One Night Surprise Chapter 356

Chapter 356 I’m Afraid You Have No Such Luck

Gradually, the expression on Alexander’s face changed.

The open space in the wilderness was too wide, and the last word Felipe said kept echoing in the air. However, the bodyguards and hitmen on the scene were very professional, and there were no changes on their faces at all.

In contrast, when Fiona heard what Felipe said, her face turned ashen, and she used all of her might to lunge at Felipe in the distance. “You b*stard, you’ll die a terrible death!” she cursed furiously. “How can you tell a lie like this!”

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Felipe merely sneered and continued to stare at Alexander. “More than thirty years ago, your mother should have married me, but she lied to me. She’s not the young lady of the Duncans at all but an adopted child of the family. To put it bluntly, she was just a child bride the Duncans prepared for your old man, who’s dead now; that wasted more than one year of my efforts.” Alexander didn’t say a thing, and Felipe continued, “After that, we had you, and Jeffrey even gave me a good beating for that. But later, he still decided to take her in, and I left the place while he raised my son for me.” Chuckling smugly, he then complimented, “He even did a good job raising you. You sure have my blood flowing in you!”

The look he had was so proud that it was almost unbelievable.

“Are you done?”

Alexander had seemingly recovered the calm and self-control he had earlier—or perhaps there wasn’t much change in his facial expression since the beginning. It was as if he didn’t believe a single word Felipe said and even had a hint of mockery in his eyes.

“You should give me these four hundred gold bars because I gave you your life.” Glancing at him, Felipe was looking outrightly proud. “If I hadn’t given you up in time, you wouldn’t have inherited the Duncans’ fortunes at all!”

Sneering, Alexander said, “So, these four hundred gold bars are too little, and it will only be fair if you get half of my assets, huh?”

“It’s great that you think so…”

The nerve of him to answer back! Standing next to Fiona, Courtney held her icy hands and furrowed her brows deeply. How can such a jerk exist in this world?

Like an unmovable mountain, Alexander stood there firmly with his back facing them. Only his voice could be heard in the open space as he said each word loudly and clearly, “I’m afraid you have no such luck.”

Right after, two figures appeared from behind the Porsche, which was behind Felipe. One of them started fighting with his three subordinates while another swung a fist toward Felipe, landing it directly on his face.


The sound of gunshot blasted into the air, and Felipe’s shot brushed past the car, narrowly missing Tessa, who dodged it. With a single hand, she clasped and twisted his wrist effortlessly.

A cry of pain escaped Felipe’s lips before she gave him a hard kick and stepped on him, sprawling him out on the floor and immobilizing him.

Lifelessly, Oliver slumped into Tessa’s arms, and her fury fueled when she saw that he was out cold. Stepping on Felipe’s face furiously, she said, “D**n it. How dare you touch my man! I’ll kill you!”

“That’s enough, Tessa.” A powerful voice rang out, and a burly man next to Alexander came over. “Cuff him quickly and dismiss the squads. Don’t you know that lynching is strictly prohibited? Do you want to be punished?”

Tessa frowned and retracted her foot reluctantly.

With a wave of hand from the burly man, two men from the special forces dressed up as bodyguards behind him came forward and handcuffed Felipe before placing him in a car at the back.

All of this was a trap laid by Alexander, and Courtney only found out about it afterward.

From the very beginning, he never planned to let Felipe escape because once he boarded the boat at the pier and sneaked into other places, there was nothing the forces could do anymore.

Using diversion as the technique, Alexander gave Felipe and his men the gold bars. Their survival instincts as well as their greed would then force them to escape as quickly as possible, so they had to leave either Courtney or Oliver behind. As Felipe thought that Oliver worked better as a bargaining chip, he abandoned Courtney, whom he thought was just a hostel employee.

After that came the second part of Alexander’s plan—special forces disguised as his bodyguards.

After years of being an outlaw, Felipe knew that the police were constrained in their work and couldn’t kill the kidnappers unless it was a critical moment. Hence, he had to be afraid that Alexander couldn’t care less about Oliver’s life and would really kill him.

However, Alexander’s identity was a surprise fuel to the fire. Compared to the impact on Felipe by making Oliver into an insignificant person, Alexander’s identity obviously distracted his attention even more, which gave Tessa and her team the chance to attack.

Later, Oliver was rushed onto an ambulance by paramedics with Tessa tagging along, and everyone else involved with the case went to the police station for their statements. It took a long time before Alexander finally turned around, standing about thirty feet away from Fiona and Courtney while staring from afar without a word.

With mixed and complicated emotions in her eyes, Fiona gazed at him. Several times, the words reached her lips, but she didn’t say it out loud. In the end, she uttered, “Alex, don’t believe the things he said. He’s just a madman.”

“Of course.” Alexander’s face was stony as he paced over. “Why should I believe him?”

His words only made Fiona look even more miserable; mothers knew their children the best.

Brushing past her side, Alexander said indifferently, “Let’s go, Courtney.”

His back was just as cold as his tone of voice, as though nothing had happened earlier; it was as though he had never helped her out with anything, and they remained unconnected to each other in the future just as they had been in the past.

However, Courtney suddenly cried out in surprise, “Madam, are you okay?”

Stopping in his tracks, Alexander spun his head around and saw that Fiona had collapsed in Courtney’s arms. Worried, he marched over in big strides.

Three days later.

The time had just passed noon, and people were coming in and out of the inpatient department of Shanghai Surgical Hospital.

Sitting next to Fiona’s bed, Courtney peeled an apple while saying, “Madam, the doctor said that you were too worked up. In addition, you hardly slept the week before, and that’s why your blood pressure was unstable. You should relax more after this and stay in the hospital for a couple more days for observation. After that, you can be discharged.”

After being in a coma for two days, Fiona finally woke up. According to the doctor, it was nothing serious, but she was simply too tired. For two whole days, she didn’t eat anything and only relied on infusion to maintain her vital organs.

“I’m fine. In fact, I can even be discharged now.” Fiona still looked a little weak, and it was as though her hair had grayed overnight. She gazed at Courtney with gratitude, but there was more helplessness.

Such a kind lady is more than enough for my son, but sadly, I can’t do anything for him, Fiona thought.

“Well, you shouldn’t.” Passing the apple to her, Courtney added, “I already called Alex, and he said he’ll come and visit you after his morning work.”

When she heard that, her face fell, and she flipped the blanket away, trying to jump out of bed.

“Hey, Madam! What are you doing?” Hurriedly, Courtney tried to stop her, but she was holding a fruit knife in one hand, and it was quite inconvenient. “Please watch out.”

On the other hand, Fiona was a little impatient. “Courtney, let me go now. He doesn’t want to see me, and I’m ashamed to see him as well.”

“Madam, calm down and take a seat.”


While both of them were in a struggle, a pair of hands pushed the door open, revealing a tall figure. In his usual aloof voice, but sounding a little unnatural this time, Alexander asked, “What are the both of you doing?”

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