One Night Surprise Chapter 329

Chapter 329 What If I Die?

Now that he stood at the door of the warehouse, Oliver clearly saw the faces of the five men.

The strongest one out of them was known as Tiger, who wore a black jacket and looked like he was the group leader. He never helped with anything, yet he instructed his men to work. The rest of the group were emaciated, which made them look like drug addicts.

“Why did it take so long for you to head to the washroom? Come and help them.”

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Tiger shot a glance at Oliver. “Didn’t you want the warehouse to be cleared? Get moving now.”

Oliver nodded and walked inside.

However, Tiger’s doubtful voice rang behind him. “What the hell? He’s willing to help us tonight. Did the sun rise from the west this morning?”

After moving a carton of stocks, Oliver stood at the end of the van and looked at the rest of the goods. This amount of drugs is enough for them to be imprisoned for the rest of their lives.

“Mr. Corbyn said that we should clear all of the stocks before the new year. Then, we will manufacture another batch for the beginning of next year to start off the year well.”

Tiger’s voice rang again from the front of the car. His words caused the rest of his men to be hyped up.

From the corner of his eyes, Oliver noticed the tools used to manufacture drugs located at the cranny of the warehouse. The cartel was well-equipped, especially with the measuring cups and other equipment. Since they had also manufactured the drugs themselves, they would’ve earned a lot of profit.

Just as he was thinking about it, a familiar voice rang in his ears.

“Where are you?”

Five minutes ago, he had sent a distress signal to Tessa, but it had been delayed. As a result, he wondered whether they had used signal blockers, but was only now receiving a signal.

Oliver lowered his voice. “Warehouse. They’re here.”

“We will be right there.”

Before he finished speaking, someone suddenly pressed on his shoulders. Then, Tiger’s voice rang from behind him. “Who are you speaking to?”

At this instant, Oliver quickly ransacked his brain to think of an excuse, but he heard someone yelling from the washroom just as he was about to say something.

“Tiger, bad news. Mr. Vinsmoke has been tied up in the washroom.”

Oliver quickly shook Tiger’s hand away moments before the man returned to his senses and thereafter stabbed Tiger’s ribs sharply and accurately with a military dagger.

“Aaaahhh!” Tiger screamed and clutched his stomach as he collapsed to the ground.

Upon hearing him shrieking, the remaining four burly men rushed out. As soon as they understood the situation, they immediately understood what had happened. “Attack! Don’t let this brat live!”

The five of them—including the one who went to the washroom—pounced on Oliver.

Even though he was one of the top students in the Public Security University, he was exactly what Tessa had described him to be—extremely weak in combat. Upon seeing them rushing toward him, he quickly grabbed the powder that he brought with him.

Before Oliver came, he had obtained from the laboratory a bag of powder that would cause itch. Even though it would take some time for the powder to take effect, it could still cause injuries to their eyes. However, after what seemed like eternity, he still couldn’t locate anything and it was only at this moment when he remembered that the bag was in his coat, which he had removed to cover Mr. Vinsmoke.

In the moment of emergency, a few gunshots rang from south-east of the warehouse.

Oliver covered his head and squatted on the ground, but the impact that he had expected didn’t land on him. The burly man who charged toward him collapsed on the ground and grabbed his elbow as he groaned in pain after being kicked.

The moment Oliver raised his head, he saw Tessa stepping on the man’s face. She looked as cool as a heroine when she turned to ask, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” He shook his head and slowly rose to his feet as he held the car for support.

The five burly men and Mr. Vinsmoke had been ordered to face the wall and squat three minutes later. Her teammates stood on each side of the line and flanked the suspects with a fierce glare as they trained their guns on them.

In fact, they were the only ones who knew that the guns used in the training were fake. Apart from making loud noises, the most the weapon could do was hit someone like a brick.

“Is everything here?” Tessa looked at the boxes that were at the back of the van.

Oliver nodded. “Yeah, they are all here. These are the same boxes that I saw last time.”

Upon hearing his reply, she used her military knife to open one of the boxes. However, she froze when she saw the contents. “This is…”

It was a box of Peppa Pig watches.

He immediately frowned and quickly opened other boxes. After he poured out all the contents of the boxes, he could only locate Peppa Pig watches.

Meanwhile, she looked at him with confusion.

Oliver paled before he threw the paper boxes away. Then, he approached the few burly men with a military knife in his hand before grabbing the collar of their leader, Tiger. “Where’s the stuff?”

Tiger gave a blank look. “What stuff?”

“Stop feigning innocence with me.” Oliver slapped him without considering anything. “Where’s the K powder?”

“What?” A confused Tiger blinked. “K Powder? How would we dare to deal with that? We are just selling toys. You have misunderstood us.”

“F*ck you—”

Tessa held Oliver back just as he was about to land another blow on Tiger

“Forget it.” She frowned and asked Tiger, “Since you guys are selling toys, why did you run away when you saw us? Apart from that, how could you even afford to rent the warehouse here if you only sell toys?”

The Sakura Group’s warehouse was located at East Melrose, which was the closest central warehouse of the city. The rental was quite exorbitant and its access was sealed off to the public, so without the help from Mr. Vinsmoke, they wouldn’t have been able to rent the place.

With those prerequisites, it was impossible for the burly men to rent this warehouse just to store some worthless toys.

“They are just toys. If you don’t believe me, I can open them for you.”

With that, Tiger carefully appraised Tessa’s face.

“Sure.” She looked at him. “Here, open them one by one in front of me.” Something is definitely wrong with the toy watches.

He walked to the van in hesitation and opened the nearest box. After taking out a watch, he opened the lid of the watch in front of Tessa and Oliver. “See, this is just a normal watch.”

As soon as Oliver scooted closer to have a look, he saw a glimmer of light.

“Be careful!”

Before he could even avoid the object, Tessa had already pushed him aside.

He only heard her grunting before he saw her face distorted in pain. However, she snatched the dagger from Tiger’s clutch and brought him to his feet. Upon seeing this, the rest of her team also came to her support and helped to place the handcuffs on him.

“Are you fine, Captain?”

Tessa nodded even though beads of sweat swam down her forehead.

Oliver’s eyes were sharp; he saw blood oozing from the crack of her fingers as she clutched her abdomen. As the blood dripped to the ground and sank into the snow, he immediately blanched. “You are injured, Tess.”


“I’ll hand this place over to you guys. I’m sure there’s something wrong with the stocks here, so bring them back for an examination while I’ll send Tess to the hospital,” he announced hastily and quickly carried Tessa in his arms to run to the infirmary.

In the snowy night, Tessa, who had been strong and fierce for the past 19 years, leaned against Oliver’s shoulders. She laughed out loud while he was still running. “Hey, don’t freak out. I’m really alright. It’s just a superficial wound; it’s not even as serious as the injuries I’ve received during training.”

He panted as he increased his speed. “Shut up. Your injuries were sustained during your training, but this time, it’s because of me. It’s two different stories.”

“What if I die?”

Oliver’s face immediately paled as he commented in a fluster, “You just said that you are fine.”

“It’s just a hypothetical question.” Tessa’s voice became weaker and what she said wasn’t making much sense either. “Oliver, you just called my nickname…”

Upon hearing that, he remained silent.

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