One Night Surprise Chapter 301

Chapter 301 A Sub Took My Coat

Leon thoroughly froze at Courtney’s questioning. After dwelling in bafflement for a while, as he was gritting his teeth while noises pierced his ears, he blurted, “Right.”

Right, he said? Perturbed, Courtney stated, “Never mind. You’re freezing, so let’s just put the dinner on hold. Tell me, where do you live? I’ll send you home.”

Without any resistance, Leon quietly followed Courtney into her car.

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Since the hotel Leon lived in wasn’t that far away, Courtney sent him right to the doorsteps of the hotel. “Keep the clothes, or you might catch a cold.”

After all, Leon was an ambassador for the Hunter Group. If he were to get sick after his promotional shoot in Melrose City, it would definitely stir up a severe outrage in his devoted online fan base.

Somehow, Leon seemed delighted. “I’ll return them after I have them washed.”

“Whenever you’re in Melrose City again.” Courtney smiled as she waved him goodbye. She heaved a sigh of relief right as the vehicle door was shut.

“Let’s head home, Mr. Morgan.”

Thanks to the fact that exposure and engagement played a crucial role in businesses, it was no easy task to satisfy celebrities who were hired to represent the company.

Soon, as the vehicle entered the neighborhood, Courtney saw a hazy figure at the entrance of the apartment. Thrilled, she hopped out of the vehicle right when it stopped and ran into Alexander’s arms. She raised her head. “How did you know that I’m back?”

Seeing she didn’t have her coat on, Alexander frowned as he pulled her into his giant coat, replying, “Natasha told me.”

“Ah, so now you’d even plant a mole on me. What did she say?”

“That you should’ve come home half an hour ago.” He was visibly moody. “In other words, I’ve been waiting for you for over forty minutes. Seems like my insider’s info wasn’t dependable at all.”

“Haha!” Courtney burst out laughing. “Do you think she actually locks her eyes on me twenty-four seven? She’s helping me to tend to the guests. So, next time, instead of troubling her, you can just ask me yourself.”

Seeing her continuously sniffling, Alexander wrapped his arm around her as they walked into the apartment. “As if you have the time.”

Courtney countered, “You were much busier than I am before. At least I still come home every day, whereas you, mister, would disappear for months every time you left for a business trip.”

Once they entered the apartment, Alexander pressed the elevator button. However, since the elevator was taking its time, he took off his coat and covered Courtney with it, rebuking, “Is your coat invisible now?”

“Forget it.” She let out a sigh. “It’s a pain in the *ss.”

“How come?”

“Do you know about ‘dom’ and ‘sub’ males?” Courtney suddenly quizzed, to which the man revealed a skeptical look.

“It’s kind of a trend where the women would classify men into the two. ‘Dom’ would mean a dominant man while ‘sub’—a submissive man.”

Seemingly uninterested, Alexander questioned the relevance. “What has it got to do with you wearing your coat?”

“A sub took my coat.”

Courtney curled up in his huge coat. Thanks to its enormous size, and the fact that its shoulders were tailored with a firm material, it appeared as if she was hiding in a wardrobe. It was a fascinating sight.

As she nestled in the coat, she attempted to read his expression, and was ready to be entertained by his jealous face. But it wasn’t until after a while that he replied with a question, “Who’s the sub?”

Immediately, Courtney helplessly ranted, “Did you not hear what I said? When I say ‘sub,’ I’m referring to Leon—Hunter Group’s ambassador. Everyone at work calls him a pretty boy now, and I lost my jacket to him.”

Alexander was stunned.

When the elevator finally arrived, Courtney walked into it without turning back, as if she had no intention to speak any further. The man, too, entered the elevator, scowling. “Leon’s a man?”

“You know any woman named ‘Leon’?” She glanced at his face from the corner of her eyes and continued to tease him. “Leon’s my fav.”

Instantly, Alexander’s face turned gloomy, and so did his tone. “What?”

“I said Leon’s my fav! Well, you know I’m not into celebs, but Leon’s my bias.”

She could see his expression getting more fascinating from the reflection of the mirror as he responded in dissatisfaction. “I’ve never heard you talk about liking any celebrities.”

“Who’d actually tell everyone whom they love? It’s all kept in the heart.” Courtney frowned. Seeing that the elevator was almost reaching their floor, she was getting ready to get out.

Ding! Right as the elevator door opened, her wrist was gripped and her entire body was pulled back by tremendous strength. She let out a shocked yell, and by the time she regained her senses, she realized she had been pressed against the elevator wall.

Pinning one of her arms against the wall, Alexander lowered his head to look at her, angrily questioning, “So you went to see Leon?”

“Why are you this worked up?” Despite her struggle, she couldn’t shake him off. Thus, she chuckled. “Ah, someone’s getting jealous…”

“Quit laughing. Answer me.” Alexander grew even angrier.

Since she couldn’t do a thing, she simply leaned against the elevator wall as she stared at him with a victimized look. “Yes, I went to look for Leon. He invited me to dinner at Swallow Street. He was dressed rather lightly, so I took my coat off and lent it to him.”

Hearing that, he gazed at his own coat that Courtney was wearing and became absolutely vexed, grasping her wrist even tighter.

In response, she tensed her brows. “Hey, you’re hurting me!”

Right when she blurted those words, she felt a freezing breeze brushing against her body. Before she realized it, Alexander had pulled his coat off her, unwilling to give it back to her.

Ambushed by the cold, she grabbed his arm. “Hey, what are you doing? I’m freezing here!”

“Well, you gave your coat to Leon, so go take it back from him.”

Of course, Alexander knew very clearly that Courtney would never betray him, and being star-struck wasn’t actually incomprehensible. Sadly, he was taken over by jealousy and felt the need to vent, and the coat allowed him the opportunity for sweet revenge.

Seeing his jealous, angry face, Courtney felt exhilarated. If it weren’t for the cold, she would have pushed him even further to see what his limit was. Nonetheless, she was done with teasing him, so she clarified, “I meant Leon from my favorite movie, not Leon the model from work. You’re overthinking it!”

At once, he turned around and looked at her face, only to find out that he had been fooled. Immediately, he seized her arms and pushed her back against the wall.

“Ah, stop tickling me! Hahaha! I’m sorry. I said I’m sorry!”

Alexander attacked exactly the parts of her body that she felt ticklish the most. Her face reddened from all the laughing as she begged for him to stop. Seeing her panting and her face reddening, he stopped tickling her. All at once, he started breathing heavily.

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