One Night Surprise Chapter 317

Chapter 317 Everyone Has to Live For Themselves

There was a ambiguous and e****c aura lingering in the cramped space. Looking at the shop owner’s scrutinizing eyes, Courtney immediately blushed as she opened the curtains and ran away embarrassedly.

“Why is she running away? We are all adults here. Hey, don’t you think your girlfriend is a bit—”

Before he finished his words, he was instantly rendered speechless by Leon, who had his entire face concealed like a mummy.

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It seems like this guy is even more sensitive. It’s ridiculous to cover his entire face like that!

Leon’s face was completely concealed by his mask and sunglasses, so the shop owner couldn’t see his expression underneath. After giving the owner a gentle nod, the former opened the curtains and caught up with the woman who had run far away, while his eyes behind the sunglasses were filled with joy.

They were different from the charming and innocent eyes he used to deal with all kinds of women in the past. Even though no one could see them at the moment, only Leon knew that this was his most sincere gaze for so many years.

“I’m sorry.” When he caught up to Courtney, she awkwardly apologized to him. “I didn’t know what shop it was when I ran into it.”

“It’s fine,” Leon said with a smile on his face. “But can you not talk as if you are leading a bad example for a child? I’m an adult too, you know?”

It’s because you are an adult that makes this situation even more awkward! To prevent being surrounded by his fans again, Courtney decided to follow him to his hotel. Since she needed a room to stay in for the rest of the night, she simply decided to stay in the hotel he was staying in.

“There you go, miss. This is the card for your room.”

After receiving the room card at the front desk, Courtney entered the elevator by herself.

Even though the hotel had rules stating that the guests’ information shouldn’t be revealed, it was impossible to keep everyone from talking about it, so in order to avoid any unnecessary trouble, Leon had already gone upstairs first.

Since it was winter, the public balconies on each floor of the hotel were empty.

When Courtney reached that place, Leon wasn’t there yet. When she felt the chilling breeze, she instantly regretted agreeing to meet him outside.

“Courtney!” Then, his voice was heard from behind. Perhaps due to his upbringing abroad, Leon’s English wasn’t that great but for some reason, the name ‘Courtney’ came off his tongue very comfortably. As she turned around to look at him, she could see that he had changed to a thick coat with a scarf in his hand. It seemed that he went back to his room first before coming here, which explained why he was late to meet her. “It’s too windy outside. You should put this on.”

After that, he wrapped the brown cashmere scarf around her shoulders.

The unique woody perfume on the young man’s body was especially clear and pleasant while she felt the warmth of the scarf wrapped around her.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Leon said with a smile.

Without the mask and sunglasses, he could no longer hide his youthful face, and it made him look rather boyish when he smiled that way.

Courtney always felt that Shay already had a very youthful aura, but when compared with Leon, he seemed to be more mature.

The way Shay pronounced her name was more simple and flamboyant, but since Leon’s English wasn’t that great, the latter would usually pronounce her name with more stress, giving his voice an innocent feeling, as if he was her son.

When realizing this small detail, Courtney coughed awkwardly while avoiding Leon’s gaze.

However, he didn’t seem to notice anything wrong, so he handed her the smoothie.

“Here you go.”

“You still have it?” She looked at him in surprise. “Did you keep it in your arms all this time? You didn’t spill it?”

He nodded his head and winked. “Luckily, the store clerk didn’t have time to open the bottle for me.”

As the stars shone brightly, the two of them leaned on the lounge chairs side by side, a wrought iron round table between them while they kept on chatting.

“Leon, it doesn’t matter whether you can let go of your past or not because life always moves on. Time does not stop and if your heart lingers in the past for too long, it will be difficult for you to face the present or the future one day.”

Courtney looked at the sky and her eyes slowly grew tired.

Meanwhile, Leon secretly glanced at the half-empty cup of smoothie on the table that she had drunk from. At that moment, the particulate matter precipitated on the bottom as the balcony light shone on it.

“Courtney, I can see that the people around you must all be nice.” He slowly lifted his head and stared at the sleepy body next to him with eyes filled with mixed emotions. “Why do you trust others so easily?”

Meanwhile, Courtney felt her head getting dizzier and in the end, she gradually became unconscious while leaning on the chair.

It was late at night and the bedroom of the hotel suite was dimly lit, which was why the murmurs from the balcony outside the bedroom felt especially clear in the silent night.

“It’s all done. I’ll send you the photos tomorrow morning. After this, I won’t owe you anything, and I hope that you don’t forget what you promised me.”

After hanging up the phone, Leon took a huge puff of his cigarette. When the cigarette was burnt out, he simply threw it into the trash can outside before re-entering the room.

The moment he came in, the sudden breeze caused the person on the bed to shiver. The naked shoulders that were exposed in the air dazzled Leon, so he went over and pulled the blanket to cover everything under her chin.

“I’m sorry, Courtney. Everyone has to live for themselves.”

The next morning, Courtney felt her head hurting when she finally regained consciousness. It felt as though her body was weighed down by a thousand-pound stone, so she didn’t even bother to move.

As soon as she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was the white ceiling with it’s European-style skirting on the corners. The room was a little dark, but from the light coming in through the gaps in the curtains, she could tell that it was daylight outside.


The sound of the door slamming against the wall was heard and a series of heavy footsteps slowly approached her. Then, a pair of shiny leather shoes appeared at the bedroom door that wasn’t closed tightly.

Before Courtney could react to it, the door was pushed open by a big hand, and the light outside lit up the entire bedroom.

“Alexander?” She furrowed her brows and instinctively raised her arm to block the sunlight.

However, as soon as she removed her hand from the blanket, she felt a sudden breeze and instantly realized that something was wrong. And so, she turned her stiff neck, only to stare at her bare arm in a daze.

She wasn’t wearing any clothes.

Alexander stood at the door and the anxiousness in his eyes disappeared completely when he saw her. Shock, anger, and other intolerable emotions started piling up in his eyes.

He strode into the bedroom and quickly opened the bathroom door, checking behind the curtains, as if he was looking for something.

“What are you looking for?” Courtney held onto the blanket and sat up with difficulty. Her brain couldn’t function properly at the moment, so she asked him out of instinct.

Not long after, Alexander came out of the bathroom with heavy footsteps and held an expensive men’s watch in front of her.

“Tell me what this is.”

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