One Night Surprise Chapter 323

Chapter 323 There Are Some Things That I Can’t Find Out

As the male doctor spoke, he handed Courtney a white handkerchief. “This is clean; it hasn’t been used.”

Courtney thanked him and took the handkerchief to wipe her face before she explained, “No, I just sent an injured person over, so I thought to stay and help.”

“But you seem rather skillful at it. Are you a medical student?”

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Courtney looked young, but her pink coat and her hair that was put up when she was helping around made her seem especially like a student today.

Upon hearing that, she shook her head and denied, “I’m not a medical student.” The light in her eyes dimmed when she said that.

“I don’t think so.” On the contrary, the male doctor had a gleam in his gaze. “You must have studied medicine. Judging from your skills and the way you assessed the patient’s injuries, I’m a hundred percent positive that you studied medicine. Which hospital are you working in? We are in the industry where we save lives, so any hospital makes no difference.”

“I’m really not a medical student,” Courtney repeated helplessly. “I supposed that those who got injured in the accident at the elevated bridge are all here. I should leave. You should head in to assist them.”

Only then did the doctor return to his senses and hop off the ambulance. After taking two steps, he suddenly turned and asked, “Do you mind giving me your number?”

Before Courtney could even answer, a deep male voice was heard from behind the doctor. “Courtney, I’ve been looking for you for some time. Let’s head home.”

Stunned, the male doctor looked back and found a slender figure that was taller than him by at least half a head. Although the man was half a meter away, he exuded an imposing aura.

Well, this is not surprising. A beautiful and kind woman like her must have been taken! The dispirited male doctor then sighed and left the scene.

Meanwhile, Courtney, who was standing at the back door of the ambulance, felt a tightness in her chest the moment she laid her eyes on Alexander and she instantly straightened her back.

She had a shocked look in her eyes as she didn’t expect him to show up here. “Why are you here?”

Alexander stepped forward and didn’t explain much. “Let’s go home. We can talk after you get changed and eat.”

Courtney lowered her head and saw the blood stains on her clothes, so she nodded.

The two of them avoided bringing up the disagreement that had happened in the hotel that morning, keeping quiet throughout their way home in the cab.

As soon as they arrived home, Courtney took a set of clean clothes and entered the bathroom. The smell of hospital disinfectants and blood on her coat was gradually replaced by the fragrance of the shower gel in the bathroom.

Warm water rinsed away the foam on her back, and she seemed to fall in a daze.

She suspected that Alexander might want to talk to her about breaking up, since he had mentioned before he left the hotel in the morning that whether they break up or not would be his decision to make.

When Courtney opened the door to exit the bathroom after showering, she was greeted by the smell of food. She was stunned for a second before she headed out of the room while wiping her hair.

There were many dishes on the dining table.

“Sit down and eat.” Alexander took two bowls from the kitchen and served her a bowl of soup.

Bemused, she raised her head and glanced at the clock that had both hands at the number twelve. “It’s 12.00 AM. Are we having supper?”

“It’s dinner.” He handed her a fork and a spoon as he asked, “Have you eaten dinner?”

She shook her head, quietly sipping her soup with her head bowed before she mumbled, “How did you know?”

“Natasha told me.”

“That girl is quite loquacious, isn’t she?” Courtney frowned and added, “What else did she tell you?”

“She said that the patient who died in the operating room after the doctors failed to save her isn’t you.”

Courtney froze. She slowly lifted her head.

The ceiling lights were not switched on, so the only light source was the standing light beside the dining table. The dim lighting, coupled with the fact that Alexander had been keeping his head bowed the whole time, caused her to not realize that his eyes were bloodshot, resembling someone who had been staying up for a long time without resting.

“What happened?” She was confused, but she could roughly gauge the reason he had shown up at the hospital.

Alexander drew a deep breath. “Eat first. We’ll talk after you eat.”

“Talk about what?” Courtney was anxious as she thought, About us breaking up?

“About all the problems we have had between us ever since we met. We’ll talk things out and everything will be fine.”

“What if things don’t work out between us?” She sat up straight, looking at him with her brows furrowed. After a moment of hesitation, she blurted the question. “Are you going to break up with me?”

Her gut instincts told her that Alexander was acting way too calm at the moment, and his extreme calmness made her feel scared.

The words ‘break-up’ were uttered in a loud and clear manner, causing an obvious crease to appear between Alexander’s brows as he tried to conceal the hint of rage in his eyes.

“Eat first.” He wanted to talk to her about everything but breaking up.

“I’m not hungry.” She frowned, insisting on listening to what he had to say first.

However, the moment she said that, Courtney could hear her stomach uncooperatively making a weird sound. It sounded particularly clear in the empty room, so she coughed once awkwardly.

Alexander darted her a glance and turned to serve her a bowl of rice. “Eat.”

Screw him and whatever he has to say! Courtney sighed inwardly. Let’s break up, then. I’m tired of explaining. Filling my stomach is my top priority now.

Her body was so honest that it exposed everything. She had skipped her lunch at noon and James had pissed her off later in the afternoon, so she had been starving for quite some time now. Hence, she gobbled down the food on the table and almost cleared all the food and even the soup.

Burping, she looked down and rubbed her tummy in satisfaction. “I’m full. You can say whatever you want to say.”

Upon hearing that, Alexander looked at her. “You should know that if I wish to know anything, I don’t have to ask you directly, because I can find out anything I want.”

His attitude made Courtney frown and a hint of displeasure bubbled inside her.

He had always been arrogant and opinionated ever since she first knew him. The concept of ‘respect’ was insignificant to him as he seemed to not have the term in his dictionary.

“However, I don’t wish to find out about you from others.” The twist in this conversation was rather unexpected. Feeling rather surprised, she looked at him.

“To be honest, when it comes to things that involve you, I’d prefer that you personally tell me and share everything with me. I won’t investigate the matter even if you’re unwilling to tell me, although there are certain things that I won’t be able to find out even if I do so.”

Courtney balled her fists, suddenly feeling anxious.

“Whether you have ever loved any man other than me, how much you care about me, or why the first thing you consider whenever something happens is to give up on our relationship—these are questions that I couldn’t find out the answers to.”

At that moment, Alexander was sitting opposite her. He had always maintained a cold expression that made him seem perfectly calm and composed. Nonetheless, tiny cracks appeared in his gaze at the moment.

The cracks signified the love of his life, and they were his only weakness that he willingly revealed to the world.

“You asked me what I want to talk to you about. I think that the answer that you considered the most is breaking up, but this topic that keeps lingering in your head is the only thing that I’ve never considered.”

Courtney’s expression tensed when she heard that. Staring blankly at Alexander, she was unable to say even a word.

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