One Night Surprise Chapter 302

Chapter 302 You Said You Weren’t Playing, Great-Grandpa

As the lights across the hallway flickered, figures of a couple were snuggling against each other, affectionately embracing each other.

After several times of inputting the wrong password, countless beeps echoed in the empty elevator lobby.

Eventually, the password was entered correctly, and the couple barged into the darkness of their unit.

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Currently, Jordan and Tina were staying at the Duncans’ ancestral home while Oliver stayed in the school dorm to prepare for his finals as well as his military training at school.

Meanwhile, Alexander and Courtney kissed from the door to the couch. Before they even returned to their room, the woman’s skirt was tugged off, leaving her underwear hanging on her ankle. Then, a clear, metallic sound sourced from the frame of a belt disrupted the air.

He held her shoulder and let out a moan before going into her.

Soon, treble pants filled the entire house.

Underneath the moonlight, a cloudy shadow of oscillating movements was cast on the wall.

Ultimately, Alexander didn’t get to discover the identity of Leon, and didn’t care to do so as long as it wasn’t the sub model she mentioned or he’d get ridiculed by his partner once again.

Under the passionate sensation wafting in the air, Courtney, exhausted, cuddled in his arms as the couple shut their eyes lying on the couch with a sheet covering their intimate parts.

“So it was your assistant that told you about doms and subs?”

Courtney perfunctorily nodded.

“If those two are for young men, what about older men?”

At his questions, she was stupefied as her drowsiness suddenly dispersed. She peered at him and asked, “You sure you wanna know?”

Alexander nodded, bearing an intuition that nothing good would result from his curiosity.

“Natasha said that young boys are classified into doms and subs. Older men, on the other hand, are more uptight, especially those with bad tempers and those that never compliment others.”

Hearing that, he scowled in disagreement. “Not complimenting others is uptight?”

“Of course, just like how you’ve never complimented me.”

After gawking at him for a while, she felt that he would still behave the same, so she decided to close off the discussion.

“Well, whatever. Words don’t mean much anyway.”

However, Alexander grew interested. “So what did she say about their nickname?”

Seeing him thirsting for knowledge, Courtney pursed her lips before blurting her answer, which reverberated across the spacious house for quite some time.

Alexander’s face gradually fell. “Time for a new assistant.”

Holding back her laugh, Courtney replied, “You just allowed her a raise two days ago. You, the head of finance, approved it yourself.”

The man was speechless.

She felt Natasha deserved another raise for allowing her a glimpse at his rare, speechless face. Perhaps some occasional web-surfing for fads can be quite important after all.


During the weekend, Courtney went to visit her kids at the Duncans’ ancestral home. Although Alexander told her that she could bring them back, after considering that she wouldn’t have the time to look after them, and that their absence at the ancestral home would leave Scott alone, she did not agree to it.

When they reached the ancestral home, they saw Harry and two maids awaiting their arrival.

“Welcome back, Young Master, Miss Hunter.”

“Where’s Grandpa?” Alexander held Courtney’s hand as they alighted the vehicle.

“Two days ago, Little Master said that he wanted to build a snowman, so Master had someone construct a snowmaker at the back of the hill. Since it was rather cold last night, the snowmaker was able to make some snow, and Master is now bringing the kids to some snowman-building.”

“Why’d he ask for that out of nowhere?” Alexander frowned in confusion.

After remaining silent for some time, Courtney answered, “It might have been Tina’s idea. Girl always wanted to play with snow whenever it was winter, and I’d bring her to ski during this time. Oh, this little girl! It’s just a matter of days from now until the news’ report of snowfall in Melrose.”

Typically, it always snowed at the beginning of December in Melrose City. Strangely, this year, snow was nowhere to be seen despite it being mid-December already.

Since Scott and the kids weren’t at home, Courtney and Alexander could only head to the back of the hill to look for them.

The snowmaker had been turned off since some time ago, and the back of the hill was beautifully covered in white.

Evidently, two kids donning meatball costumes—one in red; one in yellow—were dashing on the snowfield, forcefully throwing snowballs at a person hiding behind a tree. Judging from the person’s shout, it was most definitely Hannah.

Far away was another person squatting on the ground. Although he was getting on in years, he was still full of spirit. He wasn’t on the battlefield, but he had a lot of snowy, weighty ammunition prepared by his feet.

As if Courtney had made a discovery, she dragged Alexander’s arm, signaling him to see the old man.

When he turned to look at the target, he was instantly dumbfounded.

In his impression, his grandfather was an ever-stern man who would never involve himself in snowball fights.

“I bet I can make Grandpa play with us.”

“Not a chance,” Alexander replied faintly. “He never liked these things.”

“And what if I did?”

“I’ll do the dishes for one whole month.”

“Deal.” Having said that, Courtney started walking toward the snowfield, only to stop all of a sudden. “Wait a second. But you’ve always been doing them!”

Alexander subtly beamed as he calmly looked at her with his arms crossed.

Since the gamble no longer had any meaning, she glowered at him before jogging to the old man.


Surprised by her presence, Scott awkwardly stood up and attempted to hide the snowballs by his feet. “You’re here, Courtney.”

“Don’t step on them, Grandpa! They look great!” Courtney hastily grabbed a pair of snowballs before pressing them firm. “Now, these are perfect b***s.” As she said so, she aimed at the frenzied red meatball and threw the snowball.

“Ah! Who hit me!” Tina’s soprano voice sounded from the snowfield as she fell to the ground upon the strike on her head. When she turned around, there was only her great-grandfather standing still outside the snowfield. “You said you weren’t playing, Great-Grandpa!”

Stupefied, Scott replied, “N-No, it wasn’t me…”

At that moment, Courtney was hiding her petite body behind Scott. Since the latter had a big black coat on, the woman successfully concealed her entire body behind him.

While Tina was still distracted, she tossed another snowball at her—a direct hit on the back of her head!

“Jordan, Great-Grandpa’s hitting me!” Tilted, Tina pulled Jordan as she screamed. And so, the two little ones started charging toward the old man with snowballs in their hands.

Meanwhile, Hannah, who was behind the giant tree, sensed the end of the danger upon her and immediately joined in.

“I’m coming to save you, Dad!”

Dragged into the rumble, Scott couldn’t dodge in time and got attacked by a relentless assault of snowballs. In that instant, Courtney sneaked a snowball into his hand and encouraged, “Go, Grandpa! Fight back!”

A snowball as big as a fist traveled in a graceful arc after Scott’s toss. And so, the war grew even more intense as battle cries thundered across the snowfield. There was nothing but merriness!

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