One Night Surprise Chapter 327

Chapter 327 It’s Snowing

With a smile on her face, Courtney touched the tip of Jordan’s nose. “What if I don’t consider marrying your father? Then, you won’t be able to see me in the future.”

Upon hearing that, his expression instantly changed whereby he yanked her arms and climbed on her. “Mommy, you can’t do this.”

She hugged him and patted his back in helplessness. “I was just joking.”

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As Courtney originally thought that Jordan would say something, he leaned against her shoulder instead and replied in a muffled voice, “It’s fine if you don’t want Daddy, but you can’t abandon me.”

When William and Alicia heard that, they both laughed out loud.

Alicia meaningfully looked at Alexander and joked, “Even though you’re the one who brought Jordan up, he’s much closer to Courtney in these six months. To be downright honest, if you treat Courtney badly in the future, it’s highly likely that your son will take her side instead of yours.”

Scott could tell that her words were said in jest, so he didn’t treat it seriously and chuckled. “In the future, if Alexander wrongs Courtney, she will stay in the Duncan Family while we chase him out. I don’t have such an embarrassing grandson.”

Since he was the b**t of everyone’s jokes, Alexander’s face darkened as he stared at Jordan and insisted, “Come here, Jordan.”

However, Jordan continued to remain in Courtney’s embrace and returned his father’s glare. “You are fierce, Daddy. Mommy won’t like you like this,” he said with a snort.

Everyone else exchanged glances before they burst out laughing in unison.

Now that she was surrounded by the family’s warmth, she clearly noticed the morose cloud in Alicia’s eyes dispersing as Alicia seemed to have accepted the Duncan Family.

Once dinner was done, Scott had personally seen William and Alicia off at the door. His attitude was clearly indicative of how much the Duncan Family valued Courtney.

“It’s okay. You can go inside now since the wind is quite strong out here.”

Alicia waved to them from the car and asked them to head back, but a stubborn Courtney stood by the door until the vehicle turned into a black dot and vanished into the night. Only then did she go back inside the house.

As it was quite late, she stayed the night at the Duncans’ ancestral home. It was without a doubt that the two kids were the happiest and even wanted to sleep in the same room as her. She and the kids had entirely occupied the bed while Alexander discussed business matters with Scott in the study.

Courtney held each of them in her arms as she told them bedtime stories before they slept.

“There was a white rabbit and a black b***y in the past who met in a forest…”

Scott had finished reading the documents in front of him late into the night. Apart from being furious, there was also a solemn expression on his face. “Since you have already shown me this, I bet you have already done something, haven’t you?”

As soon as he heard the question, Alexander straightened his posture on the other end of the study table and nodded.

“Yes, I’ve already taken action. If I’m not mistaken, the reason why his evil deeds have not been exposed is because someone is protecting him from behind the scenes. I’ve kept it a secret for the time being while I asked Josh to look into the matter.”

“Have you discovered who that person is?”

“Nelson Abott from the police force.”

As soon as Scott heard that, he took a deep breath and slammed his fist into the table as he swore, “That b*stard.”

Back when Nelson was still working in the Criminal Investigation Department, he had carried a lot of favors for the Duncan Family. It was Scott who used his connections to get Nelson promoted some time later. Now that he had made a name for himself, no one expected him to have the nerve to be involved in drug cartels and keep the crime a secret.

Alexander added solemnly, “He is now the biggest drug lord in Melrose City. Hence, once the case in East Melrose is reported by the media, he will be notified of it. Even though he might not be able to suppress it by then, I’m worried that he will deliberately release some news to allow those pivotal people involved to escape.”

Knowing how serious the matter was, Scott frowned deeply. Even though he wanted to help James as a family member, he knew that it would not work out.

After a while, he said in a low voice, “When that happens, try to keep his relationship with our family as distant as possible. Don’t let someone like him destroy the good reputation of Sunhill Enterprise.”

“Got it,” Alexander firmly replied.

Since he had already passed the matter to Oliver to handle, he had already meant to resolve it privately. This was one of the main reasons why he didn’t want to officially report the incident.

Once that happened, the police would have no choice but to release James’ name. As the current president of the Sunhill Enterprise, he would definitely drag the company with him, thereafter causing the share prices to fluctuate. However, if Oliver manages this incident, it would be much easier as they could avoid reporting James’ name.

Alexander left the study to return to his room when the discussion with Scott ended.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Courtney and the two children in bed sound asleep.

Tina cuddled her sheep plushie as she lay on Courtney’s left arm and had also kicked her blanket away whereas Jordan was on Courtney’s right arm and in a deep sleep. In the short moment that I’m away, these two kids have already taken my place.

When Alexander recalled the dinner earlier, he felt aggrieved upon the thought that the two kids didn’t take his side at all. As he watched them asleep like pieces of dead wood, his eyes flickered.

Although Courtney was also sound asleep, she vaguely felt someone taking the weight off her arms. Then, she quickly snuggled into the blanket.

She turned and scooted into a familiar embrace.

Initially, she was having a good dream, but she heard a low voice saying, “It’s snowing outside.”

“Let it be…” she responded with a pout since she was too lazy to move.

The sentence took some time to sink in before she suddenly opened her eyes and asked in shock, “It’s snowing?!”

When she suddenly lifted her head, she knocked into Alexander’s chin. He couldn’t stop himself from grunting because of the impact. Then, he touched his chin and nodded. “Yeah, it just started snowing.”

Courtney didn’t care about his complicated expression of trying to suppress the pain; she quickly pushed the blanket aside to run to the windows while in her pajamas.

With a loud sound, the sound of the curtains being yanked to the side rang clearly in the room.

There was a heavy snowfall outside the window that landed on the spot below the dim lamppost, in between the dried branches, and on the stone pavement. It was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen since she returned to Melrose City.

“Where’s my phone?” Just as Courtney was about to dive into the bed to search for her phone, she found herself diving into a warm flannel blanket instead.

Alexander held the edges of the blanket and as a result, he had completely wrapped her up.

As he hugged her, he chastised, “Your clothes are so thin. Are you planning to catch a cold?”

“It’s not cold at all.” Courtney blinked. “The heater is switched on, anyway. Let me take my phone now. I want to take a picture to show Cameron.”

“Why do you always want to show her everything? If you are able to escape from my embrace, go ahead.” Alexander looked jealous.

“You said so yourself.”

With that, she gave a mischievous smile. From beneath the blanket, she stretched her arms toward his waist.

Of all the places on the lower part of his body, the only ticklish area was his waist. This was something that she had discovered after repeated practical experiments whereby she would always manage to tickle him.

Before Courtney could even stretch her hand out, the blanket suddenly tightened around her. She raised her head and saw Alexander’s vindictive expression—he was clearly prepared this time.

She panicked and said, “You can’t do this. I dare you to loosen your grip on the blanket.”

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