One Night Surprise Chapter 338

Chapter 338 Mom, Don’t Beg Him

Unconsciously, Alexander turned around when he heard the voice. Initially, he wasn’t sure what he had heard, and the voice was unfamiliar. However, an unfamiliar—yet somehow familiar—figure appeared before his eyes as soon as he turned around.

Immediately, Oliver’s face darkened. “Why are you here?”

Meanwhile, Fiona’s footsteps halted the moment she saw him, and the gentle smile she usually had on her face disappeared. Speechless, she simply stared at him.

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“Didn’t you have something to discuss with me? Let’s go.” A tense expression was pasted on Oliver’s face as he looked at Alexander anxiously.

Making out what was happening, Alexander questioned coldly, “She just called your name. What’s the relationship between you two?”

I guess I can’t hide it anymore. Oliver took a deep breath and frowned heavily. “She’s my mother.”

It became awfully silent as soon as Oliver said that, and Alexander kept quiet for quite a while.

“Alex, don’t take this the wrong way…” Fiona wanted to explain, but it seemed to have backfired.

“Heh.” Alexander scoffed and interrupted her. As he lifted his head, disdain glinted in his eyes. “Why did you think I would take this the wrong way when I haven’t even said anything? Tell me: What did I misunderstand?”

At that moment, she was at a loss for words.

“I’ll speak if you won’t.” Alexander’s face was ice-cold, and his eyes were filled with indifference and estrangement. When he turned to Oliver, it was as though he was staring at a stranger whom he had no regard for.

“When you left the Duncans twenty years ago, you promised Grandpa that you would never step foot into Melrose. We lived in peace all this while when you were living your own life elsewhere, but I never thought that you would go to great lengths to send your son to Melrose. You even had the guts to plant him close to me. I can’t believe I didn’t realize it all this while. I guess I’d underestimated you.”

“That’s not the case.” She panicked. “Oliver came to Melrose to study. And he tried to get close to you because he wanted to get to know his brother. He has no ill intentions.”

“Brother?” Alexander’s face turned grim. “How could you have the cheek to say that? What does he have to do with me? Does the Duncans’ family tree have his name? You’ve had nothing to do with me the moment you left the Duncans twenty years ago, let alone the b*stard you had with someone else!” He had never been so angry with anyone. He even called Oliver a b*stard.

From a distance, Courtney was walking over from the parking lot with dinner in her hand. She trembled and almost dropped the thermal container when she heard Alexander saying that.

Before she could get closer, Oliver threw a punch at Alexander’s face. Alexander was defenseless and didn’t manage to dodge. With that, he tilted to the side and stumbled. When he lifted his head, the corner of his mouth was swollen, and blood was oozing out.

“Are you okay?” Fiona cried and tried to help Alexander up.

“Mom, leave him be. Who did you call a b*stard?” Oliver looked daggers at Alexander. “What kind of wrong did my mom do to you that you had to hurt her with such words?”

Alexander shook off Fiona’s hand that was holding him. Right then, his face was cold as ever. “Aren’t you capable of finding out anything? She didn’t wrong me, but she wronged my father gravely.”

“Rubbish!” Oliver strode closer. “Don’t spout nonsense. My mom isn’t the kind of person you say she is.”

“I thought so too.” Alexander gazed at Oliver coldly. “But not anymore. She wouldn’t have returned to Melrose if she had any sense of shame. Don’t tell me it was just a coincidence that you tried to get close to Courtney and my family. There’s no such coincidence.”

“Alexander.” Courtney quickly made her way over and tugged Alexander’s arm as she couldn’t bear to watch anymore. “Things aren’t as complicated as you think. Some things are simply coincidences. There are so many people involved…”

Noticing that she was obviously on Fiona and Oliver’s side, Alexander frowned even more deeply. “You knew?”

Upon hearing this, she frowned without denying it. It was true that she already knew about this, but it was better to keep it from him for everyone’s sake.

“This has nothing to do with Courtney or my mom,” Oliver stated sullenly. “It’s me who wanted to find out what kind of an a*shole brother I have who cut ties and drove my mom out of her home twenty years ago!”

“Oliver.” Fiona kept pulling his arm nervously.

Afraid that Alexander might do something, Courtney also held on to him tightly. “Alexander.”

Instantaneously, the atmosphere grew tense.

Moments later, Alexander recalled something. With a chilly stare, he sneered, “You should go to a drama school instead of Public Security University since your acting skills are so convincing. You and your mother should go back to Oreus. There are other relatives even if I don’t inherit the family fortune. B*stards who have nothing to do with the Duncans’ bloodline should stop deluding themselves.”

As a result, Oliver’s face turned pale. It was as if he had gone mad. He wanted to pounce on Alexander and grab his collar, but Fiona hugged his waist tightly to stop him.

As they struggled, Fiona shrieked all of a sudden, “Enough!”

Everyone was shocked.

Then, Fiona let go of Oliver’s waist. Though her hair was in a mess and her scarf was sloppily draped over her shoulders, she looked neither supercilious nor obsequious. Straightening her back, she uttered shakily, “It doesn’t matter what you think. I came to Melrose to visit Oliver, not to scheme like what you think. I won’t come back again since you don’t want to see me. He’s only got half a year left before finishing his studies and going abroad. Just think of it as a request from the person who gave birth to you. It’s only half a year. Please don’t make things difficult for him.”

“Mom, don’t beg him.”

“Shut up.” She lifted her hand. With that, a loud slap landed on Oliver’s face. Seeing this, both Alexander and Courtney were stunned because none of them expected Fiona to do so.

“If you still think of me as your mother, finish the last six months of studies quietly and go abroad after that. Never come back to Melrose and just abandon any plans you have in your mind.”

Then, she glanced at Alexander sorrowfully. “Alexander is not your brother. You don’t have one.”

As soon as she finished, she turned and left hastily in the cold wind.

As for Oliver, there was a red patch on his face. Glaring at Alexander, Oliver gritted through his teeth, “One day, you’ll regret what happened today.”

After saying that, he caught up with Fiona and left.

Soon, only Alexander and Courtney were left at the hospital entrance. Carefully, she touched his hand. His usually warm hands were now cold.


“You can save your breath if you intend to persuade me.” He was clearly still furious at her for keeping the truth from him.

Feeling bad for him, she frowned and sighed silently. “Why would I persuade you? I have no intention of doing so. I just wanted to tell you that you can only be free if you don’t hold on to resentments.”

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