One Night Surprise Chapter 355

Chapter 355 I’m Your Real Father

“Alexander,” Courtney called out subconsciously.

However, Felipe heard it very clearly and grabbed her around her throat. “What did you call him?”

“If you continue to do that, you won’t get a single penny from this twenty million.” A grim and cold look was on Alexander’s face, and his eyes were glistening with a terrifying icy stare.

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Behind him, the trunk slowly opened up, and two huge suitcases made of aluminum were opened, revealing four hundred gold bars arranged neatly together.

Felipe’s eyes almost fell out of his sockets from staring. “There’s twenty million here?”

“Thirty million.” Alexander said the figure composedly. “As long as you release her and that boy next to you, then you can leave with this money now.”

“You don’t have the right to negotiate with me.” Felipe snorted. “Tell the police to back up and leave the car key there. Once I’ve reached the pier, this woman and that boy would be useless to me, and I’ll return them to you by then.”

With knitted brows, Alexander glanced at Tessa. Usually, the kidnappers would have the upper hand during negotiations at times like this.

Tessa signaled with her hand, and the special forces with shields slowly retreated backward, leaving Alexander’s Porsche in its original space as they formed a larger encirclement using it as the center.

Clutching Courtney’s shoulder, Felipe held an army knife in another hand while his three subordinates behind him dragged Oliver, then the four of them moved toward the Porsche cautiously.

At the same time, Courtney could feel that Felipe was very nervous, and from the corners of her eyes, she could see small beads of sweat forming and sliding down his face. How could a person like him, who has a greed for wealth and materialistic things of the world, possibly allow himself to die?

Gradually, her eyes became firm and she said, “Let Oliver go. He’s unconscious and will only be a burden to you if you bring him along. I’ll go with you.”

“Who do you think you are?” Felipe sneered. “You think I don’t know that you’re just a worthless substitute? That boy is the one who’s worth the money.”


Her brows were tightly locked together, and she was about to say something when she realized that Tessa was trying her best to give her a look. That was when she sensed something and closed her mouth.

The few of them had now moved to the trunk of the car, and the sight of the two suitcases of shimmering gold bars made the eyes of these ruthless kidnappers gleam with greed. Despite that, they were aware that any amount of gold would be a waste if they couldn’t leave this place.

“Bring the suitcases to the front seats and then straight onto the boat once we reach the port later,” Felipe instructed.

Hurriedly, Blondie closed the aluminum suitcases and looked dismayed after trying to move it for a while. “Boss, it’s too heavy. We need at least two men to lift it.”

Two cases filled with four hundred gold bars amounts to hundreds of pounds, Felipe thought. One needs to be very strong to carry it alone! His brows furrowed, and his grip on Courtney’s shoulder loosened a little. “It’s easier to control that boy because he’s unconscious. Get him in the car, and we’ll drop this woman.”

The moment she was released, Courtney finally understood why Tessa gave her a look earlier.

It must have been within Alexander’s expectations that it would be inconvenient for them to bring two cases of gold bars. Furthermore, including Oliver, there were five people, and the car couldn’t fit all of them. Therefore, she had to be left behind. As long as Felipe didn’t know who she was, there wouldn’t be a problem at all.

After the car drove away, Courtney stood rooted on the spot, unable to move her legs. All her composure was just a pretense. When a thin line stood between life and death, nobody could really stay calm.

Striding to her, Alexander then pulled her into his arms. “It’s alright now,” he said shakily, completely void of the composure he had earlier.

A long while later, Courtney finally came to her senses. Gripping the sleeve of Alexander’s coat, she asked anxiously, “What about Oliver?”

His eyes turned stony as he answered, “They won’t get away.”

On a small road near the expressway leading to an undeveloped area of the riverside, the white Porsche flew past speedily as the wind whistled outside the car windows. Seated on the passenger seat, Felipe forcibly put up a calm voice as he made a call. “Yes, pick us up at the port in twenty minutes. We’ll be there soon.”

After he hung up, a worried voice suddenly rang in the car. “Boss, we’re out of gas.”

A red warning light was showing on the gas gauge, and the car had slowed down significantly. A few minutes after they spoke, the car came to a complete stop on the side of the road.

All color drained from Felipe’s face as he banged hard on the car door. “D**n it. He tricked me!”

Several black-colored private cars were already chasing after the Porsche, and after they came to a stop, a dozen well-built men armed with guns and steel pipes got off and surrounded Felipe and his men.

“Don’t come over.” Felipe got out of the car and dragged Oliver out of the backseat. Clutching Oliver’s neck with one hand, he pointed a gun at his temple with his other hand. “If you dare to take a step closer, I’ll kill him.”

“I don’t think you have the guts to do that.”

In the spacious wilderness, Alexander’s voice sounded especially crisp and clear. Walking out amidst the well-built men, he appeared particularly tall and slender in his tailored coat.

“I’ll kill him right now.”

“Do as you like.” Standing with his back straight, Alexander displayed a nonchalant look. “I’ve already saved the person I wanted to save, and I’m not the police, so it has nothing to do with me who you want to kill.”

“The person you wanted to save?” Felipe’s face fell. “How’s that woman related to you?”

Smirking, he answered, “She’s my fiancée.”

Upon hearing that, Felipe recalled that when this man appeared, the woman in his hand suddenly called him Alexander, and his face froze. Staring at Alexander, he studied him for a moment and snorted out laughing suddenly. “So, you’re Alexander Griffith?”

Without even flinching, Alexander said, “If you know who I am, you should have heard about how I usually deal with things. I don’t care at all if I can save the person in your hands, but if he really dies by your hands, in order to console my fiancée, you guys may really forget about making an escape.”

“Hmph!” Suddenly, Felipe appeared relieved. “You’re so devoted.” Fixing his eyes on Alexander, as though he could see something else from his handsome features, he suddenly said thoughtfully, “Alexander Griffith, you should let me go, or else you’ll suffer the retribution. Do you know who I am?”

Ever so slightly, Alexander knitted his brows and didn’t answer.

Just then, a car stopped behind all the cars, then Fiona jumped out hurriedly. She bolted forward but was held back and stopped from moving forward by the bodyguards behind her.

It was then when she happened to hear Felipe, and she struggled to lunge forward as she shouted at Alexander’s back, “Alexander, don’t listen to him. Don’t listen to anything he says. He’s a madman!”

Seeing that Fiona was here, Felipe smirked cruelly, and it turned sinister with every passing second. In an almost freaky tone, he spoke, and his voice echoed in the wilderness. “You’ll love this secret, Griffith. I’m your real father.”

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