The therapy center prepared the meals specifically to your condition. You can’t have any junk food until you get discharged.”

“This isn’t junk food.”

“You still can’t have it.” With that, he wrapped his arms around the bottle and refused to take it out.

Poor Courtney barely managed to dip her spoon into the bottle. Before she could get a spoonful of the dip, he had already snatched it away. Silently, she licked the spoon and swore that she would never come back during mealtime.

“Gale!” Cameron fumed. “Are you out of your mind? Courtney brought it for me!”

“She didn’t know you can’t have stuff like this. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have brought anything for you.”

Gale was always goofing around, so Courtney didn’t expect him to be this scary when he was serious. When he mentioned her all of a sudden, it put her in a difficult position.

Moments later, glancing at Cameron’s nervous gaze, Courtney pointed to the cupboard by the bed and said to him through gritted teeth, “There’s another bottle in there. There are also some snacks under the bed and lemon curd under the pillow. Oh, there are instant noodles in the toilet’s locker too.”

After taking a deep breath, he searched for those snacks. He then locked them in a cabinet specially prepared to keep snacks that she smuggled into the therapy center as Cameron watched.

At that moment, Cameron’s face turned dark and looked like a deflated balloon. Staring at Courtney and Gale, Cameron said, “Unfriend. Break up.”

Pushing the plate of food to Cameron, he replied, “I’ll never break up with you. Not in this lifetime.”

“No one could ever eat this,” Cameron stared at the food in front of her as if she was looking at a pile of sh*t.

Just as Cameron said so, Courtney watched as Gale held the spoon and took several mouthfuls of the food. The whole time, his face was so emotionless that no one could tell if the food tasted good or otherwise.

Soon, he had finished nearly half the plate of food. Hence, Cameron finally ate the food out of spite. She gobbled down the food as if she was competing with him.

As Courtney watched the both of them gobbling down the food, she wondered if she had lost her sense of taste. Is it possible that the food would taste nicer after having a few mouthfuls?

Hesitantly, Courtney put a spoonful into her mouth. After a long while, she swallowed it reluctantly as she watched Gale trying to coax and threaten Cameron to eat the food.

How sweet! I can’t believe that a pampered young master would come all the way here just to accompany her and eat such unappetizing food with her. He must truly love her.

After eating, Courtney figured that Cameron was still mad at her and Gale; she covered her head with the comforter and ignored both of them. Smiling helplessly, Gale walked Courtney out.

“It seems to me that you’ve spoiled her. I can’t believe that she’d get so mad at you for doing things for her sake.” Even Courtney couldn’t stand it.

“It’s okay.” He shrugged. “She just likes the feeling of being tolerated without a bottom line. In fact, she’d always make a big fuss but end up eating her food obediently.”

“You’re hopeless.” Clicking her tongue, she eyed him and teased, “Since when did you go crazy?”

“You seem to be in a good mood. Your divorce must be going well.” Gale laughed.

“Yup. I’m having dinner with Elijah tonight. We’ll chat, and then we’ll go to the notary office to apply for divorce tomorrow.”

“That’s great.”

Watching her beckon a taxi, he dropped his smile. Then, he stepped forward quickly and called after her. “Courtney, don’t worry about Cam and I if you get into any trouble. Just remember that Alexander’s waiting for you to go home.”

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