One Night Surprise Chapter 351

Chapter 351 Recognized by Her Future Mother-In-Law

After receiving the check, Courtney immediately rushed back to Oreus without a single moment of delay, and it was already late at night when she arrived. She hadn’t slept for almost a day, and she had a few cups of coffee consecutively because she was afraid that she might fall asleep while driving there.

When Fiona saw the check, she breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you, Courtney.”

“You’re welcome,” Courtney replied with a smile. She was worried that Fiona would be stressed out, so she didn’t tell her that the bracelet was still with her.

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“I’ve already thought about it. Once this is over, I’ll send Oliver to study abroad while I go on a vacation. That way, it will be difficult for Felipe to find me.”

“Don’t be afraid. A person like him will get just his retribution sooner or later. He can’t escape from the law.”

“Hopefully.” Lowering her head, Fiona checked the time and said anxiously, “It’s late. You should go and sleep in the room which I already cleaned up. I’ve caused so much trouble for you for the past couple of days.”

“It’s alright. I’m not sleepy.” Right after she said that, a yawn escaped her mouth, and she was immediately embarrassed.

“Alright, now. You’ve already done me such a huge favor, and there’s nothing left for you to do. Go and catch some sleep.” Her face was kind and warm as she patted Courtney’s hand. “Alex is so fortunate to have met a woman like you.”

Just one statement from her was enough to make Courtney blush. So, does this mean I’m acknowledged by my future mother-in-law now?

Finally, she didn’t turn her down anymore and went upstairs by herself. After a simple washup, she climbed into the bed.

Then, a knock came on the door and Fiona’s soft voice rang. “Are you asleep, Courtney?”

“Not yet. The door isn’t locked. Please come in.”

After that, Fiona opened the door and came in while holding a tray in one hand. “The weather is cold, so I made some meat stew. It’s from my private recipe and the meat is really tender. Give it a try.”

“It smells delicious!” Courtney said, getting up from the bed.

“It’s fine. Just sit in the bed.” After placing the stew on the nightstand, she sat next to the bed and passed the stew to her. “It’s quite cold. You don’t have to be so uptight with me. Try it.”

A warm, fuzzy feeling swarmed around Courtney’s chest, and she ate while staring at the woman in front of her who was beautiful, virtuous, generous, gentle, and mature yet simple. It was as if all the wonderful words in the world could be used to describe her; it wasn’t surprising that Oliver had previously said that he wanted a woman like his mother.

“Madam, it will be amazing if the misunderstanding between you and Alex can be resolved,” Courtney uttered tentatively, worried that she might startle her. “It has always bothered him that he didn’t have a mother when he was young, and even though he blames you, he still yearns for you.”

When Fiona heard that, her face froze, and she looked unbearable as she said, “I know. Alex is a kind person.”

But for everyone living in this world, they couldn’t always do as their hearts wanted because of all the different misgivings they had and the concern over the opinions of others about themselves.

“Have you considered telling Alex exactly what happened back then? I think he’ll understand it.”

“I can’t do that.” Fiona shot down the idea firmly, as though she had decided on this a long time ago, and nothing could change her mind.

“Why not? It doesn’t matter if it’s the opinions of others that you’re worried about. Just tell it to Alex alone. Isn’t it enough if he understands you?”

“But how do you expect him to accept the fact that the father whom he had respected for decades was actually not his real father?” Fiona chuckled in a self-deprecating manner, trying her best to mask how much she cared. “He has never been close with me since he was young. So, his impression of me in his heart is not so important, but not his father. Even if he could accept it, how do you expect him to continue living with the Duncans?”

Unwittingly, Courtney felt her heart tighten in anxiety. For a proud person like Alexander, it was very likely that he couldn’t bring himself to care about Sunhill Enterprise or the Duncan Family anymore if he found out that he was not related to the Duncans in any way. At that time, Scott might not be able to bear this outcome.

“In this world, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. One shouldn’t be too greedy.” With a gentle expression, she added, “In fact, I’ve been very happy with my life for the past years, so you don’t have to worry about me.” Then, she gathered the bowl and spoon. “Get some early rest.”

Watching her back as she walked away, Courtney hesitated for a long while. Suddenly, just before Fiona closed the door, she said, “But the dead are already gone. No matter how much respect Alex has for his father, he was a person who had already passed on and could no longer answer him anything. Only the ones who are alive have more possibilities.”

For a second, Fiona froze halfway while closing the door.

“Please reconsider.”

A few moments passed in silence before Fiona closed the door, saying, “Go to bed now.”

Despite the uneasiness in her chest, Courtney drifted off to sleep almost immediately after resting her head on the pillow because she had been running around all day. She fell so deeply asleep that she didn’t even hear that her cell phone was ringing the whole time.

The next day, it was already late morning when Courtney woke up. After washing up, she went downstairs and greeted Mia at the reception. “Morning. Is Madam Fiona not awake yet?”

“She went out early in the morning,” she answered, blinking. “Don’t you know?”

“Where did she go?”

“I don’t know, but she went out pulling a luggage bag with her.”

“What?” Courtney’s face changed, and she fished out her phone quickly to make a call. However, she saw that she had a bunch of unread text messages.

At about 1.00AM, Fiona had sent her a text. ‘I’ve contacted Felipe, and it’s enough that I go alone for the transaction that’s happening in three days. You’ve helped me so much, which is why I shouldn’t let you take any more risks. Thank you, Courtney.’

This only made Courtney perturbed. Naturally, the kidnappers would only allow Fiona to go alone, but at the same time, she also mentioned that those people were fearless outlaws. Once they got the money, they might not let Fiona and Oliver go. Just money alone wouldn’t guarantee safety in this matter.

At the thought of this, Courtney asked Mia anxiously, “Then, do you know where she went? And did she mention anything in the past couple of days, especially when she’s picking up a call?”

Startled, Mia looked as though she was trying her best to search through her memory. After a while, something came into her mind, and her eyes lit up. “The computer at the reception is signed in with Madam’s account; we can find out her schedule from there.”

“Let’s check it quickly.”

Hurriedly, they rushed to the reception, and Mia turned on the computer after fiddling around. Then, her fingers danced across the keyboard until she finally found the flight ticket Fiona bought last night.

“It’s the 8.00AM flight to Shanghai.”

Grabbing her bag, Courtney then dashed out. Just as Fiona had said it herself, this matter was too risky, and the possibility that she could rescue Oliver with this money was very low. Therefore, she had to think of a Plan B.

In the car, she stared ahead while making an overseas call. “Please do me a favor, Elijah. Has the tracking system developed by your company that you mentioned before been tested? Can it be used now?”

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