One Night Surprise Chapter 359

Chapter 359 Who’s the Homewrecker?

The next morning, Alexander instructed Josh to hand over the matter to the police. Coincidentally, Josh also caught the woman who impersonated Belle at a bar in Melrose.

“She wanted to run, but we had people guarding all the entrances. So, we seized her and took her to the police station for fraud. We managed to identify her as Britney’s cousin after the police checked the files. But Britney fled. The villa she stayed in was empty, and all the valuables were gone when we got there.” Josh reported every single detail to Alexander on the phone.

“Tell the police to ask her where Britney went.”

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“I did, but she wouldn’t say anything. It looks like it’s going to take some time to make her break.”

“Let’s take our time and see who’s more patient, then.” Through the phone, Alexander’s voice sounded so cold that Josh shivered when he heard it.

After Alicia had dinner with the Duncans, they finally settled on the details and date of the couple’s wedding, which was set to be on 8th of February.

That date was chosen because Courtney had not settled her divorce with Elijah. Besides, she was a foreigner, so it would take more than a month to get her marriage application reviewed after the divorce. Hence, after some discussion, the two families decided to proceed with the wedding first.

All the while, Alicia and Scott were the ones discussing the wedding. Meanwhile, Fiona sat in on the discussion and was stunned that Courtney was married. “What? Courtney was married before?”

“That’s not important.” Scott waved his hand and dismissed the issue lightly.

After that, he continued his discussion with Alicia. “What I meant was that we should have an Otharian style wedding in Melrose. If they prefer Western-style, we could have the wedding abroad. It would be weird if we had a Western wedding here. It wouldn’t be presentable.”

“I was thinking of the same thing. Youngsters love going to Bali and Tahiti. Let’s ask them for their opinions.”

“Just ask Courtney and let her decide.” Then, there was a serious expression on Scott’s face. “The most important thing is when her divorce will be finalized.”

Meanwhile, Fiona comforted herself by telling herself that times had changed, and it didn’t matter if one was divorced. Yet, she gasped in disbelief upon hearing what Scott mentioned. “Huh? She’s not divorced yet?”

Interrupted halfway, Scott waved his hand lightly again. “Why are you making a big fuss out of this? It’s unimportant.”

“Unimportant?” Fiona froze. What’s going on? Am I behind the times? Have the Duncans always been so open?

Perhaps he was annoyed by how Fiona constantly interrupted his conversation with Alicia about the wedding, so Scott asked Fiona to work on the decorations for the couple’s new house. “Alexander’s using the place where he used to stay alone as their house. Didn’t you study design? Go and help them with the renovation.”

With her doubts suppressed, she got the house’s blueprint from Harry before going to the garden to discuss the renovation with Courtney.

“Courtney, I drafted several styles. Which one do you like?” Fiona showed Courtney her sketches of different designs. “These are some I found online. Just take a look at the overall style, and I’ll redesign it according to the house’s layout after we’ve settled on a style.”

“It’s fine. You choose.” Courtney touched her nose. Studying the dazzling array of styles, she had no idea which one to pick. “I’m not familiar with this. I think you should choose since you’re a professional in this field.”

“Okay.” Fiona didn’t press on. Then, she picked out two designs. “What do you think of these?”

“Looks good.” Courtney simply nodded because the two designs Fiona showed her looked pretty similar and had almost the same color tone.

Yet, Fiona still didn’t leave after asking a bunch of questions. She seemed hesitant to speak.

“Is there something else?” Courtney questioned hesitantly.

Embarrassed, Fiona replied, “There is. Can I ask you something?”


“Is society that open-minded nowadays? I mean regarding relationships between youngsters.”

Courtney was surprised to hear Fiona’s question. Misunderstanding the situation, Courtney avoided Fiona’s gaze in embarrassment. “Maybe, if compared to before.”

“Really?” Fiona’s frown deepened. “Do people have a high tolerance for homewreckers these days?”

Courtney lifted her head in curiosity. “Huh? Homewrecker?” Puzzled, she asked, “Who’s the homewrecker? Oliver?”

“Of course not.” Fiona’s face turned pale. “That’s not what I mean. I…”

After hesitating for a long time, she gritted her teeth and finally asked, “Are you still married? I heard Dad and Alicia talking about it earlier. I don’t understand.”

At that moment, Courtney finally understood what was going on. So, that’s what she wanted to ask! “You misunderstood. I got married while I was in America because I needed a valid reason to stay there. It was a marriage of convenience with my friend,” she explained quickly.

After Courtney explained what was going on between her and Elijah, Fiona finally sighed in relief. “You scared me! I thought the world had changed so much in just 20 years!”

Awkwardly, Courtney scratched the back of her head. “I’m sorry for not telling you this earlier. It’s normal that it’s bothering you. Old Master Duncan was very troubled by it at first too. After all, I’m not divorced yet.”

“It’s okay.” Fiona patted Courtney’s hand. Then, she went on with an understanding expression, “I know it’s not easy being a single mom. You must have suffered a lot to stay in America. It must have been hard for you to raise your child.”

The Duncans’ ability to empathize with others was what Courtney liked most about them. Though Scott seemed cold outside, he actually had a kind heart. Meanwhile, Fiona was pure, kind, and gentle. As for Oliver, Courtney treated him like a younger brother since they first met. They were all warm and welcoming even though they were wealthy.

The only concern right then was when Courtney should tell Alexander about Jordan.

Half a month before the mid-winter holiday, Courtney made a trip back to America.

Just as Courtney got off the plane, she saw Lilian. In a well-ironed suit, Lilian had her long chestnut-brown hair tied up in a high ponytail while holding a briefcase that had a Hermes silk scarf on it. Right then, Lilian looked neat and smart.

“Hi, Courtney!”

Lilian saw Courtney from afar, so she smiled and waved as she made her way over. Then, she took the suitcase from Courtney and handed it to a male assistant beside her. “President Grant wanted to come here himself, but he had an important meeting to attend, so I stopped him from coming. I hope you don’t mind.”

“It’s alright.” Courtney expressed that she understood.

This time, she had returned to America to go over her divorce with Elijah.

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