One Night Surprise Chapter 316

Chapter 316 Let Me Treat You to a Smoothie

The bright lights were still on inside the Citron Apparel designer’s workshop.

Bill was busy with his draft and he usually carried out his work during the night. As for Natasha, who was next to him, not only did she have to work as an assistant during the day, she also had to follow him as his apprentice during the night, so she couldn’t stop yawning.

Then, a series of footsteps were heard outside, sounding especially clear in the silent night.

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“Who is it?” Bill glanced at the door and asked quietly. Beside him, Natasha was woken up by the sound as she rubbed her eyes.

“President Hunter?” Since she was closer to the door, Natasha could immediately see Courtney walking in.

Replying with a nod, Courtney came in, her figure becoming clearer when the lights shone on her. Ever since the birthday party, she never went back home because she knew that Alexander would definitely return home that night. Due to the situation with Belle, Courtney couldn’t bring herself to talk to him at the moment. After entering the workshop, she sat on the couch while Natasha poured her a cup of tea.

“Did you just leave the party?” Bill left aside his work and came over to sit opposite to her.

“Yes.” Courtney weakly nodded her head.

“What happened?” He frowned and looked at her. “Are you angry?”

“I guess so.” Courtney received the tea from Natasha and took a sip before regaining some energy to ask Bill, “I wonder what goes on inside a man’s head—do all of you fall head over heels when a girl acts a little weaker?”

“Don’t use a few examples to generalize every man in the world, alright?” He could immediately tell what she meant. “I don’t know about anybody else, but I’ve never seen Alexander fall head over heels for someone even though he has all kinds of women jumping on him for his appearance and money.”

Upon hearing that, Courtney frowned and muttered, “Are you sure? By the looks of it, not only is he falling head over heels for someone, he is also starting to believe everything she says.” He is so stupid to believe every word she says!

“That’s impossible.” Bill instantly gestured as he countered, “Alexander is an unmeltable iceberg. Other than you, I have never seen him put on a smile for any woman before.”

“Why are you speaking for him?” Courtney was infuriated as she took her bag and stood up. “Can’t I find a place to be quiet for a moment?”

“I’m not speaking for him. I’m just stating the facts—”

Bill tried to explain himself, not noticing that Natasha was winking at him constantly. Before he could finish his words, Courtney had already left with her bag. I would much rather sleep in a hotel than listen to such bullsh*t from someone who is the same as Alexander!

Upon seeing that, Bill scratched his head in confusion. “What did I do?”

After placing the tea cup in front of him, Natasha explained, “Mr. Dawson, you did nothing, but when a woman wants to talk to you about her thoughts, you don’t have to analyze everything rationally for her.”

“Then what do I have to do?”

She glanced at him and answered, “You just need to stand by her side unconditionally and help her condemn the other person.”

On that night, Courtney felt as though she was a lonely soul.

Not only could she not return home, she was also angered by Bill when she went to the company. As she walked around in her coat, she stamped her feet to keep herself warm. The Christmas decorations around her seemed to have nothing to do with her, which made her even more miserable.


Suddenly, a familiar voice was heard behind her when she was stamping her feet. Startled, she turned around and saw a strange man that covered his face with a hat, scarf, mask and sunglasses. By the looks of his simple sports attire, she assumed that he came out for a run at night. If it weren’t for his distinctive voice, she would not have recognized Leon.

“Is it really you?” He stepped forward and took off the protective clothing on his face. “I saw you all away from there, but what are you doing outside on such a cold day, Courtney?”

For a moment, she was still in shock. “I just had a meal, so I came out for a stroll. What about you?”

“I came out for a run,” Leon answered with a smile. “There were too many people in the hotel’s gym and the ventilation there isn’t that great, so I decided to come out.”

He was staying in a hotel not far away from here, so it wasn’t strange for him to come out for a night run. However, after looking at him carefully, Courtney pointed at his protective gear and asked curiously, “I understand that the ventilation in the gym isn’t that great, but is it really that much better to come out and cover yourself in all these? Can you even breathe in these?”

“I don’t have any other choice.” He chuckled and grabbed her arm affectionately. “Let me treat you to a smoothie.”

Since I don’t have anywhere to go and I probably won’t be able to fall asleep even if I find a hotel, I should follow him to pass the time. In the end, she giggled and answered, “Alright.”

There was a smoothie shop nearby. While queuing in a line, Leon was stared at by the store clerk for a long time. Courtney felt that the clerk might have already recognized him, but since his entire face was tightly concealed, no one dared to call him out.

“Sir, do you want to drink it now or later?”

“Now,” he replied.

Instantly, the store clerk blushed as she whispered when handing him the smoothie, “Are you Leon?”

“I’m not.” He shook his head vigorously.

“You are!” She wasn’t giving up. “Can I please have your autograph?”

If he gives her his autograph, we probably won’t leave here anytime soon. Quickly, Courtney pulled Leon behind her and smiled. “You also think that he sounds a lot like Leon, right? Sorry, but he’s just my little brother and he hurt his face recently.”

After that, the two of them took their smoothies and left.

However, the store clerk was probably a fan of his, so she quickly came back around and screamed, “It’s Leon!”

Since it was the weekend, many people were out at night. Listening to her scream, everyone immediately turned toward the man in question.

“Leon! It’s Leon…”

For a moment, Courtney was left startled, but Leon was quite experienced in dealing with this sort of situation, so he quickly grabbed her hand and said, “Courtney, what are you doing standing there for? Run!” After that, he dragged her and ran down the street.

Before she could even come back to her senses, she was already dragged far away, leaving the smoothie shop behind.

It was possible that the information of which hotel Leon was staying in was already leaked to the public, which was why many of his fans were wandering around the place. As soon as they heard his name, all of them began to chase after him to a point where he couldn’t get rid of anyone after running down several streets.

Courtney could no longer keep up with his speed, so she hurriedly pulled him into a nearby shop.



She covered his mouth as they leaned against the wall. After the chasing fans were all gone, she finally let go of her hand.

“Let’s wait here for a while.” She bent down and held her knees while panting.

However, she was confused as to why Leon wasn’t saying anything to her, so she lifted her head and saw the dazzling array of adult products displayed in a cupboard in front of her. Her expression changed in the blink of an eye.

Initially, she saw that the shop was quite hidden, so she entered in a hurry. Unexpectedly, it was a shop that sold adult products.

Just then, the greasy voice of the shop owner came from behind the counter. “How may I help you two?”

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