One Night Surprise Chapter 360

Chapter 360 Are You Taking Her Hostage?

When Courtney got out of the car, she was slightly surprised to see the familiar courtyard in front of her. “Lilian, didn’t I sell this house?”

At that time, Lilian was asking her assistant to bring the luggage into the house. “President Grant was afraid that you might not be used to staying in other places when you come back, so he asked me to repurchase the house after you left,” Lilian explained, giving Courtney mixed emotions.

The furnishings inside the house were almost the same as before. The only difference was probably the Christmas tree by the fireplace. It was decorated with colorful decorations, filling the place with Christmas vibes.

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“He decorated this place himself before Christmas.”

“Did he invite any friends over?” Courtney touched the bell decoration hanging on the Christmas tree. Then, she went on, “He used to love having parties every year. The garden used to be crowded with guests.”

“No.” Lilian’s voice sounded from behind. “He stayed here all night alone on Christmas Eve.”

Hearing this, Courtney froze and slowly turned to look at Lilian in astonishment. “Alone?”

Those few years when Courtney was in America, Elijah would prepare a month in advance for every festival, selecting and roasting the turkey for Thanksgiving, picking and wrapping gifts, and planning games for Christmas. Hence, it gave Courtney the impression that he liked to celebrate festivities.

“Mm-hmm.” Lilian nodded with a subtle hint of sadness in her eyes. “President Grant doesn’t have many friends in America. Most of them are just acquaintances from work. All festivals were just like any other day of the year to him after you left.”

Unlike Courtney, Lilian had accompanied Elijah for many years and noticed that he was frowning most of the time. Yet, he smiled every time he saw Courtney, even though he was overwhelmed with troubles.

Even when his company was facing a forced merger crisis, he would spare some time to help Courtney and Tina decorate the Christmas tree and go Christmas shopping. He even refused when Lilian offered to do them for him.

In the past, Lilian always thought that Elijah and Courtney would stay together forever; no matter where Courtney went, she would never find another man who treated her so well.

Feeling uncomfortable with the way Lilian was staring at her, Courtney said, “I think I’ll just stay at a hotel. It’s more convenient.”

Then, Courtney stopped Lilian’s assistant, who was about to carry her luggage to the bedroom on the second floor. “You don’t have to bring it upstairs. Just give it to me.”

“Staying here is more convenient than the hotel. Everything’s the same as before,” Lilian told Courtney.

As Courtney pulled the luggage to her side, she turned slowly and replied, “It’s not the same. We all have our own lives.”

Immediately, Lilian’s gaze turned cold.

“Don’t you think you’re being too cruel? Why didn’t you say anything like that during those five years? You let him open up his heart to you, took whatever you please from him, used him, and then dumped him. How could you do this?”

“So, that’s what you really wanted to say.” Sighing in relief, Courtney deduced, “Elijah didn’t ask you to bring me here. It was all you.”

With a frown, Lilian answered displeasedly, “So what? I had to let you know how he felt about you. You know that he treated you so well all these years, but do you know the things he did for you and why he did them? Have you ever thought about it?”

“So, what do you think I should do?” Courtney’s question surprised Lilian.

“Should I run to him now and tell him that we should get married for real and that I wouldn’t leave? Should I say that I know that he treated me so well because he had feelings for me and that I felt the same way too? Do you want me to respond this way?” Courtney asked flatly. Then, she glanced at Lilian. “You keep thinking that he treats me so well and gives me whatever I ask for, but have you ever wondered why he still keeps a friendly distance between us even though we’re married? He never asked for an answer. Do you think it’s because he was afraid that I might reject him?”

“Why else?” Lilian stared at Courtney.

“If you dare not approach someone because you’re afraid of losing them, then you’ll feel the same way even if they’re yours. It will only make you even more insecure. His heart is troubled, and he doesn’t believe in love. What he placed on me is hope which he can’t lose—not love, as you had thought. As for what’s troubling him, you should know better since you’ve known him longer than me.” Courtney looked straight at Lilian.

Stunned, Lilian didn’t know how to respond.

“I’m going to look for a hotel. Tell him that I’m too tired to see him today. We’ll have dinner together tomorrow.”

As Lilian watched Courtney leave, she felt for the first time that Courtney understood Elijah more than she did.

Courtney reminded Lilian of his stumbling block. I thought that Courtney had resolved his troubles when they met; I didn’t expect that it had scarred him so deeply. He became defensive and buried his past because he had suffered too much already. After all, it wouldn’t hurt if nobody raked it up. However, things took a turn for the worse because he tried to run away from it for years.

In truth, it was his ex-lover’s abandonment that was hurting him. It had nothing to do with Courtney.

As soon as Courtney reached the hotel, she took a shower before lying comfortably on the bed to video call Alexander on her laptop.

“I’m okay. Why? Are you afraid that I might not go back?”

At the other end of the video call, Alexander curled his lips into a smile. “I don’t think you’d abandon Tina and stay there yourself.”

Upon hearing this, Courtney sat up from the bed abruptly, feeling sober all of a sudden. “No wonder you told me that you signed her up for a winter camp in Iceland when I said I wanted to bring her along. Are you taking her hostage?”

“Hostage? You’re making me sound like a bad guy.”

With a wily expression, he continued, “I’m not worried about you, but that kiddo lacks willpower. I was afraid she might not want to come back after seeing how sweet Elijah is. I’d rather she be my hostage than his.”

“How cunning!” Courtney rolled her eyes. “You’re measuring other people’s corn by your own bushel.”

Halfway through their conversation, her phone rang.

“I’m going to take this call, okay?”

With that, she put her laptop aside. However, she was taken aback when she saw the caller ID. Then, she answered the call, “Hey.”

“It’s me.” Elijah’s deep voice sounded on the phone.

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