One Night Surprise Chapter 304

Chapter 304 Complications

Warily, Courtney read Alexander’s face from the corner of her eyes. Despite her insensitiveness, he remained uninfluenced as if he heard nothing, to which she felt relieved.

After lunch, the kids requested to go to the snowfield once again, but Scott seemed rather indifferent. Seeing that, Courtney felt somewhat guilty, wondering whether it was her words that offended him. As such, she persuaded Tina and Jordan to accompany their great-grandfather in the study room.

“Great-Grandpa’s not feeling so good. Why don’t the two of you be a good kid and go comfort him?”

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Confused, Tina loudly interrogated, “Why is he sad? Is it because you didn’t agree to marry Mr. Alexander?”

Courtney then gave her head a knock. “Nonsense! Do you remember what I just said?”

“Ugh, fine.” Rubbing her head, Tina unhappily pouted her tiny lips. “Stop hitting my head, Mommy, or I’ll grow stupid.”

Accordingly, Courtney caressed the little girl’s head. “Okay, I’ll stop. Now, with your brother, go.”

Although the little girl could sometimes be cunning and slothful, she was always optimistic when it came to cheering up others. At the order of her mother, she immediately dragged Jordan up the staircase. As she was running away, she mischievously pulled a funny face at Courtney.

“The mission shall be completed!”

Meanwhile, Alexander was reading on the couch. Having heard the little girl’s clear timbre, he couldn’t help but turn around, only to see Courtney standing at the staircase, telling the kids not to dash too recklessly.

At that moment, a ray of sunlight shone through the window, landing on her back. It was a sight for sore eyes. In that instant, everything felt radiant. Even the ancient, stationary furnishings he grew up with seemed to have been instilled with life.

“It’s about time you set a date.” Scott’s words echoed in his mind. Although they carried some kind of pressure within them, they appeared to be somewhat of a musical tune to his ears. A married life, huh… There’ll always be a company—someone to miss and someone that’ll miss me. It’s so, so much more wonderful than living life alone. How have I only realized it now?


Over at Hunter Group, after shooting the advertisement, the board of directors decided to hold a conference to discuss the statistics before and after the broadcast of the advertisement. Thanks to Leon’s great influence, the company was able to double their previous figures.

“It was a one-year contract. We’ll review it once a year has passed. If the result proves to be beneficial, perhaps we can consider extending the contract. But if…”

While Courtney was discussing the matters of ambassadorship with the advertising manager, someone knocked on the door.

Knock, knock—

“Come in.”

“President Hunter.” Natasha pushed the door open. “Leon’s assistant just sent something over. Where should I put them?”

Courtney was baffled. “What did he send?”

“He said he stained the coat you lent him during dinner that day, so he bought you a new one.”

When Natasha said that, she seemed somewhat perturbed.

Swiftly, the advertising manager chimed in, “I didn’t know you were that close with Leon, President Hunter.”

“We’re not.” Courtney glanced at him before turning to Natasha. “Just place it on the couch. It’s just a coat. Couldn’t you have handled it?”

Natasha anxiously replied, “I don’t think I could have, President Hunter.”

While Courtney was still confused, Natasha went and opened the other door, revealing two young men carrying bags of items and stuffing the corner of the office with them.

At once, Courtney glared at her. “You said a coat. What the hell are all these?”

Natasha then grabbed one of the young men. “Wait. Please explain yourself to our president.”

The young man scratched his head. “Mr. Leon said that the coat you owned is no longer attainable. In order to express his apology, he purchased every new release the brand made—accessories included—based on your measurements and sent them over.”

At the side, Natasha and the advertising manager were peering at each other, shocked.

In fact, the brand was no cheap brand. And it was too generous of Leon to acquire every new piece the brand released. He might’ve even spent his ambassador revenue on those items.

Frowning, Courtney stated, “There’s no need for so many things. Here, take all these back and have Leon return them. I’ll take only the coat.”

Hastily, the young man waved his hands. “We were ordered to only deliver stuff over, and not to take them back. If you do not wish to accept them, please talk it over with Mr. Leon. We’re only doing this as instructed.”

Having said that, the young man, along with his partner, dashed away before anyone could stop them.

“So, President Hunter…” Natasha gawked at Courtney with a troubled face.

“We’ll keep them for now.” Courtney glowered as she was getting irritated. “I’ll talk to Leon after work.”

As such, Natasha felt relieved as she feared that her president might send her to return those items.

For the past couple of days, Leon had been interrogating her about Courtney’s likes and hobbies. Although she was originally excited about cooperating, as time went on, she was quickly overwhelmed by his enthusiasm. For the sub to force his submission upon others…

With the items cramping up the room, Courtney couldn’t help but feel distraught and failed to reach a result from her discussion with the advertising manager. Therefore, she let him off early.

Staring at the bags of goods in the corner, she summoned Natasha. “Calculate how much all of these cost.”

Natasha was stunned. “What? Now?”

“Mhm.” Courtney then pulled a tag out of one of the bags and had a brief read. “The price tags are still intact. Just add them up based on the price.”

Although Natasha was slightly perplexed, she didn’t question her president. And so, she obediently grabbed a calculator, squatted before the goods, and started doing the math. After about ten minutes, she finally gave Courtney an answer. “Around this much.”

“Thanks.” Courtney nodded and took a look at the time. “It’s getting late. Why don’t you get off first?”


After Natasha left, Courtney pulled out the financial records and looked for Leon’s bank account details. Accordingly, she transferred a tremendous sum to his account based on Natasha’s calculation.

After making the transfer, she heaved a sigh of relief as she sat down. What a drag!

If she had known this would happen, she wouldn’t have lent him her coat.

For some reason, the transfer was experiencing some delays, but Courtney didn’t read too much into it and collected her things before going home.

The next morning, Courtney was having breakfast. As Alexander was fetching her some food, her phone suddenly rang.

“Excuse me.” She lowered her head and took a peek and found that it was a call from Natasha. Natasha? But it’s not even close to work time.

She accepted the call. “Hello, Natasha.”

“President Hunter, are you out yet?” Natasha sounded rather hasty.

“Not yet. Why?” Sitting by the dining table, she was slowly putting food into her mouth. “What’s wrong?”

“You should take the underground route when you come. There are some… complications online.”

“What is it?” Courtney was bewildered.

Through the phone, Natasha helplessly replied, “Someone took a photo of the items Leon sent to the company yesterday, and they uploaded it online. Right now, his fans are expressing their rage on the internet.”

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