One Night Surprise Chapter 303

Chapter 303 Destined to Oppose

As the battlefield got intense, Alexander, who stood very far away and became a casualty, eventually joined in and became a force in the field. With snowballs flying in the sky, it ultimately turned into a mess of a brawl.

When it was finally afternoon, Harry shouted numerous times for them to come for lunch before they, at long last, reluctantly ended their fight. With the brightest smiles on their faces, they held Scott as they headed back home.

“Harry said that Tina loved skiing. Is that right?”

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When they were dining, Scott suddenly brought up skiing. “Perhaps we could invest in building a ski site somewhere near Melrose City.”

Hearing that, Courtney almost spit out the soup in her mouth.

A ski site just because the girl likes skiing? Is he going to build a space station if she likes stargazing? Man, is his wealth really endless?

Meanwhile, Alexander, who was unaffected at all, nodded. “Sure, you decide.”

Although Melrose City had snow every year, it was located in the southern part of the country, so it had less snow compared to the northern cities. Thus, there could only be man-made ski sites. Since a ski site was unprecedented in Melrose City, building one appeared to be quite an excellent idea.

Though, Scott was only using the topic as a segue to another.

“My decision means nothing. You’re still the one investing and controlling. I’m already this old. Do you expect me to travel all over the world for the business’ developments?”

That was when Courtney realized that Scott was only taking advantage of the investment discussions to persuade Alexander back into Sunhill Enterprise.

“I don’t have the time lately, Grandpa.” Without establishing eye contact with his grandfather, Alexander put a piece of meat onto Courtney’s plate as he perfunctorily replied, “We’ll talk about it when I’m done with everything on my plate.”

“And what’s on your plate?” Scott was visibly annoyed. “Heck, you’d pick being the head of finance of some medium-sized enterprise over the president of Sunhill?”

His words left Courtney somewhat embarrassed.

After all, Hunter Group belonged to her, so none could blame her for feeling ashamed when her company was looked down on right in front of her.

She turned to Alexander, who was silently pondering. He then revealed a scowl. “What’s wrong with being the head of finance? It’s much more stable than being a president who could get sacked any time.”

His counter rendered the old man speechless.

Initially, Scott had misunderstood that Alexander might have some personality issues, and that led to conflicts. Although the latter called it quits, it was technically the former who fired him.

It was fine for anyone to take up the mantle of president. However, out of all capable men in the world, it just had to be James, who Alexander disdained the most. And that was certainly a sting in the eye.

Seeing the old man’s glare, Courtney hastily interrupted, “Grandpa, it’s not that Alexander doesn’t want to go back. It’s just that our preparation has yet to be finished. Just treat it as doing me a favor, okay? I promise you that he’ll surely return once he’s done balancing the books by the end of this year.” At the very least, her words saved the old man some pride.

“Ahem.” Scott let out a dry cough. “Well, there shouldn’t be any loose ends. Fine then, we’ll talk about it again next year when he’s done helping you.”

In fact, it was quite obvious to Courtney that Scott felt insecure handing the fate of Sunhill Enterprise to James. After all, James’ traits were nothing but questionable, so none could tell what would happen soon if he were to remain the president of Sunhill Enterprise.

The calmer Alexander appeared, the uneasier Scott grew.

It was as if they were destined to oppose each other.

In order to soothe the mood, Courtney racked her brain and came up with something else to talk about. “Anyway, Grandpa, it’s your birthday next week. Actually, not only is Alexander busy with work in my company, but he’s also preparing for your birthday celebration.”

“I don’t really mind it.” Scott waved his hand, adding, “I’ve never liked things to be merrier than it should be.”

“How could you not? It’s your eightieth birthday! Mr. Harry said that the house phone’s been bombarded by calls from people asking about your birthday. Besides, the reservation at the hotel is already done, so all you need to do is attend it!”

At Courtney’s persuasion, Scott forcefully nodded his head.

Despite claiming that he didn’t like merriness, he was actually gleeful. And Courtney was made aware of that thanks to Alicia. As a person grew older, they tended to find themselves craving for company. In Scott’s case, that meant great-grandchildren!

After wondering for a while, Scott suddenly quizzed, “Is the guest list finalized for the celebration?”

At that, Courtney turned to Alexander, knowing she had no rights in deciding who—family, relatives, or friends—got to be invited to the party. Hence, it should all be referred to Alexander.

“Not yet.” The latter raised his head. “I was going to ask Mr. Harry about it. Perhaps I’ll have to trouble him with the guest list and invitation cards.”

Since the Duncans’ circle of company was gigantic, he could barely recognize a few of them.

Hearing his answer, Scott nodded his head before turning to Courtney, questioning, “Courtney, what do you think? Should I send an invitation to your uncle and aunt?”

Courtney was taken aback by the sudden question. Before she could regain her senses, the old man added, “Besides, it’s time we discuss your marriage with Alexander. From what I can tell, there aren’t many people in your family, but Tina told me that you’re closest with your uncle and aunt.”

At once, Scott’s messages overwhelmed Courtney, who swiftly turned to Alexander, wordlessly requesting for help. Why’d he suddenly bring up marriage?

“It’s still kinda early for that, Grandpa. Plus, Courtney’s uncle and aunt aren’t that amiable.”

Hearing that, Scott glowered and turned to Courtney. “Courtney, they don’t really like businesspeople, do they?”

In fact, Courtney’s uncle was a member of politics. Although he had originally resigned, he was rehired and delegated to Kyoto for a crucial position. Furthermore, after having witnessed Courtney’s mother being dumped by her father, indeed, William and Alicia no longer had the stomach to accept any kind of businessman as their own.

Thus, Scott’s concern wasn’t baseless. After all, Courtney once tested her aunt, which the latter seemed to bear some dislike against Alexander.

“I’m not too sure about that, but I wouldn’t think so. What year is it already? I don’t think anyone’s that uptight.” Courtney laughed, attempting to steer away from the topic. “There’s plenty of opportunities to talk ahead of us.”

Nevertheless, the old man frowned as uneasiness filled his eyes.

Perhaps it isn’t a very good idea for a granddaughter-in-law to possess such a deep family background. It shouldn’t take this much effort to see my own grandson get married. How many years have I been waiting for this? Bearing that, he helplessly let out a sigh. “When I was Alexander’s age, both my children were almost graduating elementary school.”

“Both?” Courtney mindlessly inquired.

Scott was momentarily stunned. As if he was thinking about something, his eyes appeared darkened. “Never mind. Let’s dig in.”

Sneakily, she pinched herself, regretting speaking without thinking beforehand.

Back when she was in Hostel D’Amour in Ancient City, she heard about it from Fiona. However, so much time had passed that she had forgotten about the fact that Alexander’s mother was adopted by Scott. In other words, the two kids Scott mentioned were referring to both Alexander’s parents.

Unfortunately, her witless question triggered some saddening memories within the old man’s mind.

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