One Night Surprise Chapter 328

Chapter 328 Hero Syndrome

In the midst of her struggle, Courtney accidentally stepped on the carpet and lost her footing before she stumbled into Alexander. As a result, both of them fell onto the bed.

As the snow fell heavily outside, his eyes became glassy as he felt her soft body pressing on him.

However, she knew nothing of this. After escaping from his trap, she inserted her hands into his pajamas and eagerly tickled his waist. While doing that, she complained, “Who asked you to mess with me?”

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A huge hand suddenly grabbed her shoulders and turned her over as he pinned her to the bedsheet.

“You can’t play dirty like this, Alexander…” Courtney exclaimed.

However, she realized that there was something off in Alexander’s expression and it distracted her for a moment.

As his gentle breath spread over her ears and landed in her eardrums bit by bit, her breathing fastened as well. Without any hesitation, she pulled him toward her.

Amidst the entanglement, both their pants reverberated in the room.

The snow outside landed on the thick branches of plum blossom trees. As some of the flowers started to bloom, it made one feel like they could smell the lovely fragrance.

After a night of snowfall, the entire Melrose City was blanketed in thick snow, which had happened during the earlier part of the night.

Somewhere around the warehouses in East Melrose that belonged to the Sakura Group, a group of young people in plain clothes had set up an ambush for the entire night.

In a public washroom opposite the warehouse’s entrance, a woman asked in a low voice amidst the darkness, “Are you sure it’s here?”

“Yes.” Oliver stared at the door of the warehouse intently. “I have already checked this place before. Someone will transfer the drugs out at this hour every week and sell them at the dozens of entertainment clubs in Melrose.”

“It’s 2:10 AM now and everyone is still in plain clothes. It won’t suffice to continue waiting.”

“Give it more time.” He frowned. “They will definitely come.”

Tessa squatted even lower. The thermometer in her hand read that tonight’s temperature was currently 5 Fahrenheit. Under such circumstances, if they continued their ambush mission without moving at all, they would all be in deep trouble.

“This can’t be.” Then, she spoke into her earpiece, “Hey, John.”

After a few beeps, John’s voice rang in her earpiece. “Roger. Please give instructions, Tessa.”

“Why don’t you bring the rest of them to retreat first? The temperature will only drop even further and we didn’t wear our warm clothes either. In order to prevent any accidents from occurring, bring them back first.”

“What about you, Tessa?”

“I’ll wait for them here. If there’s anything, I’ll inform you.” Tessa knew what John’s response would be, so she immediately added, “Cut the c**p. Just take my orders and retreat. Quickly leave.”

He could only reply to her, “Roger.”

Now that it was nightfall, they couldn’t see anyone around. However, the rest of their team from the Blue Eagles Program retreated five minutes later, leaving only Tessa—their leader—and Oliver waiting in the washroom.

“Are you cold?” She shot a glance at him. “If you are freezing, you can head back to take a rest. I’ll wait around here. Since the morning is arriving soon, I guess no one will be coming.”

“No.” Oliver sounded as though he was in denial. “You can just leave with the rest of the team. I have already told you that it’s enough for me to stand guard alone.”

“Are you done?” Tessa looked annoyed as she chastised him in a low voice, “I can take the risk with you, but I have to be responsible toward my team. They can’t bet on their lives based on your decision. Oliver, don’t you think you just want to be a hero? After this case, I’ll report you to the higher-ups.”

“Suit yourself. No matter what, I won’t be in the same team as you for the next training.”

“You…” She was so enraged that she could not speak clearly. After a while, she kept her gun away and huffed, “Fine. Since you don’t want to be in the same team as me, I’ll return now to apply for your transfer. You can go to Kyoto as I’ve had enough of your games. I must be out of my mind to suffer with you here in the cold.”

With that, she really gathered all of her items and left without a second glance.

Oliver gritted his teeth. His face was so cold that he had turned slightly purple. After waiting for another half an hour, he couldn’t withstand both the cold and hunger, so he reached into his pocket and felt something hard.

He took it out and realized that it was a packet of hardtack.

Upon that sight, he froze and subconsciously looked with a conflicted feeling at the direction in which Tessa left.

It was easy to understand why she had arrived at such a decision. After all, they were merely undergoing training as students. Both the university and the military had already done a good job on the safety precautions, so it was impossible for anyone to be injured. However, since they found an opportunity to catch the real drug dealers, they decided to take advantage of the loopholes.

While Oliver was deep in his thoughts, he heard the sirens blaring and its noise was especially loud in the night.

The area outside the warehouse was full of snow whereby the street lights had brightly lit up the entire area. A white van stopped at the entrance before two burly men emerged from the driver and front passenger seats. Then, three more people alighted from the backseats to open the retractable door of the warehouse.

“Guys, after this deal, we can all prepare to head home and celebrate the new year.”

“Hey, the amount of our bonuses depends on this. If we are doing this line of work, I would like to work with Alfie since he is the most trustworthy.”

“I don’t mind following Alfie. He is reporting to other people too, so the exact amount of our bonus actually depends on them.”

“Who is Alfie reporting to?”

As the group of burly men chatted with each other, another figure emerged from the van in a black raincoat and had shielded his identity by wearing a pair of sunglasses and a mask.

“Alright. Stop chatting and quickly move the stocks out. This is the last batch,” the man said coldly.

“Hey, are you afraid now?” One of the burly men scoffed. “In our industry, we work with courage. Why are you doing this when you are so timid? If you are really afraid, you can quit.”

“If any one of you says any more rubbish, all of you can just leave.”

“Hey, what are you complaining about?”

Upon seeing that they were about to start a fight among themselves, Oliver frowned as he wondered when he should attack.

If they were to fight, he wouldn’t be able to sustain a punch from them. However, he was already well prepared with the opportunity to strike for this mission.

The man in the black raincoast was eventually chased out by the group of burly men, so he walked toward the washroom.

Oliver crouched against the corner of the wall as he prepared his dagger and bandage soaked with medication. As soon as the man entered, Oliver grabbed hold of his neck and covered his mouth with the bandage. He fell limp after struggling for about five seconds.

“Trash.” Oliver clicked his tongue and pulled the mask from the man’s face. However, he froze when he saw who the man was.

He was Mr. Vinsmoke from the Sakura Group.

Oliver had previously discovered that Mr. Vinsmoke was dealing drugs with James, but never expected that Mr. Vinsmoke would be personally involved in the cartel. I guess he is being really careful.

After changing into Mr. Vinsmoke’s clothes, Oliver tied the man and hid him in the storeroom of the washroom. Then, he walked out alone in the black raincoat and blatantly approached the opposite warehouse.

It was still snowing outside, and when the snow fell on Oliver, he looked like he was about to seek his revenge in the snow.

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