One Night Surprise Chapter 325

Chapter 325 Settle the Old and New Grudges Together

Leon arduously raised his head to look at the chair that was only a meter away from him.

He could not see what material the chair was made of, although he noticed that it was silver with colorful wires. On its right were two pipes that were connected to a bucket of water.

Almost instantaneously, his facial expression changed. “What are you doing?”

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“You are a model who has to walk on stage. If you lose your legs, what else can you do for the rest of your life?”

Josh’s face was dark as he grabbed Leon by the collar and dragged the man to the chair.

“Let me go!” Leon screamed and thrashed violently. However, he was wrapped like a cocoon with a rucksack and some ropes. As he could not move an inch, he could only allow Josh to drag him for around half a meter.

“Alright, alright. I’ll say…” Leon yelled in panic as his voice echoed in the entire basement. “It was James who asked me to go to Courtney’s place and take a few pictures to illustrate that she slept with me. Nothing happened between both of us, though. I only drugged her so that she would fall asleep and took the pictures thereafter to send them to James.”

Josh frowned and turned to look at Alexander.

There was no need to question James’ motive for such an action—he clearly wanted to s****h the shares of the Hunter Group from Courtney.

Alexander’s expression was extremely cold in the dim lights as he took a few steps forward to step on Leon’s face. “If you did something to her, you won’t even be here to speak.”

“Let me go. I’m also being forced to do this.”

“President Duncan.”

If Leon was killed, Josh was worried that it could spell more trouble for them, so he tried to warn Alexander. “Since we already have our answer, let’s forget it.”

After withdrawing his foot, Alexander coldly answered, “You don’t need to do anything. Just hand him over to the two guys outside. They’ll know what to do.”

Josh heaved a sigh of relief. As long as he didn’t have to do it with his own hands, it was fine.

After all, Leon was not a good person either.

Moments after they walked out of the basement, they instructed the two fighters inside on the next course of action. A tragic scream was heard shortly after before the place quickly became silent again.

As to what the two fighters had done to Leon, it was something Josh didn’t even dare to imagine.

“President Duncan, what should we do now?”

Alexander was seated in the backseat of the vehicle. The rearview mirror reflected his indifferent expression as he slowly expressed, “We’ll settle the old and new grudges together.”

In the past, he was doing Scott a favor by feigning that he was unaware of the things that James had done. Apart from that, Alexander didn’t have the time to manage the company, hence he didn’t have any problem handing the business to James. However, now that James had touched someone whom he shouldn’t have, the situation was different


Now that New Year’s Eve was around the corner, the Public Security University within the Campus City of Melrose had officially started their training.

After Oliver obtained his badge number, he sewed it on the inside of his uniform solemnly. In case of any accidents during the training, it was the only way to confirm his identity.

“Hey, weakling.”

Tessa’s voice rang from behind him. Before he could even return to his senses, a strong hand patted on his shoulder and the force was so strong that he almost spat out some blood.


She acted as though she didn’t hear it and continued with her words seriously, “Once we are out of the military region, just follow behind me.”

It took Oliver a lot of strength to push her aside. “Who will be following behind you? And what did you call me? Do you even remember my code name? I’m Phoenix.”

Tessa looked at him in disdain as she slung a practice gun over her shoulder. “Oh, forget it. Just accept that you are a weakling. Even when I’m on my menses, my record of doing a cross country run with weights is still better than your best record. The information from your intel group is pretty much useless for training like these. I mean, Melrose City is such a small place—we can just conduct a full search by brute force.”

He was annoyed upon hearing that. “Sure, you can do that in Melrose City, but when it comes to war, try searching the entire world without our intel!”

As she arched her eyebrow, she responded, “I don’t disagree with that, but this time around, you can just follow me.”

“I won’t.” Oliver shook her off. “I have something else to do this time. Since you guys don’t need the intel group, I’ll just do my own thing then.”

“Oh, no. This can’t work.” Tessa chased after him. “You can’t leave the team like this.”

“Aren’t you going to conduct a manual search? I’ll take East Melrose. You can arrange for others to head somewhere else.”

“There’s nothing to look for in East Melrose. There are too many people there, so you won’t locate anything. Go to Westpark.”

“I insist on going to East Melrose.”

Upon seeing Oliver’s insistence, Tessa looked puzzled. “Why do you insist on going there? Is there something going on in East Melrose?”

“Of course.” He raised an eyebrow. “There is a drug cartel hiding there. Do you believe me?”

“Nonsense. If there really is, why didn’t you report it?”

“I suspect they have relations with the narcotics, so I plan to attack them myself and ambush all of them.”

When Tessa first heard his words, she thought Oliver was pulling her leg. However, as he provided her with more details, her expression slowly changed. “You are fooling around.”

“No one’s doing that with you.”

“No, I’ll have to report this.”

“Hey, you are not allowed to do that.” He pulled her back. “I already told you that you can’t do that. I have to do it myself.”

“Are you nuts?” Tessa’s face darkened. “This is only a training and the few spots that they have arranged are fake. We don’t even have real bullets in our guns. What if something happens? Don’t forget that we still have other team members apart from you. What if they attack the real hiding spot of the drug cartel and think that it was a part of the training?”

“That’s why I asked you to let me handle East Melrose,” Oliver said seriously. “Once we are assigned to each district, they won’t simply enter other people’s districts. Apart from that, I have confidence that we are about to catch the head of the drug cartel. I’m not looking for credits; I just want to catch them once and for all.”

Upon hearing his words, she froze. When he spoke, she couldn’t help following his train of thoughts each time. When they had asked the outstanding students to give a speech at the beginning of the semester, it was his speech that made her notice him.

To her, even though Oliver was quite weak and couldn’t even win a fight against a woman, he was a real man.

“Sure.” Tessa frowned. “I have a request, though.”

“Say it.”

As she was their team commander, his plan could be considered half a success if he gained her approval. His eyes immediately brightened as he never expected that it’d be a piece of cake to convince her.

“I’ll head to East Melrose with you.”

With that, Oliver’s expression froze.

Tessa continued, “After we have arrived at East Melrose, you’ll need approval for all of the actions that you want to take. You have to take my orders. You know the nature of the army—you must follow all orders, no questions asked.”

He frowned. Even though he didn’t like this, he unwillingly nodded in agreement.

After the pep rally, the students involved in the current training went their separate ways. She arranged the different areas for her teammates and selected two more people to follow her and Oliver to East Melrose.

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