One Night Surprise Chapter 350

Chapter 350 This Is a Fine Emerald

“Find Mr. Harvey Quinn of The Rune Pawnshop and give him one of these. As long as he sees this jade bracelet, he will definitely be willing to buy it.”

Fiona’s tone was extraordinarily confident.

“Is this Mr. Quinn your friend?”

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Fiona shook her head. “He was Jeffrey’s friend, and I’ve only met him a few times. I wore this pair of bracelets when I got married. He came to the wedding and saw it. He borrowed it for valuation and later joked that if we didn’t want it anymore in the future, we could just sell it to him.”

Upon that, Fiona’s tone was full of helplessness and bitterness.

Who would have thought that such a day would come?

Courtney couldn’t refuse, so she accepted the pair of jade bracelets. As the money-raising was urgent, she had to rush back to Melrose overnight.

Fiona told her that Felipe called and said that 20 million must be handed over to the designated location within a week. It had been three days, so she had to make haste to get the money.

When they finally arrived at Melrose, it was already dawn.

Courtney rummaged through the room before she pulled out a safe that was piled up in the innermost utility room. She then took a deep breath and seemed to have finally mustered up her courage before pressing the password to open it.

The crisp beeping sounds were particularly clear in the twilight of the morning sun.

In addition to some deposits and real estate certificates in the safe, there was a necklace placed on these documents.

Courtney took out the necklace and stared at it under the morning light for a long time. The emerald gemstone shone in the sunlight, and the diamonds surrounding the gem were extremely dazzling. No matter how one looked at it, this necklace was worth more than the pair of bangles Fiona gave her. And this necklace was also the only token that guided her to find Alexander in the first place.

It was held in Courtney’s hand like a newborn baby.

She originally wanted to confess everything before getting married, but now, she had to use the necklace for another purpose.

The Rune Pawnshop was located on Lotus Road, among the two rows of ancient buildings built by the Europeans in the last century. It was formerly the largest pawnshop in the area before it was transformed to an antique auction house.

“Miss Hunter, please wait a moment. I just took a picture of what you brought and showed it to Mr. Quinn—he said he would be with you in a while.”


Courtney nodded and sat while drinking tea.

She didn’t wait for too long; after about ten minutes, a man about 50 years old with a head of graying hair walked in. He was wearing a black coat and a pair of black canvas shoes. He gave out a simple vibe with a face filled with smiles.

“Miss Hunter, right? What is your relationship with the owner of this pair of jade bangles?” Harvey and Courtney were separated by a high coffee table. The staff quickly hurried over to serve them tea.

Courtney looked calm. “She’s my fiancé’s biological mother.”

Harvey was stunned for a moment, and looked at Courtney in surprise. “Are you the fiancée of the eldest Young Master of the Duncan family?”

Harvey’s reaction made Courtney a little surprised. The relationship between Courtney and the Duncan family was almost widespread all over Melrose, and no one in the circle didn’t know about their relationship. In addition, there was a lot of news circling her, so even if he wasn’t from the circle, there were not many people in the business circle that didn’t know her

“Please don’t be surprised.” Harvey seemed to have seen through Courtney’s thoughts as he smiled lightly.

“I like to practice meditation, and I’m often not in the city, so I’m not that sensitive about what happens here. But I didn’t expect that the eldest Young Master of the Duncan family would get married so soon.”

Recently, all the old wealthy people had been getting into eccentric meditation practices. Most of them were just trying to pick up sophisticated hobbies and make themselves seem more impressive, but in fact, only few could really avoid the pleasures of the material world—there were simply too many temptations in the world. After all, who could really let them all go? In the end, they were only just trying to avoid their problems for a while.

Courtney saw through it but still nodded in agreement. After all, she had to ask him for a favor.

“I really fancied this bracelet back then, and the market price is of course higher now after 20 years. Miss Hunter, how about you name your price?”

“Well, Mr. Quinn, don’t take offense to what I said, but in fact, I’m not here to sell the bangles.”

Courtney carefully studied Harvey’s face. “It’s just that I know that if I didn’t bring out the possession of your old friend, you, a person who is cultivating outside, may not be willing to come to see me—it’s really my last resort.”

As expected, Harvey’s expression changed, and a bit of displeasure floated between his eyebrows.

“But I do have something else that I would like you to take a look at.”

Courtney took the box containing the necklace out of the bag and put it on the coffee table between the two of them. “Can you see how much this is worth?”

Harvey glanced at the necklace and couldn’t move his eyes away since.

“This is a fine emerald…”

Courtney drank her tea with her head down. Although she didn’t understand a thing about gems, she had indeed brought this necklace with her to many jewelry shops at home and abroad while looking for Jordan in the past few years. The design of this necklace itself was custom-made. Therefore, it was a one-of-a-kind design on the market, and there was no way to estimate the design price, but the gems and diamonds inlaid in it were already expensive as they were.

In the middle of the necklace lay a rare emerald, and the platinum necklace was inlaid with eight diamonds, four of which were very rare pink diamonds. Even if they were taken out and sold separately, they would be of high value.

“How much would you like to list this for, Miss Hunter?”

“20 million.” Courtney looked at Harvey. “What do you think of this price?”

Harvey was taken aback for a moment. “The price…”

“Do you think that it’s too low, Mr. Quinn?”

A necklace that had so many precious stones would never be worth only 20 million. Courtney didn’t look like someone who didn’t know the goods, so even though Harvey had doubts in his heart, he didn’t want to ask further; he didn’t expect that she would say it out herself.

“Yes. It’s quite low indeed.” He nodded. “Miss Hunter, what exactly are you trying to do?”

“I know that The Rune was a pawnshop before, so I wanted to ask if I could use the original method to let me temporarily p**n this necklace to you. I don’t want much—just 20 million for a period of one year.”

Harvey looked at Courtney, and his gaze gradually became calm. “What if you can’t pay it back within a year?”

“Of course, according to the rules, this necklace will belong to you.”

Neither humble nor arrogant, Courtney smiled slightly.

After a long time, Mr. Quinn slowly spat out, “Okay.”

Pawning this necklace with a one-year period was the best way Courtney could think of at present. In fact, Fiona had a lot of unspoken grievances in the past, but she was unable to tell anyone. Since Alexander was a hot-blooded young man, he could not understand her. So using his things to do this could be regarded as making up for his past mistakes.

However, she knew she still had to pay it back. After all, it was so valuable and was not her own. In fact, she had also figured out a way out. After the matter was settled, she would have time to sell the villa on Lotus Road for 20 million. By then, she would be able to make the money back.

At the president’s office of Sunhill Enterprise at noon, Alexander had just returned from a meeting.

“President Duncan, it looks like there will be no problem with the team formation of the acquisition case, and the project can be officially launched after the mid-winter holidays.”

Alexander flipped through the documents behind his desk, but he had stayed on the same page for a long time.

“President Duncan?”

All of a sudden, Alexander regained his senses and stood up out of the blue. “Let’s go to the military hospital.”

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