One Night Surprise Chapter 312

Chapter 312 You Think I’m Being Unreasonable?

“Is Miss Smith an expert in child psychology? I still think we should consult a few other doctors.”

Courtney was troubled by the problems in Jordan’s treatment proposal. Belle was too young, which made Courtney feel that she was not too reliable.

“She won’t harm Jordan.” Alexander wore a mysterious look and added, “So, please don’t worry about that.”

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“Why? Have you known her for a very long time?” Courtney lifted her head and looked at Alexander in puzzlement.

After pondering for a while, Alexander mumbled in a deep voice, “I have something to tell you… regarding Belle.”

Courtney’s heart jolted. “What is it?”

Alexander paused for a few seconds before he answered, “Belle is Jordan’s biological mother.” After saying that, Alexander stared into Courtney’s eyes to observe any subtle change in her emotion.

Truth was, Courtney had already speculated this when she first met Belle, and she had imagined the truth of it being revealed a lot of times in her heart. However, when she actually heard it from Alexander, she felt like her eardrum was vibrating as if a swarm of insects was buzzing beside her.

Perceiving Courtney’s silence, Alexander continued to explain, “I didn’t tell you before this because I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea. Back then when I looked for a surrogate mother, I never thought that I would meet her again. This time, I actually discovered her current whereabouts by accident. You’ve seen it just now too.”

Hearing that, Courtney forced herself to respond, “You mean the matter about her husband being diagnosed with cancer?”

“Yeah.” Alexander frowned. “Initially, I’ve left this matter for Josh to settle, but her husband is already at the terminal stage and she doesn’t want any assistance. Besides that, she has already made up her mind to go study abroad a year later, and her only wish is to see Jordan.”

Courtney inhaled slowly as she felt a chill down her spine. If this was a trap, the mastermind had set it up very delicately to use such a tragic story to capture Alexander’s sympathy toward the surrogate mother back then.

No man would be able to reject such a request—the husband of the woman who had borne Alexander a child through surrogacy back then was now diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. The woman didn’t want any money from Alexander but her only wish before leaving this land of sorrow was to meet the only person who had blood relations with her.

“Did you agree?” she asked.

Alexander couldn’t really fathom Courtney’s emotion at this moment. “I’m telling you the truth because I don’t want to cause any unnecessary misunderstandings. Jordan will not have any relationship with his biological mother even in the future.”

Courtney looked at Alexander. “Actually, you can just tell me what you want me to do.”

Alexander’s eyes darkened as he became slightly frustrated. “I’m not asking you to do anything.”

However, Courtney was irritated by his frustration and clenched her fists so hard that even her knuckles turned pale.

“Sure. You don’t want me to do anything. You want me to do nothing and unconditionally trust that this woman who came out of nowhere is the biological mother of your son. You even want to allow Jordan to get along with her for some time? What you want from me is to support you and this woman unconditionally and blindly!”

Alexander’s eyes were filled with perplexity toward Courtney’s huge reaction at this moment.

“Stop being unreasonable.” Alexander furrowed his brows. “Courtney, regarding this surrogacy matter, we’ve already discussed it many times. If you’re disturbed by this matter, then there’s nothing I can say.”

“Unreasonable?” Courtney felt like laughing. “You think I’m being unreasonable? Let me ask you—how did you prove Belle’s identity? Have you investigated her background? Is she really Jordan’s biological mother?”

Alexander was startled. At first, Courtney thought she had made a point, but her inner defense completely broke down when Alexander showed her a picture of a paternity testing report from his phone.

“Josh personally took Belle for a paternity test, so I’m sure it’s true.”

Right. The mastermind wouldn’t possibly make this trap so simple. The paternity test report was completely uncredible to Courtney, but to Alexander, that was enough. What other ways could she use to make Alexander doubt the credibility of the report? If it wasn’t that Jordan was her son, she wouldn’t possibly doubt the credibility of the report.

Courtney’s face turned pale gradually.

“What’s wrong with you?” Alexander sensed Courtney’s strange expression.

“Nothing.” Courtney dodged Alexander’s gaze and tried to make herself look calm.

“Actually, a paternity test might not be a hundred percent accurate. There could be mistakes too. Please consider it again. After all, it’s about Jordan, so please don’t make rash decisions. There are many other capable doctors. I don’t think there’s a need to let her treat Jordan.”

Alexander stared at Courtney with a profound look. After a while, he frowned and said, “You’re still bothered by Belle.”

Courtney’s nails sank into her palm, but she couldn’t feel much pain. Staring at Alexander, she said, “Whatever. I only have one thought—I feel that something is not right with Belle, so we shouldn’t simply hand Jordan over to her.”

“Where are you going?” Alexander’s frown deepened as he questioned Courtney, who had already walked to the entrance of the private room.

“I’m going home. You can eat alone.”

After taking a deep breath, Courtney grabbed her jacket and left the room resolutely. She knew it was understandable for Alexander to make this decision. Of course, there wouldn’t be an issue if Belle was really Jordan’s biological mother. However, Courtney clearly knew that the woman was a liar, so how could she possibly remain calm under this situation?

The night had fallen in Melrose City as Courtney walked down the street. Just then, the phone in her pocket started ringing non-stop. Initially, she thought it was Alexander, but when she took out her phone, she realized it was Elijah, so she answered the call.

“Why did you take so long to pick up the call?” Elijah’s gentle voice came forth from the other end.

Kicking the pebbles on the street absent-mindedly, Courtney mumbled, “I didn’t hear it just now. What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. I’ve heard some stuff about Jordan from Cameron. How are you now?”

Courtney’s heart squeezed when she heard that. “She’s indeed a blabbermouth. Why does she have to tell you everything?”

“She’s just worried about you since she’s not able to go back.”

“Don’t you come back too.” Courtney quickly interrupted Elijah. “I’m fine. I can handle my own problems.”

“What about that lawyer?” Elijah paused. “He has been waiting for you in Melrose City for almost half a month. Do you really not plan to meet up with him?”

Being reminded of the lawyer, Courtney frowned deeply but was at a loss for words. Initially, she had already given up on the idea of a lawsuit and just wanted to live a peaceful life with Alexander. However, the current situation made her feel extremely insecure. After contemplating for a moment, she mumbled, “I’ll go meet him tomorrow.”

“Okay.” There was no change in Elijah’s tone. It was calm as usual which gave the others ease of mind. “Courtney, remember that I’ll forever be your support no matter what happens.”

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