One Night Surprise Chapter 345

Chapter 345 I’ll Bring It to My Grave

As soon as Felipe said that, Oliver responded first without waiting for Fiona to react.

“In your dreams!”

Oliver picked up the chair next to him and threw it at the man in front of him.

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A loud crash sounded in the room, awakening the guests in the entire inn.

“What happened?”

“What’s that noise?”

“Do they have no concern for others?”


“Who is it?”

At the entrance of the inn, the glass door was smashed by burly men holding steel pipes from outside. The girl at the front desk was so frightened that she got under the counter, and all the guests who came out screamed and fled back to their rooms.

“Let go of Oliver!”

Fiona was nearly screaming her lungs out, and she refused to let go of Felipe’s clothes.

With one hand, Felipe covered the bleeding spot on his head with a towel and shoved her away with the other, then said gloomily, “Originally, I planned to have a peaceful discussion with you, but now, it seems like that’s unnecessary. This kid will stay with me for a few days. If you bring me the 20 million after a week, I’ll return you to him in one piece. If you don’t, then don’t blame me for being hostile.”

Fiona gritted her teeth. “Felipe, you’re a monster.”

Felipe seemed to have gotten used to hearing such things, as he simply laughed coldly and replied, “You’ve just realized that now?”

With that, he left with the group of fierce burly men as they carried a weak Oliver away.

The group of people smashed everything in their path, leaving the entire inn in a mess as they left.


It snowed again early the next morning, so the roads weren’t in a good condition.

It was almost noon when Courtney arrived at Citron Studio. The studio had just opened, so she didn’t have much financial matters to handle at the beginning of the year. She just came over to take a look and announce the news about the mid-winter holiday.

“Everyone, you’ve only got another half month of hard work before you can all go on vacation.”

As soon as Courtney said this, all the employees buzzed with excitement and disbelief. “President Hunter, you’re not kidding, right? Doesn’t the mid-winter holiday start later?”

Courtney gave a bright grin.

“If I only let you guys off then, would you really have time to go back to your hometown? Half of your time would be wasted on the road. If you leave work without enough energy, you’ll be even more drained when you come back for work. It’s better to give you twenty days for your break and let you avoid the heavy traffic. Afterward, come back and perform well for me. “

“Well, of course we will.”

Someone took the lead to speak up, and the sound of assurances sprang up one after another like mushrooms after a rain, making the atmosphere in the whole studio lively.

“Okay, let’s get back to work. That’s enough flattery. It’s not the holidays yet, so hurry up and carry on with your work.”

Bill’s expression was as nasty as usual, and as soon as he spoke, everyone seemed to have lost their voices as they hurriedly avoided him and returned to their respective workstations.

On the way back to the office, Courtney teased Bill. “Bill, I think you’re more like the boss of this company than I am. How about I sell the company to you?”

“I’m not interested.”

Bill remained calm. “I don’t want to do anything besides designing. Even if you give it to me for free, I don’t want it.”

“Dream on.”

Courtney glanced at him. “Why would I give you the company?”

Bill looked at her with an indiscernible expression.

“Then, why did you give the Hunter Group to Sunhill?”

Hearing this, Courtney was stunned, and she frowned.

“You already know about that?”

“It’s not hard to find out, is it? Who doesn’t know about Sunhill’s acquisition of the Hunter Group?”

“And you don’t think it’s a good idea?”

“I don’t have any opinions.” Bill’s expression was plain and emotionless as usual. “I just think that, if you want Citron Studio to develop well, you might as well take over the Hunter Group. You’re a major shareholder, so if you really want it, it’s far easier than letting Alexander acquire it.”


Sitting down behind the desk, Courtney smiled.

“I don’t think it’s easy. The Hunter Group is full of corruption. I’ve worked there for a period of time, and even though Alexander helped me, I often felt powerless. So, we must always take our time when handling anything. Nothing happens overnight.”

Seeing that she had made up her mind, Bill didn’t continue persuading her and simply handed her documents to sign.

“It’s fine if you’ve already made up your mind. You should have nothing else to handle until the holiday after signing this, so you can prepare for the wedding with peace of mind.”

“There’s nothing to prepare for the wedding.” Courtney had a complicated look on her face. “I want to go to Oreus these two days; can you help me hide it from Alexander?”

Bill had never dealt with Alexander before, so he readily agreed.


“Okay. I’ll bring it to my grave.”

Fiona was speechless upon his reaction.

After Fiona and Oliver left the hospital, Courtney’s phone calls to Oliver had gone unanswered. When she asked his school, she found out that he had already handed in his final paper, which meant that he was all right, but she was still a little worried.

Fiona was definitely hiding something about what happened 20 years ago, and Oliver must’ve had his reasons for his firm attitude.

At the entrance of the hospital the other day, she heard what Oliver had said to Alexander, and even until today, she still got the jitters. “One day, you’ll regret what happened today.”

That wasn’t a warning; it was more like a reminder.

When she opened the door upon getting home in the evening, Courtney was taken aback by the scene before her.

In the corridor of the bedroom, Alexander seemed to have gotten a folding ladder from somewhere, and he was standing on it. The ceiling above his head was covered with small pink wind chimes, which looked beautiful.

“I only asked you to put a ‘Newly Married’ sticker on the wall.” Courtney walked over and looked up helplessly. “What are you doing with these decorations?”

Alexander was already done, so he got down from the ladder and clapped his hands, then said sternly, “Gale sent me a lot of videos of people picking up their brides from their homes. I saw that when other people got married, the bride’s house would have all these things. Besides these decorations, there are also balloons, but it seems like that one should be done later because the air will leak.”

“Where did I get the good fortune to have such an attentive boyfriend?”

Courtney had on such a wide grin that her eyes had turned into slits. She grabbed Alexander’s waist like a koala, then followed him from the bedroom door to the kitchen, not letting go even when he washed his hands.

“I only hung that piece because I was afraid you’d fall if you did it,” Alexander suddenly said after washing his hands. “You can do the rest yourself since you can reach them.”

“I’m busy.”

Courtney blinked. “Can you do it for me?”

“You’re busy? Busy with work?”

“Yeah.” Courtney avoided his gaze, then said guiltily, “I’m super busy. The company’s going to be liquidated at the end of the year, isn’t it? I have to work overtime too, so I don’t have time to accompany you during the day.”

“I’ll be waiting for you at home every night.”

“That won’t work either.” Courtney hurriedly refused. “My aunt said that you can’t live with me before marriage. You should go back to your own house.”

Alexander frowned. “I can just go back the night before the wedding.”

“Oh, that’s not good.” Courtney suddenly held his hand. “Actually, I’m very reluctant to part with you too, but those are the rules, so you should just agree.”

Alexander remained unmoved.

Courtney pursed her lips and used her trump card. Twisting her waist slightly, she shook his hand and dragged her voice.


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