One Night Surprise Chapter 361

Chapter 361 Feeling Sad When You Lose Someone

From the sound of it, Elijah seemed to be in low spirits. Hence, Courtney teased him on purpose to liven up the mood. “Duh, I know it’s you. It’s not like there’s no caller ID. We still have to end this nicely even though we’re divorcing, right?”

“Yeah, let’s end this nicely.” He chuckled.

After a moment of silence, he said softly, “I know Lilian brought you to the place where you used to stay. Please don’t take it to heart. She’s never done something so outrageous before.”

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“It’s fine. She probably thought it would be more convenient for me to stay there. I’m more curious to know if you penalized her for doing so. You didn’t, right?”

“I did. I suspended her for a month.”

“Dude, can’t you be more forgiving?” She put her palm on her head. “She’s been with you for almost eight years. Why are you being so harsh over such a small matter?”

“She requested it.”

“Huh?” She gave up. “How stubborn. She’s really something, isn’t she?”

After chatting for a while, she finally hung up the phone. As she recalled her conversation while sitting at the side of the bed, she sighed.

Meanwhile, Alexander was staring at her from the laptop screen. Seeing this, he questioned, “What’s wrong? Are you feeling guilty after taking your ex-husband’s call?”

Stunned, she realized that the video call was still on. “Were you listening to us the whole time?”

“Mm-hmm.” He nodded. “End this nicely?” he said unhappily through gritted teeth.

“How else should we end this?” Grabbing her neck, she joked, “Should I pick a fight with him all the way to the notary office?”

Hearing this, he was at a loss for words. Noticing his silence, she laughed. “You’re speechless, huh? You must be really free since you’re picking on me. Aren’t you busy with the company nowadays?”

“We’re preparing for our annual dinner.”

Every year, Sunhill Enterprise would have an annual dinner in January, and they would book the entire top floor of the Purple Peak Hotel, Melrose’s largest hotel. The most fascinating item of the event was that they would invite numerous artists every year as a form of marketing for the company.

This time of the year should be the busiest for the company. Hence, she couldn’t believe that he still had time to be jealous.

“I sighed because of Lilian. She’s been with Elijah for nearly eight years and started working for him right after graduating from Yale together. Everyone except him knows how she feels about him,” she explained to comfort him.

“Men are not as observant as you think they are. We don’t notice things like that.”

Upon hearing this, she frowned at him. “Perhaps you’re right. I think he really doesn’t know. Lilian’s been his sidekick for too long. It never occurred to him because she’s always there for him. Would you develop feelings for someone you’ve gotten used to having around?”

After keeping quiet for a moment, he replied, “Maybe when I lose her.”

Dumbfounded, she realized something. “That’s true. When you lose someone…” she mumbled after regaining her senses. No wonder she requested a one-month leave. How smart of her to use this trick!

Across the screen, Alexander, who was far away in Melrose, felt his heart ache as he saw the worried look on her face. She went all the way there to finalize her divorce, yet she’s still so worried about him.

After he hung up the video call late at night, he phoned Josh. “Reschedule everything for the next two days and book me a flight ticket for tomorrow.”

“To where?”

“New York.”

Hearing this, Josh was speechless.

As for Courtney, she had trouble sleeping the whole night. Though she didn’t want to admit it, she couldn’t deny that she couldn’t sleep without Alexander beside her.

The next morning, she carried her bags and went to the therapy center. As soon as Cameron saw Courtney, she let out a shout of joy before jumping out of bed and rushing toward Courtney.

“Chef Keller’s mac and cheese! United’s ramen cup noodles! Herdez’s salsa dip!”

“My gosh!” Cameron hugged Courtney so tightly that she couldn’t breathe. “Do you miss me or the junk food back at home?”

“How dare you call them junk food! Be careful. Chef Keller might sue you for defamation.”

Enthusiastically, Cameron took the bags of treats that Courtney brought all the way here. Then, she pulled Courtney to sit by the bay window, where the sun was shining brightly.

“You’re the best.”

“Wouldn’t Gale buy them for you if you asked?” Courtney blinked and looked at Cameron knowingly. “I bet you didn’t ask him to buy these things because you wanted to seem virtuous to your future mother-in-law.”

“Nah.” Cameron denied. “I’m just worried he wouldn’t know what I want since he’s used to having exotic delicacies.”

Too lazy to argue with Cameron, Courtney changed the subject. “Fine, then. Stop complaining after hitting the jackpot with Gale. So, what did the doctor say?”

Cameron grinned when Courtney brought this up. “The doctor said I’m in a stable condition. If my illness doesn’t relapse, I’ll be discharged home after the mid-winter holiday. Then, I’ll be able to make it to your wedding.”

“That’s great!”

Then, Cameron took out a sketchbook from the drawer under the bay window. “Look. I designed the wedding dress and bridesmaids’ dress.”

“Really? Let me see.”

Courtney took the sketchbook excitedly. A perfect wedding was every girl’s dream. Naturally, the wedding dress would be the highlight of that dream.

After flipping through a few pages, Courtney lifted her head slowly and glared at Cameron. “Are these my wedding dresses?”

There were different styles of dresses with long and short designs, different shades of colors, and various fabrics. However, they were all the bridesmaids’ dresses. There was not a single wedding dress.

“Aren’t all wedding dresses the same?” Cameron batted her eyes innocently. “I can draw one for you now. It’s not easy to make a bridesmaid’s dress stand out!”

“Why do you need to stand out when you’re just a bridesmaid at the wedding? Are you trying to steal my spotlight?” Courtney grabbed Cameron’s face and squeezed it hard.

“Umm… I’m sorry… I was wrong…” Cameron uttered. Finally, Cameron broke free from Courtney and pulled out another thick sketchbook from under the cushion she was sitting on before handing it to Courtney. “Here.”

Suspiciously, Courtney opened the book and warned, “I’m going to tear your mouth off your face if you’re letting me see more bridesmaids’ dresses.”

“Suit yourself.” Cameron pouted. “How dare you forget about your friend after getting engaged! Do you know how much my design costs? Pay up now!”

As Cameron was speaking, Courtney was already flipping through the pages. Gazing at the first page, Courtney was in awe of the glittering design and couldn’t take her eyes off it.

Cameron had designed a total of six wedding dresses and twelve evening dresses. “I thought you might need at least four wedding dresses if you were to hold a wedding here and back home. It’d also be convenient to have a few backups if anything happens. So, choose four from the six designs. As for the evening dresses, you can choose a few more sets since you’ll need them for the dance anyway.”

All this while, Cameron had always loved to joke and rarely spoke so seriously, so Courtney was not used to it. At that moment, there was a tingly sensation in Courtney’s nose as her eyes welled up with tears.

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