One Night Surprise Chapter 357

Chapter 357 Unfilial Descendant

Alexander’s sudden appearance made Fiona forget to struggle, then Courtney placed her back on the bed. “Have a chat, both of you.”

Then, she placed the apple and fruit knife on the nightstand in a corner and flashed a soft smile at Alexander when she was walking past him, giving him an encouraging look.

It wasn’t easy to resolve a misunderstanding of twenty years. So much resentment and obsessions were interspersed in between, and it couldn’t be solved with the truth alone. Much more mutual understanding would be needed instead.

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After Alexander left, Fiona appeared even more uneasy. “Alex, I’ll leave in the afternoon and won’t cause any trouble for you.”

Looking at her, Alexander knitted his brows. “The doctor wants you to stay a week for observation, but you’re saying now that you want to leave in the afternoon. Don’t you think that you’ll be causing trouble for me when the time comes and the doctor asks me where you are?”

The muscles on Fiona’s face froze at his words, and she had no idea how to reply to that.

Meanwhile, Alexander furrowed his brows, looking very unnatural, and the room slipped into silence for a long while. “Felipe is currently being held in custody. As he has quite a few cases against him, he would be given the death sentence. Do you have anything to say to him before the trial?” When Alexander mentioned Felipe, he didn’t mean to avoid it or hold back at all.

However, Fiona’s hands, which were fidgeting with the blanket, relaxed, and she said calmly, “No.”

Nothing remained as a secret, and since Alexander already knew the entire truth, it would look even more embarrassing if she pretended that she didn’t know anything and avoided the topic. So, she might as well just talk about it openly.

Alexander nodded. “Okay. Olly’s injuries aren’t serious, but he’s still unconscious because he’s running a high fever. Yesterday, he was transferred back to Melrose, and he’s now in the military hospital. If you don’t wish to stay here, you can also ask for a transfer and stay at the same hospital as him.”

Lifting her head up in surprise, she uttered, “W-What did you call him?”

She had never thought that Alexander would be willing to acknowledge Oliver as his brother and thought that it would be a blessing from Heaven if he was willing to regard him as merely a stranger.

Avoiding her gaze, he said, “No matter what, he’s Dad’s only son and Grandpa’s only grandson. In addition, he’ll inherit the Duncan Family in the future and be the successor of Sunhill Enterprise. I’ll be responsible for his life from now on.”

All Fiona felt was a crushing pain on her chest. The thing she was most afraid of—Alexander doubting himself after finding out the truth—had finally happened.

“That’s nonsense.” An old man’s voice echoed along with the sound of the door swinging open, shattering the heavy atmosphere in the room.



Almost simultaneously, both Alexander and Fiona gasped in surprise.

Walking into the room with a serious and angry expression, Scott said, “Your father raised you for thirteen years while I did the same for twenty, and now you’re no longer my grandson just because you said so, and you’re not your father’s son anymore as well? What an unfilial child!”

Although there was a knot between Alexander’s brows, there was a tinge of warmth in his indifferent eyes.

“I found out about everything.” Staring in the direction of the bed, Scott gazed at the daughter he hadn’t seen for twenty years with mixed feelings, and tears welled-up in his eyes instantly. However, he didn’t want anyone to see it and quickly turned his head to wipe his tears away.

Getting out of bed in a rush, Fiona called out, “Dad.”

“You shouldn’t move around.” Scott waved his hand, and his voice choked, which was hardly usual. “You shouldn’t move around when you’re unwell. Let’s have a good catch-up as a family. Tell me how your life has been all these years with Oliver.”

Fiona cast a nervous look at Alexander, unsure how she should begin.

“Grandpa, I’ll go out—”

“Stay here,” Scott cut him off before he could finish. “You’re always busy and barely have time to care about the things happening at home. Earlier, you even said that you want to pass the company to Oliver, so you’re abandoning the company? If you’re still thinking that you’re not your father’s child, then I’m telling you now that you’re still your mother’s son, and she was also my daughter back then. No matter what, you’re still my grandson.”

A look of surprise flashed past Alexander’s eyes.

Outside the ward, Courtney sat on a bench with her son leaning on her left and daughter on her right. Scott had brought the children along with him this time, and they kept pestering her to tell them the story.

“You’re amazing, Mommy! There were so many baddies. Weren’t you afraid at all?” Tina asked, blinking.

In the meantime, Jordan had more concerns than her. Besides curiosity, he even showed a concerned look just as an adult would.

Hugging both of them close to herself, Courtney said gently, “Of course I was, but when you want to protect your friends and family, you won’t be afraid anymore.”

Nodding, Tina said firmly, “I won’t be afraid at all if I have to protect Mommy.”

On her other side, Jordan hugged Courtney’s arm. Even though he didn’t utter a single word, he was wearing a serious expression.

After Fiona stayed through the observation period and submitted the discharge papers, Alexander personally came from Melrose to pick her up and bring her home to recuperate because Scott had instructed to bring her back directly.

On the day she arrived, Fiona stood at the front doors of the Duncan Residence and didn’t take a step in for a long time.

Twenty years ago, she had walked out of this place, and on top of being devastated for losing the love of her life, she was truly alone. Now that she was back, all sorts of emotions were gushing in her heart.

They had a reunion dinner at night, and since Oliver had recovered quite well, the hospital had agreed to let him out temporarily to stay out for a night. In addition, Alicia had reorganized a gathering dinner which was messed up the last time, so this dinner was more heart-warming than the previous one.

Also, it was Fiona who prepared the food personally, and even Alicia, who was usually a picky eater, couldn’t help but praise her, saying that she would like to learn a thing or two from her when she was free.

After dinner, Fiona went for a walk with Alicia in the garden while Scott and Alexander discussed the takeover project in the study, leaving Oliver alone to pester Courtney to show him around the manor.

“It’s very dark now. Why don’t you take a look during the daytime?”

“The hospital wouldn’t allow me out during the daytime, and I have to leave tomorrow morning.”

Hence, Courtney helped him through rows of corridors, holding a torchlight in her hand as she shone it around with an inexplicable freaky feeling in her stomach.

The Duncan Residence was massive, and only the buildings which were usually used the most often had electricity installed. The other places would be in complete darkness at night if a torchlight was not used.

“Let’s go back after looking at this courtyard. Once you’re fully recovered, you can just move in here if you want.”

“I kind of want to, actually, but my application for going abroad has been approved and I have to leave after the winter holidays.”

“That’s quick!” Surprised, Courtney stopped walking. “Why didn’t I hear about this before?”

Chuckling sheepishly, he then said, “You don’t wish for me to go, right? If that’s the case, I’ll tell my school that I’m giving up this spot.”

Just as Courtney was about to say something, a nonchalant voice came from behind her, saying, “It’s not very smart of you to use this as an excuse to stay here.”

Alexander had learned from the servants that Courtney was here, and he came looking for her because he was worried that she might run into a mishap in the darkness. He had just arrived when he happened to hear his half-brother harassing his future sister-in-law, and he was immediately angry.

While he was fuming, Oliver suddenly shouted, “Alex, what are you doing here?”

The courtyard fell silent all of a sudden. In the foggy night, Alexander’s stiff lips twitched, but no words came out. This kid actually called me Alex…

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