One Night Surprise Chapter 300

Chapter 300 Miss, Do You Think I’m Cute?

“Do you still remember what I said to you before?” There was a sense of maturity exuding from Oliver. Back then, he held it back in front of Courtney but now, it was all revealed for all to see.

The 20-year-old young man was now looking very stern, like a well-groomed statue.

“James has about 20 various nightclubs in Melrose City operating under him. Even though the two nightclubs found in the investigation have nothing to do with him, after my research on the police’s checklist, none of his nightclubs were chosen for inspection.”

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Oliver then turned toward Alexander. Although he was vague with his words, the latter could already understand where he was going.

There is no such coincidence. How could none of James’ 20 nightclubs be chosen during an inspection of the entire Melrose City? There’s surely some higher-ups protecting him.

“What do you plan to do?” Alexander furrowed his brows.

Although he didn’t say it out loud, he was still worried about Oliver.

After all, Oliver was just a 20-year-old kid, and the situation was too overwhelming for him.

If that really is a whole warehouse of K Powder, the severity of this situation is enough to put us all in trouble.

“I don’t plan to report this to the anti-narcotics team. Next month, our school will have actual combat training at the eighth military camp and the base of the Blue Eagle Program is located in Melrose City. It’s more reliable to leave this in their hands than the anti-narcotics team. Now, I’m only worried about one thing—the truck driver Courtney met that day.” At this point, Oliver paused for a beat. “Most people in this line of work are very suspicious of everyone.”

I’m afraid that they’ll suspect her of finding out something that day and try to kill her.

Listening to him, Alexander’s face slowly darkened.

From Oliver’s expression, he could see the severity of what he was worried about.

At night, just as Courtney was done signing a contract with her client, her phone kept on vibrating in her pocket. With a glance, she noticed that she had received hundreds of messages.

All of it was sent by Leon.

As soon as she left the commercial booth, there was already a friend request notification on her Messenger account.

Where the hell did Leon get my Messenger account handle?

The moment she opened his messages, there were countless emojis without any words and most of them were of the adorable kind. The most annoying part was that all the emojis were actually pictures of Leon himself, and every picture came with pink text.

‘Miss, what are you doing?’

‘Miss, do you think I’m adorable?’

‘If you ignore me, I’m going to be angry.’

‘I’m hungry.’

Courtney was rendered speechless.

She quickly read through all of it and in the end, she didn’t have the patience, so she scrolled right to the very bottom. Finally, she saw a text.

‘Don’t forget about our dinner tonight. I’m waiting for you in the commercial booth.”

It was only then that Courtney remembered she promised to treat him to a meal.

“Natasha, what time is it?”

In the passenger seat, Natasha turned her head around and took a look at her watch. “It’s seven thirty, President Hunter. What’s wrong?”

“Has the commercial shooting finished?”

“Oh—I’ve asked them just now. I received news from the producer saying that it ended not long ago. They are now clearing out everything in the booth and preparing to leave.”

“Ask them not to leave first. Tell them that I’m treating them to dinner tonight. You can choose the place.”

“Alright. Are you going?”

“No.” Courtney waved her hand. “You can attend the dinner for me.”

“Hello?” After making the call to inform the people at the commercial booth, Natasha ordered the driver. “Mr. Morgan, can you please drop me off at that traffic light in front? I’ll call a cab for myself. Please send President Hunter home.”

At night, Melrose City was a lively sight.

When passing by the Pinnacle Shopping Center, Courtney could see the electronic screen projecting Sunhill Enterprise’s commercial and their new spokesperson—Britney Price. In the commercial, her innocent eyes were completely different from the woman Courtney knew.

She is responsible for Jordan’s constant suffering all these years. Time reveals every person’s true colors; now, she and James are finally showing their real selves. If it weren’t for Alexander holding me back, I would have sued the two of them in court right away.

In the car, a rapid ringtone suddenly rang, pulling her back from her rage.

With a glance, she noticed that it was a stranger’s number. Hesitating, she answered the call.


“Miss, why aren’t you here yet?”

Listening to the voice of an aggrieved young man, Courtney was startled. “Leon?”

“It’s me.” The young man sniffed very loudly, as if he was about to cry. “It’s very cold outside and I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

“Didn’t my assistant inform the people at the commercial booth? She booked a place for a meal; did no one tell you?”

“No,” he said aggrievedly. “I left the moment the shooting was over. I’m now waiting for you at the fountain square of Swallow Street.”

“Why are you waiting for me?” Courtney furrowed her brows. “Natasha already informed everyone to have dinner together. Why don’t I give your number to her and I’ll ask her to contact you?”

“Wait!” Before Courtney could hang up the phone, Leon’s anxious voice came from the other end. “Miss, are you saying that there are other people coming for dinner tonight?”

“Of course.” Courtney didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Of course I’m inviting the whole production crew over.”

“You aren’t coming?”

“No; I’m not. There are many of you and it’s lively enough. Plus, my assistant will be there on my behalf.”

“But that’s not what you said this evening.” Leon was suddenly nervous. “I’ve waited for you for so long. I didn’t plan to eat with them.”

At the moment, Courtney felt a headache come on as she was now having an illusion that she was communicating with a child.

Leon isn’t even that much younger than me.

“I really am busy.”

On the other end, he sounded as though he was about to cry. “It’s too cold here in Melrose City. Did you know that I flew here from Melbourne? It is still summer there so I didn’t bring a jacket along. Achoo!”

Hearing the word ‘miss’, Courtney felt as though she was seeing Shay back then in the underground boxing arena while he was holding her hand. At that time, Shay was still a young boy who wasn’t as lively as he was now. Even after surviving in a place like that, he still had a pair of clear eyes.

Back then, she was just 15 years old and she said to him, “If you call me ‘miss’, I’ll get you out of here.”

Half an hour later, the driver arrived at Swallow Street. As soon as Courtney got down from the car, she went to the fountain square. From far away, she could see a skinny and tall figure curled up beside the fountain.

In the cold weather, he didn’t have a jacket on and he was only wearing a knitted pullover. With half of his face covered, he squatted on the ground pitifully while drawing circles with his finger.

“Oh my goodness, are you planning to be on the news by freezing to death here?” The moment Courtney saw Leon, she felt inexplicably distressed, so she took off her jacket to wrap him in it. “Even if you were waiting to have dinner with me, you could’ve just gone to a mall to warm yourself up while you waited.”

Leon sniffed. “There are too many people in the mall. I don’t want them to recognize me.”

There were many worries about being a celebrity. Although Courtney could understand, she was still baffled about him squatting here and waiting for her in the cold. “You told me on the phone that you want to eat here but at the same time, you are also afraid of being recognized by your fans?” she asked.

Is this kid an imbecile?

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