One Night Surprise Chapter 319

Chapter 319 That’s the Only Thing I Can Do

When Courtney was taking a bath, she checked her body before looking at herself in the foggy bathroom mirror. She exhaled a heavy sigh.

Although she didn’t have any impression about last night, she knew that her body wouldn’t lie to her—all the signs showed that nothing happened last night.

After bathing and putting on her clothes, she started searching for clues that would explain what happened last night. The first thing that she found was an expensive branded watch, Vacheron Constantin to be exact. It belonged to Leon if she wasn’t mistaken.

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Seems like it was Leon who sent me back to the room last night, but what about my clothes? That’s strange. Without much hesitation, she gave Leon a call.

The ringtone played for a long time before the call was picked up, but the first thing that she heard was the announcement in an airport.

“Leon, where are you?” Courtney asked with a frown.

“At the airport.”

Leon’s voice was way colder than usual and his tone was low, as if he had turned into a different person. “I’m waiting to board the plane. We will be allowed to board in five minutes. I’ve been waiting for your call.”

Upon hearing that, Courtney froze. “What do you mean? What happened last night?”

“Nothing happened. This is the only thing I could do.” From his tone, she could tell that it was tough for him to say this. “Courtney, I can’t tell you much, but you will know soon. All I can say is that I’m really sorry.”

“What?” Courtney intended to ask further but Leon had hung up, and all she heard was a busy tone when she tried to call back.

At the airport gate, Leon glanced at his phone. There was a notification that showed that a sum of money had been transferred to his bank account. He let out a bitter laugh of self-mockery before his assistant reminded him that he should queue up to prepare for boarding. In the end, he exhaled a heavy breath and switched off his phone, thereafter removing his SIM card and throwing it into a trash can.

He supposed that he wouldn’t come to Melrose City ever again.

The plane cut through the sky of Melrose City. Some people impatiently fled, while those who were left behind had no choice but to face the situation head on.


After Courtney checked out of the hotel, she received Natasha’s call. The latter told Courtney that there was a signing of a contract of a business deal, which she had finally managed to close after a long negotiation, happening in the afternoon. Courtney had to head straight to the golf course located at the outskirts of Melrose City, where the signing of the agreement would be held.

Hence, she directly went home to shower again and changed into another set of clothes.

When she was carefully applying makeup in front of a mirror, looking at her own face that was exquisitely adorned with makeup made her realize that she had become stronger as time passed; she was able to remain calm even after something like that had happened.

Truth was, her thoughts were simple—it was no big deal since nothing had happened.

At 2.00 PM, Courtney arrived at the entrance of the Greenville Golf and Country Club when she saw Natasha surveying her surroundings.

“I’m here.” Courtney rolled down her car window and waved at Natasha.

The latter jogged over and got into the car. All the vehicles that entered and exited the golf course had to be registered, so Natasha wasn’t able to enter on her own and had to wait for Courtney’s arrival.

From the entrance, there was still quite a long drive to their destination.

“Have you waited for a long time?”

Natasha buckled up her seatbelt and replied, “No. I’ve just arrived too. The company had been trying to close this deal with Hermès for a long time to the point that even the sales team was a little discouraged. This morning, though, I suddenly received a call from them. They said that they have reviewed our latest quotation and they agreed to sign the contract.”

“Did they mention anything else? I heard that Hermès is a tough nut to crack when it comes to doing business with them, especially with their evaluation team. Did they request to visit our office?” Courtney asked in puzzlement, to which Natasha shook her head. “No, which is what surprised me as well. If they send an evaluation team to inspect the company, it will take a long time before all the documents go through their different management levels until they finally agree to work with us and arrange for the factory production to begin. By then, I’m afraid that the whole process would delay the contract signing until next year.”

Courtney darted her a look. “What’s wrong? Are you afraid that you won’t get any leave? That you have to stay back and work over time even during the New Year holidays?”

“That’s not true.” Natasha chuckled. “I don’t mind, but if nobody works in the factory during the New Year holidays and it results in the delay of delivery of goods, who shall bear the consequences?”

As they chatted, the vehicle arrived at the entrance of the club in the golf course.

“Who is the person in charge from Hermès this time?” Courtney asked.

As she wasn’t involved in the case, she wasn’t clear about the details.

“It’s the assistant manager of their product development department, Adam Hyde.” After looking around and finding that nobody was near them, Natasha whispered, “He is rather strict and I find him hard to communicate with. I was surprised that he decided to sign the contract here.”

Courtney inspected her surroundings. Being the most luxurious golf course in the entire Melrose City, the Greenville Golf and Country Club wasn’t a place that anybody could enter. As the assistant manager of the product development department, it was rather bizarre that Adam would organize the contract signing to take place at a golf course instead of their own office.

However, although it was strange, it was not the only strange event in the whole world, so Courtney didn’t give it much thought and entered the club together with Natasha.

As soon as they entered the place, they spotted Adam at a lounge area not far away. The latter had a square face with a tall build and similar to what Natasha had described, he appeared strict.

Natasha introduced Courtney to him. “Mr. Hyde, this is our president, President Hunter.”

“President Hunter, I’ve heard a lot about you.” Adam held out his hand.

Meanwhile, Courtney shook his hand and murmured, “Mr. Hyde, it’s nice to meet you. Natasha has been leading the team and communicating with you, but I haven’t met you in person. How about this—let’s have dinner tonight to make up for the loss. The dinner will be on me.”

“Thank you for your kind offer, President Hunter—” Adam smiled. “—but I have a friend who is here with me at the moment to play golf, so I’m afraid that it will be inconvenient.”

“No worries, he can join us if he doesn’t mind.”

Since they were going to sign a contract, treating the contracting party to a meal was no big deal. If there were a whole bunch of people here, Courtney still had to treat all of them to a meal, let alone when Adam had only a friend.

Sure enough, Adam nodded. “Thank you, President Hunter.”

“Let’s get down to business.”

“There’s no rush.” Adam waved his hand. “The weather today is pleasant. Would you like to take a stroll around, President Hunter? Golfing in this facility is quite a nice experience.”

Before the contract was signed, she had to tolerate the contracting party. Hence, unable to reject his invitation, she had no choice but to go to the changing room with Natasha to change into a suitable outfit. When they were ready, they exited the changing room and headed to the golf course with Adam.

“Mr. Hyde, do you enjoy playing golf?” Courtney asked casually, trying to make small talk.

“My skills are average, but this friend of mine loves golfing and he is excellent at it. He taught me everything that I know, so he is considered my teacher in golfing.”

“Really?” Natasha smiled. “He could compete with President Hunter, then. President Hunter is quite skillful in playing golf too.”

Courtney had previously brought Natasha over here for some discussion and the latter had witnessed her playing. Although Natasha couldn’t play, she could tell from the amazed looks on the onlookers’ faces that Courtney was well-versed in golfing.

“That’s a good idea. My friend had been complaining that he couldn’t find anyone to compete with lately.”

Adam suddenly looked into the distance and waved. “President Duncan, over here!”

The name ‘Duncan’ echoed in Courtney’s ears for a while, making her heart skip a beat.

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