One Night Surprise Chapter 318

Chapter 318 You Don’t Get To Decide

As Courtney looked at the mechanical watch in Alexander’s hand, she felt her face gradually turn pale.

She lowered her head and wanted to lift the blanket to make sense of what was going on, but she didn’t have the courage to do so.

What happened last night? Last night…

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“Tell me who this belongs to.” Alexander’s eyes were raging with flames as he fiercely threw the watch onto the bed.

Courtney had a blanket protecting her, but the impact of the watch still hurt her ankle.

And so, she grunted and gritted her teeth. “I don’t know.”

As for what happened last night, she couldn’t remember any of it at all, and she didn’t even know when she came back to her room. She only remembered chatting with Leon on the public balcony while drinking a smoothie.


Her expression changed at that thought. “Leon.”

With a thunderous expression, Alexander brushed her forehead with his huge hand and buried his fingers into her dark hair. While grabbing her, he growled in a chilling tone with eyes filled with rage, “Where is he?!”

Courtney was so frightened by him that her shoulders trembled while she looked at him in fear.

“I’m asking you where he is!” At that point, Alexander was staring at her with almost bloodshot eyes.

“I don’t know.” She held onto the blanket tightly and stuttered, “Last night… But that’s impossible! You need to calm down. There is definitely a misunderstanding. I’ll ask the attendant.”

Just as Courtney was about to lift the blanket and get out of the bed, she suddenly realized that she was completely naked, so she clenched the corners of the blanket tightly.

Meanwhile, Alexander looked at her emotionlessly before leaning forward slightly to grab a corner of the blanket with one hand.

Her eyes instantly widened as she held the blanket tightly to cover her chest. “No!” she shouted, her eyes full of reluctance.

“Don’t you want to ask the attendant? You have to get out of bed to ask,” he uttered coldly before lifting the entire blanket with a little force.

This caused Courtney to scream and in a panic, she pulled up the rest of the bed sheet to cover her body. “Alexander Duncan, you b*stard!”

Meanwhile, Alexander stood beside the bed, his eyes full of disgust as he threw the blanket aside. The lights coming from the bathroom behind him elongated his shadow to a point where it completely engulfed her. “Before asking others, why not ask yourself what exactly have you done?”

“I told you that I don’t know anything!” Courtney roared as her eyes turned red.

After taking a deep breath, he looked at her with his cold eyes and said, “As long as you can look me in the eye and tell me that nothing happened in this room last night, I will believe you.”

Looking at the coldness in his aggressive eyes that felt as though they would sweep her away, she slowly calmed herself down. “You don’t look like you believe me,” she countered. “How did you know I’m here? How did you manage to get in? Don’t you think this is all a bit too perfectly timed? I can’t believe I jumped straight into this obvious trap!” She laughed at herself and continued, “What else do you want me to say? By the looks of it, you’ve already made your mind up on what’s going on. I don’t want to lie to you either, but I don’t even know how I got here last night. You can blame me for all this, but who else can I blame?”

If I didn’t see Belle at the party and argue with Alexander, I would not need to wander around homeless in the middle of the night, never mind meeting Leon on the way and staying in this hotel. In the end, who can I blame?

While covering herself with the bed sheet, Courtney got off the bed and picked up her clothes one by one before going into the bathroom.

However, Alexander immediately grabbed her arm and asked, “What are you saying?” Since he was now filled with rage, he wasn’t able to think carefully about the vague things she just mentioned. All he had in mind at the moment was her bare shoulders and the naked body he just saw after lifting the blanket.

“You won’t understand!” She took a deep breath and pretended to be calm. “At this point, what else can you do?”

The eyes that were staring at him directly were starting to become watery and he could see the grievance in her gaze. Yet, Courtney refused to lower her head given the embarrassing situation she was in because she was still determined to hold onto the remaining dignity she had left.

Suddenly, all their joy and sorrow came up in his mind.

Alexander’s expression was cold as he clenched his fists to a point where his fingers had turned pale. “Courtney, how dare you ask me what to do after the mess you’ve gotten yourself into?!”

With her reddened eyes, she murmured, “Let’s break up, then. It isn’t the first time anyway.”

In all honesty, Courtney felt numb when uttering these words. There were so many things happening recently that the insignificant pain of a break up could hardly cause any damage to her heart.

The impact of her bringing up the break-up was incomparable to the fear of not knowing what happened in this room last night.

“What did you just say?” Alexander’s eyebrows ticked fiercely as he questioned.

“Let’s break up.” She kept her head down as she mumbled, “I’ve made myself clear. You can go find Jordan’s biological mother. I believe that she isn’t as much of a mess as I am, and her words are definitely more convincing than mine.”

After that, Courtney forcefully withdrew her arm from his hand.

However, the next second, she could feel pain surging from her arm as she staggered. Quickly, her gaze moved away from the bathroom lights and reached the ceiling before her whole body fell back onto the bed.

Then, Alexander put one hand on her shoulder and the other by her waist as he looked at her condescendingly.

Upon seeing that, she clutched the only cover on her chest and asked in panic. “What are you doing?”

“It’s easier for you to break up with me than to explain what happened last night, is it?” His thunderous voice echoed inside her ears. As his eyes widened, he gritted his teeth tightly and said, “No matter what happens, breaking up is always your first solution to solving everything, right?”

Of course, Alexander didn’t believe that Courtney would do anything to betray him, but there were always times when people lost control of their emotions. The moment he received that anonymous call in the morning, the first thing he thought of wasn’t Courtney betraying him but whether something had happened to her, causing her to not return home last night.

Therefore, he rushed all the way to the hotel, breaking all the traffic lights. As soon as he opened the bedroom door and confirmed that she was safe, he immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Before he could calm down, however, what he saw made him lose control.

“We’ll talk about this after I look into everything. You don’t get to decide.”

His firm words echoed within the room. Then, Courtney felt a weight lifted from her body and she came back to her senses. Thereafter, she could only hear the door slamming shut, causing the entire room to shake.

Looking at the closed door, she was filled with mixed feelings inside her heart. As she slowly got up from the bed with her fingers holding onto the bed sheet, she felt the tears that she held back for a long while finally slid down the corners of her eyes, much like a bursting dam.

It felt as though her life had been derailed ever since she was born, and she could never predict which direction she would be heading the next second.

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