One Night Surprise Chapter 337

Chapter 337 He’s Especially Nice

When the surveillance tapes from Louis’ place hadn’t been recovered, a part of it could be viewed, and Oliver appeared in the tapes. However, Courtney had just brought him home at that time and his identity was unknown, so they couldn’t find any problem with him.

In addition, almost every house in Oreus was a hostel, so it wouldn’t be odd if Oliver was a university student spending his time in Oreus at that time. Therefore, Alexander wasn’t suspicious of him at the beginning.

Nevertheless, now that more and more truth had been unearthed, plus the timing when Oliver appeared in Louis’ place was simply too strange, he reckoned that this matter definitely had something to do with him.

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“President Duncan, this matter is getting serious. If Oliver is really involved in this, I suggest we hand this over to the police,” Josh said, his voice echoing in the office.

Keeping away the iciness in his eyes, Alexander said, “Not yet. Continue with the other leads and set aside Oliver for a while.”

“Are you concerned about Miss Hunter?”

Furrowing his brows, Alexander didn’t answer him and asked instead, “What’s the progress on the other matter?”

He was speaking about Poppy Walker, the woman who previously posed as Jordan’s biological mother. The main reason he wanted to find her was to know of Jordan’s background. Somebody must be instigating all this behind the scenes, and more trouble would come if he didn’t get to the bottom of this.

“I’ve already found her. She’s a guest relation officer in a bar and would sometimes leave with customers. Previously, she found herself a wealthy businessman and didn’t show up at the bar for a while. But I’ve sent someone to keep an eye out, and she’ll probably show up again within these few days.”

It didn’t take too much of Josh’s efforts to find Poppy. Based on this woman’s bravado, he reckoned that she must be someone who spent a lot of time in bars and clubs. After offending the Duncans, he figured that she must be afraid to hangout anywhere, and because of drug issues, more than half of the entertainment centers in Melrose were closed down recently. Hence, he easily found her after going to a couple of clubs.

Alexander nodded, his eyes stony. “Interrogate her thoroughly after you find her. You know how to deal with this.”

It had been a while since Alexander had such a grim expression, and Josh shuddered at the sight of it. When he gathered himself again, he nodded hurriedly. “I got it.”

After he left the room, Alexander looked at the information in his hand with an inexplicably complicated feeling.

It wasn’t entirely for Courtney’s sake that he told Josh to suppress this matter. Another reason was that he felt Oliver wasn’t a person who was capable of murder.

As a student of Public Security University, he was under the strict management of the school. Once this matter was reported to the police, they would definitely ask the school for assistance in investigations. Then, the fact that he privately picked up cases outside as a detective and checked up on others illegally would be found out, and he might get expelled from the school.

As for the matter with Louis, he figured there shouldn’t be a problem if he asked him about it directly.

After he was finished with work, Alexander checked the time and saw that it was exactly 3.00PM. The timing would be just perfect if he asked Oliver about the matter before going to the kindergarten to pick up the kids.

In the hospital of the fourth military division of Melrose, Tessa lay on the hospital bed and said in a friendly tone, “Mrs. Ford, the mandarins you bought me are so delicious!”

Seated next to her, Fiona was peeling an apple for her, and she smiled gently at her words. “I’ll buy you some more if you like it.”

“You’re buying more?” Oliver raised his head from behind the computer at the dining table. “Didn’t you see the ulcers in her mouth, Mom? That’s because she’s had too many mandarins. I’m afraid she’ll be constipated if you feed her more.”

“You’re the one who’s constipated!” She threw him a dirty look. “You’re just jealous that Mrs. Ford bought me mandarins. I’m not sharing a single piece with you.”

“Fine. Buy her more then, Mom. I’m not going to stop you, and you can continue to attend by her bedside when she’s transferred to anorectal division after her injuries recover.”

“You rascal,” Fiona said, casting an angry stare at Oliver. “How can you speak to Miss Reid in that way? She’s a lady, and you should watch your words when you speak to her.”

“Exactly.” Lifting her nose, Tessa glanced at him with indifference.

“You found yourself a good backup.” With a snarl, he slammed his laptop shut. “There’s no room here for me anymore. I’ll go where I’m accepted.”

“Hey, where are you going?” Tessa cried out, stopping him.

“That’s none of your business. My mother has become yours now, and I’m just being an eyesore by staying here. I’m not coming over anymore. Bye.”

“I didn’t say that…” Anxious, she uttered, “I was just kidding with you…”

Seeing how unbearable she was to see Oliver go, Fiona couldn’t express in words just how adorable she was, so she chuckled. “That’s enough, you rascal. Why are you pulling her leg? Don’t you know that she’s a person with a one-track mind after three years in university together?”

While Tessa was taken aback by her comment, a cunning look washed over Oliver’s face, and he raised his chin deliberately, looking very smug. “She doesn’t have a one-track mind; she just has no brains.” Then, he turned to Tessa. “There will be a seminar in the school this evening discussing the new batch of investigation equipment, so I have to return now. Send me a text in advance about what you would like to eat tomorrow morning.”

Only then did Tessa understand that she had been fooled, and she pouted her lips in disgruntlement. Despite that, her eyes couldn’t help but crinkle along with her smile when she heard his last sentence.

Even after Oliver had left the room, she was still smiling, whereupon Fiona looked at her helplessly. “Do you like that rascal so much?”

Startled, she then twisted the sheets in embarrassment. “He’s especially nice.”

“Only in your eyes, I guess.” Handing her the apple, Fiona added, “Alright, now. Stop dreaming. Have an apple. I’m not getting you more mandarins this evening. I’ll get you some chrysanthemum tea instead.”

“I like everything you buy for me.”

At her words, Fiona merely shook her head helplessly.

Oliver had just walked out of the hospital when he saw Alexander walking in his direction from the parking lot. The moment he saw him, he froze for a second, but it was already too late to avoid him, so he could only brace himself to face him.

“What brought you here? Courtney isn’t here today.”

“I’m not here to look for her.” Giving him a once-over, he said, “I have some things to ask you.”

“What is it about?” Oliver said, tightening his grip on the strap of his laptop carrier.

“Six months ago—” He started speaking, but almost immediately, he saw someone coming over, and he frowned. “Let’s talk in a quiet place because it’s not suitable to talk here. Where are you heading? I’ll give you a lift.”

Regaining his composure, Oliver answered quickly, “Back to the university.”

Judging from Alexander’s tone, Oliver reckoned that he wasn’t talking about the matter he was thinking about. If he had found out about Mom, I don’t think he’d be as calm as he is now, he thought.

“Okay.” Alexander acknowledged with a nod. “Let’s go. My car is in the parking lot.”

Side by side, they spun around and paced toward the parking lot. Barely a few steps later, the automated doors of the hospital behind them slid open, and a figure dressed in azure color while carrying a simple gray canvas bag walked out.

With one look, Fiona saw her son, and something came into her mind, so she shouted from behind him, “Oliver!”

Not far from her, two figures stopped simultaneously and looked back.

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