One Night Surprise Chapter 340

Chapter 340 Won’t Let Anyone Bully You Anymore

Henry pointed at Tina, who was sitting on the slide, and sobbed until he was out of breath.

“She pushed me.”

Stunned, Tina hurriedly retorted, “I didn’t. You’re lying.”

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Cindy was the sweetheart of the Somerfield Family, and she had been showered with love since she was young. After she had her two children, she spoiled them even more, raising them with the utmost care. So, when she heard her son’s cries, her expression changed immediately as she got up and walked toward Tina.

The slide was less than a meter high, so adults could easily carry children down.

But, before she could do anything, Cindy’s knees buckled and she was pushed hard, causing her to take a few staggering steps back.

Jordan opened his arms wide to protect the slide, his eyes as cold as ice.

“Hey, you little mute, what do you think you’re doing?”

Cindy was so angry that, for a moment, she spoke out of turn, revealing her actual thoughts.

At this moment, everyone hurried over.

Courtney was walking in front, and her face changed upon hearing her insult. She hurried over and pulled Jordan behind her, then carried Tina down from the slide before fixing Cindy with a cold glare. “What did you just call Jordan?”

Cindy’s face turned gloomy. “You can’t blame me for saying that. If your daughter was pushed down the slide, I believe you’d lose your temper as well.”

Many people were surrounding them as Courtney shot Henry a glance. “If my daughter fell, I wouldn’t blame others first; I’d check if my child was okay instead.”

At this moment, Maryse was holding Henry and wiping his tears while saying anxiously, “We need to send him to the hospital. What are you all doing just standing around? If something happens to Henry, I-I’ll give up on life.”

The crowd frowned when they saw how rudely she was acting.

Courtney’s face darkened. What could’ve been a nice meal was ruined by Stephen’s family. If she had known this would happen, she would’ve heeded Alicia’s advice and not notified them.

Back then, Stephen had fought with William over the family property. When her grandfather was still alive, their whole family was in the hospital, disgracing the Somerfield Family. Their family was simply unreasonable to the core.

“The doctor’s here.”

While everyone was surrounding them, Alexander had already ordered a waiter to call the hotel’s private doctor.

When the doctor went to check on Henry, the boy’s nose was no longer bleeding.

“It’s nothing. He just injured his nose. The bleeding has stopped, so you don’t need to worry much.”

Upon hearing this, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Cindy glanced at Courtney and said enigmatically, “Luckily, Henry’s fine. Courtney, you should discipline your daughter. If you marry into the Duncan Family in the future and something happens, they’d think that you aren’t a good mother.”

Normally, Courtney would’ve argued with her, but it was a special occasion today because Scott was around. She didn’t want to cause a scene, so she clenched her fists and didn’t fight back.

Alicia was livid, but William held her back.

“Whether or not Courtney is a good mother, we Duncans know it deep down.”

An elderly voice sounded from behind everyone, and even Courtney was momentarily stunned when she heard it.

Since the moment Henry was injured, Scott hadn’t said anything. Now that he had suddenly spoken, the Somerfields looked back at him, only to see the cold expression on his face. He no longer looked like the kind-hearted old man from earlier.

“In the past, I’ve only heard about families protecting their own children. But today, all I see is a family humiliating their own. In all my many years of living, this is my first time seeing someone so ill-bred, and there’s even more than one.”

Scott’s remarks were loud, and it was like a slap across the faces of Scott and his family.

“If it weren’t for the fact that you’re the few remaining members of Courtney’s family, you wouldn’t even be qualified to enter this room. What did you call Jordan just now?”

When Cindy heard this, her face turned pale.

“Little mute?” The old man snorted coldly. “Because of those two words, you can get the hell out of here.”

The atmosphere in the room turned stiff at once.

For a moment, Cindy was stunned. Before she could regain her senses, two bodyguards had already dragged her out unceremoniously. Even from a distance away, they could still hear her shrill screams.

Cindy’s husband chased after her, and Stephen probably felt ashamed too as he hurried after them, leaving Maryse sitting on the sofa while holding Henry, her face ashen.

Courtney didn’t look too good either. After all, Stephen’s family was her family. Scott might’ve been protecting her from the injustice by berating them, but at the end of the day, she was still the one who was humiliated.

Who would want their family to make a fool of themselves when they were meeting with their partner’s family?

“Do you Duncans think you can bully people just because you have money?” Maryse’s shrill voice sounded abruptly in the private room.

Courtney closed her eyes, not wanting to see what would happen next.

“Oh, shut up.”

Alicia broke free from William and coldly chided Maryse. “Do you think you haven’t embarrassed Courtney enough?”

After saying that, Alicia took a deep breath, then looked at Scott and said slowly, “Mr. Duncan, I apologize for what happened. We’ll choose another time to meet. William and I will be the hosts, and we’ll invite your family again. Let’s end it here today.”

With that, she walked to Courtney’s side, gave her a light pat on the shoulder, then left the room.

Seeing this, Maryse didn’t dare to stay any longer and hurried out with Henry in her arms.

What had originally been a good time to discuss the wedding affairs had turned into a farce.

Courtney cupped her forehead, then said to Scott in a low voice, “I’m sorry you had to see all that, Grandpa.”

The room was quiet. Alexander knew that Courtney felt utterly embarrassed, so he spoke for her. “Grandpa, Courtney was never close with Stephen’s family, so they can’t be regarded as her family. About today—”

“What did Courtney do wrong today?” Scott interrupted Alexander.

His old but dignified voice was laced with an elder’s affection for the younger generation, causing Courtney to slowly raise her head and look at the old man in astonishment.

“If I hadn’t insisted on asking for all of Courtney’s remaining family to be present, this wouldn’t have happened. So, what does it have to do with her?”

“Grandpa.” Courtney felt a warm current flowing in her heart, gradually dispelling the chill inside her.

“Courtney, with such an uncle, you must’ve suffered a lot of grievances when you were young.”

Scott’s eyes contained a trace of warmth.

“When you become part of the Duncan Family in the future, rest assured knowing that we won’t let anyone bully you anymore. You’ll officially and legally be Alexander’s wife, as well as my granddaughter-in-law. We’ll see who has the guts to slander you like they did today.”

It felt like deja vu, as it was similar to when her grandfather held her hand during New Year’s Day many years ago and said, “You’re my most precious granddaughter and the Young Lady of the Somerfield Family. I’d like to see who would dare to bully you.”

Courtney’s eyes watered, and she sniffed as she gave a heavy nod.

“Thank you, Grandpa.”

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