One Night Surprise Chapter 310

Chapter 310 I’m Going To Take You To See Someone Else First

The moment she saw Susan, Courtney finally realized why Kelly had gone through all that trouble to organize this board meeting: if there was going to be a change in chairmen, then naturally everyone had to be there.

According to their share ratios, Susan’s shares were greater than Courtney’s by three percent. Without a doubt, Susan was the largest shareholder within the company, and according to her qualifications, she was also the executive director of the Hunter Group.

“Now that I’m back, I’ll take the burden that is the Hunter Group off your shoulders, if no one here objects. So, Courtney, shouldn’t you give up your seat?”

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Susan had dropped her kind and gentle veneer. Now, she looked absolutely murderous, as though she had condensed all her rage and hatred and directed it at Courtney.

Courtney frowned and stepped aside. “Of course. This seat was yours in the first place.”

Thus, Susan sat down in the seat unceremoniously.

Natasha hastily pulled a chair over for Courtney by the side. Only then did the awkward atmosphere ease. However, Natasha’s actions seemed to have earned an eye roll from Susan, as though she was berating Natasha for meddling.

“So, since I’ve made my return, the company should run like how it did before. Weren’t you busy with your fashion company, Courtney? You can focus on that now. The Hunter Group has me.”

Immediately after that, the board of directors started talking and discussing among themselves.

Regardless of everything, the Hunter Group managed to weather their earlier crisis because of Courtney’s work. The company was now able to operate normally. In fact, it ran even better than before. Courtney’s efforts could not be dismissed in bringing the company to where it was today.

Why would anyone kill the goose laying the golden eggs and then trample on its corpse?

Courtney didn’t feel anything as she listened to the din. She didn’t hold much expectations for the Hunter Group in the first place. She was merely forced to take up the responsibility and resolve the crisis.

“I’ve got no opinions about this.”

During this time, she had been so busy that she didn’t even have time to care for the children. Now that someone was willing to take the Hunter Group off her hands, she couldn’t be any more happier. There were people who would chase after power and money, and then there were also people who didn’t care for things like that.

After the meeting ended, Courtney returned to her office to pack up her things, emptying the entire room for Susan’s use.

Not long after, Susan came over. The smug look on her face was enough to make people wonder if she wasn’t really as troubled and concerned as she had seemed during the earlier board meeting. To Courtney, however, it wasn’t important, and she couldn’t be bothered to question Susan.

“I’ve packed my things already. You can just move in right away, Chairman Yves.”

Courtney stood off to the side. Natasha had already helped her to cart away the cardboard box containing her belongings.

The only ones left in this office were Courtney and Susan.

Susan eyed Courtney with a cold gaze. “You agreed very quickly to leave when I told you to show yourself out. Are you really that unsentimental toward the company, or have you already plotted out a path for retreat?”

“I’ve got no interest in managing the company; my father already mentioned that back when he was still alive. And anyway, I’m not listed in line for the inheritance. If you’re still worried about that, I can sell off my shares, and the company will finally fully belong to the Yves Family. It won’t have any ties to me.”

“Stop pretending to be a saint.” Susan’s expression darkened. “You think I don’t know this? Lucian didn’t even mention your name once in his will, but he left you an insurance policy. The insured amount for that policy comes up to one whole billion. He pretended to not care about you in front of me, but in reality, you’re actually the daughter he cares for the most. All he gave me and Anna is the trainwreck that is the Hunter Group.”

The temperature in the office suddenly dropped several degrees, becoming as cold as an icehouse.

Courtney abruptly found things laughable as she took in Susan’s frustrated and furious look. After a few seconds of silence, she looked at Susan with cold eyes. “Whatever we do, God is watching. Susan Yves, do you know why my father died? Do you truly have a clear conscience?”

“What is the meaning of this?” Susan frowned, an obvious look of nervousness flashing across her face as quickly as it disappeared.

“You only know that the insured amount for the policy is one billion. But do you know what the policy is for?” Courtney’s eyes darkened, as though she was staring at Susan from an abyss.

“If my father dies in an accident, I will receive one billion.”

Courtney’s expression turned stormy. “The money I invested into the Hunter Group was part of the inheritance my mother left for me years ago. Aunt Alicia has been helping me to look after it for years. When the company was being investigated for issues with its capital flow, you ran and hid yourself, even though it was all mere suspicions then. It’s because deep down, you know that you have skeletons in your closet. You also don’t know what your elder brothers have been hiding from you for the past few years.”

As of now, Courtney hadn’t claimed a single penny of that insurance policy yet, simply because she hadn’t officially gotten proof that her father’s death was due to an ‘accident.’

‘Accidental death,’ of course, referred to death by unnatural causes.

Susan’s expression gradually changed.

“You know very well what I mean. You also know very well why Anna died.” Courtney adjusted the bag strap hanging on her shoulder. “I can leave, but don’t get any twisted ideas in your head.” Susan’s life wasn’t all smooth sailing. She lost both her husband and her daughter during midlife. As long as she stays in her lane, I have no intentions of pursuing the truth. Courtney was simply worried that Susan would not recognize her fortune.

When Courtney stepped out of the office, she found Alexander waiting for her by the door. For a moment, she was stunned. “Why are you here?”

“Since you’re about to leave, there’s no point in me staying here anymore.” Alexander’s expression was calm. “But if you continue to stay, I’ll be by your side.”

“No, I don’t want to.” Courtney gripped his hand.

“That’s good then.” Alexander rubbed his nose before he continued in an unhurried manner, “After all, I’ve already handed in my letter of resignation. It’ll be kinda awkward if I run over to HR to stop my letter from being processed if you end up staying.”

Courtney instantly let out a giggle.

When they left the company building, Natasha came chasing after her.

“President Hunter, are you really leaving? Are you never coming back?”

“Probably.” Courtney smiled at Natasha. “Keep working hard.”

“No.” Natasha couldn’t quite catch her breath. “Can I go with you? Even working as an assistant for you at Citron Apparel is fine with me.”

Instantly, Courtney understood the situation.

All this while, Natasha had been her right-hand woman. Once she left, Natasha would most likely be alienated by the rest of the workers. Susan would definitely not treat her kindly just because she had just the slimmest of ties with the Yves Family. Staying here at the Hunter Group would just put Natasha in a very awkward situation.

“Citron Apparel doesn’t pay as well as the Hunter Group. If you don’t mind…”

“I’m willing to take a pay cut,” Natasha quickly answered. “I’ve always wanted to study fashion design. I’m willing to work at Citron Apparel even without pay as long as you will take me.”

Courtney and Alexander exchanged looks. Then, Courtney turned back to Natasha and smiled. “Go report to Bill then. I noticed that he’s been lacking a handy assistant recently.”

Natasha’s eyes were as wide as dinner plates, a surprised delight on her face. “I’ll go over immediately!”

Courtney watched as Natasha zoomed off like a quick gust of wind, and she smiled a meaningful smile.

“Bill’s rather lucky.” Alexander took Courtney’s hand. “You’ve always been sensitive when it comes to others’ needs. When will you be sensitive toward mine?”

“Are you getting jealous over Natasha?” Courtney rolled her eyes at him. “I’m considered unemployed now. Take me out for a meal.”

“I’ve already made a booking at a restaurant.” Alexander lowered his head to look at her with a complicated expression. “But first, I’m going to take you to see someone else.”

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