One Night Surprise Chapter 324

Chapter 324 I Don’t Know Anything

It was only after a long time that Courtney found her voice. “Why are you suddenly telling me this?”

She did not know about Alexander’s drastic mood changes before he met her in the hospital. Though he was usually a man of few words, he used up his entire reservoir of patience when it came to her to try to stabilize their already rocky relationship.

Looking at her, he asked, “If I didn’t tell you this, what would you say to me? That we should break up?”

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Courtney was at a loss of words yet again.

He’s right. Every time when both of us encounter any issues, my first reaction is to retreat.

The golden principle of her life was to cut her losses as early as possible, and she had been doing that for the past two decades.

She wanted to weigh the pros and cons, and between Alexander and her two children, she chose the latter.

Between her career and him, she chose the former.

In the future, if she would need to make such a decision between him or family and friends, she would choose the former without any hesitations.

Alexander was her love life, but to her, love was the least prioritized.

What is the cause of this?

After pondering this for a long time, Courtney finally replied, “The truth always hurts and reality is always ugly. Sometimes, lying to ourselves is also something good. But if you really mind this, I’m sorry to tell you that be it Tina or my friends and family, to me they are more important than lovers. It’s the same for you when you can’t compare Jordan with me. Please don’t take such matters to force me to make a choice. There’s no meaning to this.”

“What if I don’t mind?”

Alexander looked at her, but his expression had never changed from the beginning.

Ever since he prepared himself for this conversation, he was already mentally prepared. After all, he knew very well what Courtney was like.

All the rules that he would not break, he had broken all of them when it came to her.

Courtney froze, and she was even slightly flustered and uneasy. “W-What did you say?”

“I don’t mind that I’m the least prioritized, but you must have me in your life.”

He looked arrogant and haughty, the same way he had looked when he first helped her out in the elevator, but Courtney did not understand what he just told her.

Staying still, Alexander looked at her and waited for her reply.

When it came to love, the rules that he once thought were rigid turned out to be breakable for her, apart from one—he must be present in her life. He could not compromise on this.

“I got it.”

Courtney’s initial cold limbs slowly became warmer and warmth filled her eyes as she looked back at this man in front of her.

No matter how many misunderstandings and problems they had, she knew one thing for sure—she was really important to him.

“Are you certain?”

Alexander looked at her.


“Then why don’t you come closer?” His low voice reverberated in the room.

Courtney froze for a moment before the chair slid across the ground and she walked to him. Alexander then pulled her into his arms.

It feels really nice to be pulled into a warm embrace by surprise in this cold winter.

Three days later, after Alexander sent Courtney to the office, he received a call from Josh.

“President Duncan, I brought him back.”

In three days, Josh went to Melbourne without any breaks and used up all his connections. Finally, he found Leon and ignored all of the other man’s protests, successfully bringing him back to the country.

“Bring him to the warehouse to the west of the city,” Alexander instructed coldly. After hanging up the call, he slammed his feet onto the accelerator and entered the highway to go to the west side of the city.

Even though Courtney had not told him what happened that night, the surveillance cameras from the hotel showed Leon sending her into a room. Not long after that, he was the only one walking out of the room. Hence, no matter what he did or what he was about to do, Leon definitely knew something.

The west warehouse was a deserted warehouse used to place some unwanted stuff from Sunhill Enterprise. There was a deep basement underneath the warehouse which was damp and dark. Under the flickering light, a man with chestnut colored hair found himself being splashed with cold water.

He jolted and came to his senses.

“Who are you guys?”

He cowered backward in trepidation as his entire body shivered.

Two men, who looked like fighters, were wearing black jackets. One of them had a bucket in his hand while the other had an electric baton. They blocked most of the light.

“Who are we?” The man who was holding the bucket laughed coldly and maniacally. “The devil.”

“No matter how much money you want, I’ll give it to you. Did Mr. Corbyn instruct you to do this? Was he the one? But I already returned all the money.”

“Mr. Corbyn?” The man holding the electric baton stared at him and crouched as he poked his waist with it.

“Who is Mr. Corbyn?”

Leon was so startled that he let out a scream. “If you guys are not sent by Mr. Corbyn, what grudges do we have with each other?”

“You know how to return money to the people you owe, but some things can’t be settled by money. You are extremely unlucky.”

The burly man threw the bucket aside and it landed with a loud thud. As the dust rose from the ground, the door of the basement was opened with a click. A brightly polished shoe then stepped on the concrete staircase.

Panicked, Leon quickly looked in that direction. When he saw the latest arrival, he looked utterly defeated.

“It’s you…”

Alexander stood in front of Leon, looking down at the latter as if he was as insignificant as an ant. “It seems like you know me.”

Leon shivered when he heard that.

“You’re Alexander Duncan, the ex-president of the Sunhill Enterprise and the young master of the Duncan Family. Who doesn’t know you?”

The burly man next to him took a clean chair over, but Alexander raised his hand to indicate that there was no need for this. And so, he stood aside silently.

Josh then walked over from behind Alexander and shot a glance at the two burly men. “You guys can leave now. I’ll handle this from here.”

“Okay.” They nodded. “Call us if you need anything.”


The door of the basement was closed again. Under the dim lights, shadows were moving on the ground.

“Do you know why you are here?” Josh squatted in front of Leon and pulled the strings that tied him up firmly.

Leon gritted his teeth. “I don’t know. It’s illegal for you to kidnap me.”

“In Melrose City, everything that the Duncan Family says is the law.” Josh looked at him coldly. “Since I can get you here from Melbourne, do you think I’ll be afraid of this? You better come clean to us and answer our questions honestly.”

“I don’t know. I did nothing.”

Leon was so cold that his face looked grayish.

It was winter in December, but he only wore a T-shirt and shorts. It was obvious that he was brought here in a rucksack from the sunny Melbourne, and he was already numb from the cold.

“Didn’t you send the email?” Josh continued to stare at him fixedly. “What happened that night?”

Leon’s heart sank and his gaze became nervous.

Thinking back to what James had warned him, he gritted his teeth and denied vehemently, “I don’t know anything.”

Upon seeing his stubbornness, Josh stood up with indifference and pointed at the chair.

“Do you know what this is?”

Leon remained silent.

“I can answer that question for you. You are going to sit on the chair with your lower body firmly on the ground. Then, you are going to be showered in cold water and electrified. How long do you think your legs can last below the freezing point?”

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