One Night Surprise Chapter 314

Chapter 314 What Exactly Do You Want to Do?

Fortunately, Jordan did not stay at that spot and darted toward Courtney after receiving the stuff from Belle. He then threw himself into Courtney’s arms but still did not speak up because there were too many guests at the scene.

Courtney bent down to caress the two children’s heads, but her eyes remained fixed at that table.

While eating, Scott blurted in a profound manner, “Courtney, stay back after the banquet. I have some stuff to talk to you about Jordan.”

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Hearing that, Courtney darted a glance at Alexander. Although she remained calm on the surface, her nails sank so deep into her palm that she could feel the pain. Perceiving this situation, she reckoned Scott was already made known to the incident, which explained Belle’s presence at this banquet.

Not long after the banquet started, Courtney caught Belle heading to the washroom, so she stood up too.

“Where are you going?” Alexander asked while feeding Jordan.

Courtney hummed with a calm look, “To the washroom. I’ll be back soon.”

Alexander and Scott were not aware of the truth, but she and Belle, on the other hand, knew exactly what was going on. As such, she wanted to know what on earth that woman’s intention was.

The washroom was rather far from the banquet hall as it was a few corridors away. When Courtney arrived at the washroom, Belle was washing her hands. She had a thin body, and the reflection of her pale, delicate face in the mirror looked rather languish.

“Miss Hunter.” Belle was startled when she saw Courtney standing behind her in the mirror. Then, she put on a smile and said, “There were too many guests earlier, so I didn’t get to greet you. Sorry about that.”

“There’s no one else here, so you can drop the act.” Courtney walked in and glared at Belle with her cold eyes. “What exactly are you up to?”

Belle frowned. “I don’t get what you mean, Miss Hunter.”

“Are you Jordan’s biological mother? The one who conceived Jordan via surrogacy six years ago?” Courtney asked straightforwardly with enmity in her eyes.

Belle’s eyes glistened as she took a few steps back upon being questioned by Courtney. “Miss Hunter, I don’t have any intention to be your enemy. I’ll be heading to England a year later and only wish to see my son before that. I can’t possibly pose a threat to you.”

“Stop acting.” Courtney’s eyes were as cold as ice. “You’re not Jordan’s biological mother. Who on earth sent you? What’s your motive?”

Belle stared at Courtney’s frustrated look and snorted. “Miss Hunter, I’m already being very courteous toward you. I don’t know what you are being suspicious about. If I’m not Jordan’s biological mother, who else do you think that can be? Could it be you?”

There was a sudden change in Courtney’s expression as she felt her temples twitching. She had an instinct that this woman had already known everything, including the fact that she was Jordan’s biological mother. However, she deliberately acted as Jordan’s biological mother with some unknown intention.

“What exactly do you want?” Courtney lowered her voice, which signaled a warning. “There’s nothing I won’t do for the sake of Jordan.”

“I don’t want anything.” Belle lowered her head to look at her nails, which were covered with a thin layer of nail polish. Her gentleness was shown through details like her pale pink nails. However, the moment she spoke up, the gentle appearance shattered at once.

“I don’t think there’s an issue for a mother to reunite with her biological son.”

Toward the end, Belle still refused to admit that she was a liar. Her statement sounded so reasonable that Courtney actually couldn’t refute her and could only tremble in anger.

On the other hand, at the banquet, Scott was puzzled as Courtney had not come back after leaving for quite some time. “Go check on Courtney, Alexander. She has been away for quite some time.”

Alexander glanced toward the direction of the hall’s entrance and caught sight of the table at the southeast corner of the hall. When he realized that Belle’s seat was empty, his eyes dilated immediately.

After urging the nannies to take care of the children, Alexander left the hall and headed to the washroom. The moment he reached the washroom door, he could hear the voice of a woman exclaiming from the inside.


He flung the female washroom’s door open at once, and his expression changed the moment he saw the scene.

Slumped onto the floor, Belle covered her face with one hand as tears welled up in her eyes. She was shocked and was at a loss for words. “How could you hit me?”

Courtney’s hand was still stopping mid-air, and her face was extremely gloomy. She instinctively turned around upon hearing the sound of the door being opened and saw Alexander staring at her with a bizarre look.

“What are you doing?” Alexander’s eyes gradually turned frosty.

Courtney wanted to explain initially but was disheartened when she perceived his fierce attitude. “Will you believe it if I say I’ve done nothing?”

Alexander did not respond but brushed past her without sparing a glance and helped Belle to get up from the floor.

“I’m fine.” Belle stood up staggeringly and quickly pulled her arm out from Alexander’s hand as if she did not want to cause a misunderstanding.

“It’s just a small misunderstanding. It’s nothing serious. I’m fine.” While saying that, Belle continued covering her face with one hand.

Seeing Belle’s weak and pitiful look, Courtney thought it was extremely ridiculous. Truth was, she had not touched her at all just now, yet she looked as if she had been bullied terribly. Courtney had seen so many women lingering around Alexander but this was the most shameless and pretentious one.

“Did you hit her?” Alexander stared at Courtney and hissed in a low voice.

“Yeah, I did,” Courtney blurted out of frustration. “If only you didn’t show up, I would have torn her into pieces.”

“Just because she wants to see Jordan? Courtney, can you calm down?”

“I’m very calm. In fact, you should take a close look at her.” Courtney pointed at Belle and said, “Alexander, can you be more responsible toward your own son? Mind you—it’ll be too late to regret it if something happens after she brings Jordan away.”

“Courtney Hunter.” Alexander raised his voice as obvious displeasure was written on his face.

“Don’t yet at me.” Courtney raised her voice even more and directly interrupted Alexander’s sentence. “I don’t care if you think I’m being unreasonable or petty. I do not plan to be generous with this ridiculous woman at all. Bye.” With that, she left the washroom without turning back.

Alexander’s face became sullen as the blood vessels on his clenched fists bulged.

Belle’s voice emerged from the side. “I must have caused you trouble. I’ll explain to her.”

“That’s not necessary.”

Alexander called upon Belle and questioned her when she turned around to look at him. “Did Courtney really hit you just now?”

Belle shuddered upon being stared at by Alexander. Nevertheless, she bit the bullet and said, “It’s okay. I’m fine.”

“I’m asking if she really did hit you just now.”

Alexander’s emphasized voice echoed in the washroom while Belle felt her scalp tingling.

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