One Night Surprise Chapter 326

Chapter 326 Mom Will Be Happy for Me

“Don’t worry, you can count on me. No matter what James has done or what he’s planning to do, all his plans will be ruined once the newspaper reports about the drug cartel.” Oliver’s confident voice rang from the phone.

Alexander nodded thoughtfully. “In that case, be careful.”

“Don’t you worry. What could go wrong anyway? I have the future special troops with me—they are the strongest in school. I’m sure we can catch them this time.”

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After hanging up the call, Alexander looked at the huge pile of documents in front of him with a cold expression. Over the years, even though James never had a formal position in Sunhill Enterprise, all the evil deeds that he had committed were done here.

“Young Master.” A maid knocked on his door. “Miss Hunter and her family have arrived and they’re chatting with Old Master Duncan at the forecourt. Would you like to have dinner soon, or shall we wait for a while?”

Alexander nodded. “You may start preparing now.” With that, he rose to leave the kitchen and walked toward the yard. He could even hear them chatting before he arrived at the door.

“Courtney grew up in the Somerfield Family before leaving for the Hunter Family. To me and my wife, she is as good as my daughter.”

The speaker was, without a doubt, Courtney’s uncle, William Somerfield.

After Alexander had an honest discussion with Courtney the last time, she finally treated this matter with all seriousness. Hence, when Scott wanted to meet her family, she no longer rejected him and agreed to his request.

As William had a rather unique identity, making it inconvenient for him to show up in public, they had arranged for him to have a meal in the Duncans’ ancestral home instead. The plan was only agreed after they discussed it with him and Alicia.

Scott spoke in a loud and cheerful voice, “That’s right. Both of them have similar experiences as kids. Since young, Alexander didn’t grow up with his parents as well. Instead, he grew up with me, which turned him into a cold and indifferent person. After so many years, I have never seen him fall in love with other women except for Courtney. He has fallen for her and I have taken a liking to her myself. Don’t you think that fate has brought us together?”

Courtney sat next to her aunt, Alicia. As there was no opportunity for her to join the conversation at moments like this, she merely watched William and Alicia have small talk with Scott as the three elders tried to gauge what the other family was like.

Alicia was obviously quite dissatisfied with the Duncan Family. Ever since she arrived, she looked stony and didn’t speak much to Scott.

Just as Courtney started panicking, she saw a familiar figure by the door and quickly stood up. “Alexander.”

Everyone looked toward the direction of the door as well.

“Alexander’s here. Come here, Alex.” Scott waved to Alexander in displeasure. “Why did you only arrive after so long? It’s been a while since Courtney’s uncle and aunt have arrived.”

Alexander did not bother to provide an explanation as he sat next to Scott. His seating position was directly across Courtney with a long tray of teapots and teacups between them. Upon noticing the message she was trying to send with her facial expression, he frowned.

“The kitchen is preparing the meal now. I’m sure we can eat soon. Should I ask the kids to come down first?” As he wasn’t used to breaking the silence, it took a lot out of him to say such words.

Alicia shot a glance at Alexander before responding coldly, “There’s no need to hurry. It’s as clear as day that you don’t usually take care of the children. If the kids are here when the food is not ready, they won’t be able to wait long. They’ll make a mess when it’s really time to dig in.”

He was immediately at a loss of words as the atmosphere tensed up. Courtney cleared her throat. “Aunt Alicia, Tina and Jordan are obedient kids and seldom throw tantrums.”

“How can that be?” Alicia looked at her. “Kids who throw tantrums when they are younger are smarter. I see that both of them are quite lively at my place. Why are they so well behaved here? Don’t tell me that the rules here are too strict and so many that they have to dumbly follow them.”

When Scott heard this, he was exceptionally displeased. “Without rules, they will not be successful. Alexander was raised with rules as well. On top of that, the kids are no longer young—they are almost six years old. How could we allow them to behave in a coltish manner?”

“Mr. Duncan, I think you might be wrong this time,” Alicia spoke steadily as she looked at Scott. “You just mentioned that you were the one who brought Alexander up and he is quite cold and indifferent. You can’t implement your set of rules on Tina since she grew up abroad. So, I think it’s better if she comes back to my place after the meal so that she can relax afterward.”

If what she said in the beginning tested his limits, her current words obviously taunted the old man. Fortunately, he was someone with lots of life experiences. Even though there was displeasure on his face, he chose to remain silent.

As if to relieve the tense situation and prevent the conversation from turning awkward, it was at this moment when someone from the kitchen told them that the meal was ready.

Before the meal, Courtney pulled Alicia into the yard. “Aunt Alicia, what are you doing? Why are you suddenly saying these things? You made the atmosphere quite awkward. And why do you want to bring Tina away?”

“What do you know?” Alicia knocked on Courtney’s forehead. “You better keep a distance from the Duncan Family before marriage, especially the kids. Let me advise you—before marrying Alexander, you better take care of Tina yourself. If you don’t have the time, you can bring her over to me. Don’t let them think that you have brought a burden with you.”

Courtney was delighted to hear that. “You’re worried that they might look down on me because I’m bringing a child along?”

“If they dare to do so, I’ll teach them a lesson! They should look at themselves—Alexander has a kid himself too!” When Alicia stood up for Courtney, the latter felt a surge of warmth in her heart. She hugged Alicia’s arm and affectionately leaned toward her aunt. “Well, since he also has a kid, it makes things fair for both parties. Hence, you don’t have to complain about this anymore.”

“So it’s true; when a daughter gets married, she’ll forget her own family indeed. You haven’t even married him, yet you are already taking his side,” an exasperated Alicia noted as she lovingly pinched Courtney’s cheek. “If I don’t do this, they will think that you are easily bullied. If your mom in Heaven knows this, she won’t be happy.”

Courtney subconsciously looked to the sky and saw the countless stars. “I’m sure that won’t happen. If Mom knows this, she will be happy for me.”

It wasn’t easy for her and Alexander to be where they were today; it was as if they were fated to endure many tribulations over the course of six years to be finally together. She even decided that she would eventually come clean with the truth.

When it was time for dinner, Alicia’s tense expression had noticeably calmed down a lot, mostly because of what Courtney had said earlier. Apart from that, it was probably the result of the two kids around who continued to make the adults laugh. Since it was a peaceful and happy atmosphere, there was nothing for Alicia to complain about.

After dinner, Tina came to the table while the rest of them chatted with each other. Then, she suddenly asked, “Great-Aunt Alicia, is Mommy going to marry Mr. Alexander?”

Alicia looked at Tina and asked gently, “What’s wrong? Do you think it’s not good?”

“I guess it’s fine.” Tina deliberately gave Alexander a sideway glance. “The number of people who want to marry my mommy will reach France if they line up. It all depends on how Mr. Alexander’s performance is if he wants to marry her.”

Alexander immediately shot a glance at Jordan, hoping that the boy would save the situation for him. Looking as if he understood what Alexander meant, Jordan pulled Courtney’s hand and seriously advised, “That’s right, Mommy. You should… seriously consider it.”

Alexander’s expression immediately changed as he felt that he had raised an ungrateful b*stard.

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