One Night Surprise Chapter 315

Chapter 315 This Is the Last Time You’ll See Him

“N-No.” Looking panicked, Belle stuttered, “I was afraid, so I lost my balance and fell. A-Actually this has got nothing to do with Miss Hunter.”

Alexander’s face darkened as he glared at Belle.

“I remember I’ve already told you before this. The prerequisite of allowing you to meet Jordan is that Courtney agrees to it, but what’s going on today?”

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Alexander had never expected that Belle would show up at the birthday banquet. He did not know what was going on, but when he saw Scott’s expression and what Scott said to Courtney out of the blue, he reckoned that Scott had made known of something.

“It’s Old Master Duncan who invited me,” Belle quickly explained. “I did not come uninvited. Old Master Duncan arranged this so that I can see Jordan from a distance.”

“This is the last time you’ll see him.”

After saying that, Alexander walked out of the washroom, leaving Belle behind. At first, he felt sorry toward Belle for becoming the surrogate mother back then as he had caused trouble to her life. Since she was so keen to meet Jordan, he thought it was understandable too. But given all that had happened thus far, Alexander thought this woman was not as simple as she seemed.

After leaving the washroom, Alexander went back to the banquet hall and summoned Josh.

“Go and confirm Belle’s background and identity again.”

“What happened? Is there something wrong?”

“Just do as you’re told.” Looking cold, Alexander shot a glare at Josh. “You’re being more and more of a blabbermouth recently. How did Grandpa find out about Belle?”

Hearing that, Josh shuddered and replied nervously, “President Duncan, I…”

“Cut the c**p and quickly go investigate. I want results by tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir.” Josh didn’t dare to say anything more and quickly escaped.

Due to the fact that Josh had been by Alexander’s side all these years, Alexander had never doubted his capability and neither did Josh mess up any tasks before. As such, when Josh presented to him the paternity test report and all other legit evidence to prove that Belle was Jordan’s biological mother, he simply believed it.

After that, due to Courtney’s resistance toward this matter, he did not bother to get in touch with Belle again. He barely had any impression toward the woman from six years ago, so he could not confirm merely by his memory whether Belle was indeed the person.

Nevertheless, the incident at the washroom today made him doubt Belle’s identity. He was certain that Courtney would not rough up for no reason at all, so he reckoned Belle was lying. As much as she had put up a good act, she still let the cat out of the bag in the end.

After the banquet was over, Alexander sent the two kids and Scott home. After the nannies put the kids to bed, there were only Alexander and Scott left in the living room of Duncan Residence.

“Why did Courtney leave halfway?” Scott took a sip of tea while wearing a puzzled look.

Alexander looked nonchalant. “She wasn’t feeling well, so I asked her to go back and rest.”

“Is it because of the matter about Jordan’s biological mother?”

Scott did not buy Alexander’s words and immediately pointed it out. “Courtney is a little too petty on this matter. Jordan’s biological mother just wishes to see him. Doesn’t she plan to leave for England a year later? Besides, I heard she’s a psychologist. So, she might be able to treat Jordan. This child is more introverted than those of his age as if he was a girl.”

Hearing that, Alexander frowned. “Grandpa, I still need to think about this matter, so please don’t take it upon yourself.”

“You think I’m being a busybody?”

“I don’t plan to let Belle meet Jordan.” Alexander’s eyes were tinged with hostility when he mentioned Belle.

Hearing that, Scott glared at him. “Her husband is currently hospitalized because he was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. Her only wish is to meet Jordan. Moreover, you’re the one who caused this absurd incident back then, yet you’re planning to turn against her now?”

“Please, just stay out of this matter.” Alexander was very firm and did not intend to continue arguing with Scott. “It’s getting late—I shall head back first. Have a goodnight, Grandpa.”

“You…” Seeing Alexander leaving resolutely, Scott could feel his blood boil.

“There, there. Please simmer down, Master.” Harry sighed at the side. “I feel that your arrangement for this matter today is not too appropriate either. How could you allow Miss Smith to attend the banquet? Without a doubt, Miss Hunter would be frustrated to see that. After all, Belle is Jordan’s biological mother––his birth mother. As such, do you wish for Jordan to go back to his biological mother or stay with Miss Hunter?”

“Of course I want him to stay with Courtney. Courtney is going to marry Alexander in the future. I can discern this matter well.”

“Well, that’s just it!” Harry said in a serious manner, “Since you hope that Miss Hunter will treat the Little Master like her own son, which mother would allow their son to have another mother?”

Hearing that, Scott was startled. “Then Jordan’s biological mother…”

“Just leave this matter to the Young Master. He’s an adult already so he can handle these matters well. Let’s not mess things up for him.”

Scott nodded in deep thoughts. A moment later, he regained his composure and glared at Harry. “Wait, who exactly do you think is messing things up?!”

Harry’s expression changed immediately. “I-I’m saying I messed things up for not reminding you earlier. Aren’t I to be blamed?”

It was only then did Scott’s expression ease up.

Meanwhile, it was already late at night. In a bungalow at the mid-hill at the outskirts of town, a woman’s sharp, scolding voice could be clearly heard. Following that, a sound of a slap echoed in the house.

“What on earth is going on in your head? I’ve already warned you to not play tricks with Alexander. Just obediently follow my instructions. That’s all I’ve asked. But look at what you did! Who asked you to frame Courtney for hitting you?”

Covering her face, Belle was biting her bottom lip until it was so red that it had become swollen.

“Britney, I just wanted to help you get your revenge. Moreover, Alexander trusts me a lot before this, and he didn’t say much this time either. He merely asked me a few questions.”

“Do you think he’s an idiot?”

Britney was so furious that she really wanted to give Belle another slap. “He’s definitely asking his assistant to reinvestigate the previous evidence. If there’s even the slightest mistake, you’ll be exposed. Do you know that?!”

Belle’s face gradually turned pale as it was only then did she realize the seriousness of this incident.

“Britney, what should we do now?”

“What else?!”

Britney slapped the table and snarled in anger, “Quickly, pack your stuff, go back to your hometown and don’t come back anymore in the next three years! The Duncan Family’s power is so strong in Melrose City that if they discover any mistakes, there’ll be no way you can escape. By then, you’ll even implicate me!”

Finger marks could be clearly seen on Belle’s face. Scared stiff, she sobbed softly with her head lowered.

“Okay. I won’t implicate you, Britney. But I don’t want to go back to my hometown as it took me some great effort to get out of there.”

“Serves you right!” Britney said while glaring at her. “You should bear your own consequences!”

Seeing Britney’s countenance, Belle knew there was no way to turn the tables anymore. Her last hope gradually extinguished too as it was too late to regret it.

Britney was totally driven up the wall. “Get lost immediately! The sight of you angers me!”

Never had she thought that the trap that she had diligently designed using the trump card to sow discord between Courtney and Alexander would be ruined due to this insensible woman who acted recklessly on her own.

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