One Night Surprise Chapter 299

Chapter 299 He’s Quite the Follower

“What?” Courtney thought she had misheard. “What dogs?”

“Oh my—not dogs.” Natasha quickly explained, “It’s a metaphor for young men.”

“Young men?” Courtney was still at loss.

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“It means men that are younger than you.” Natasha then spent a lot of time explaining the current beauty standards and the personality characteristics of puppies and wolves. Hearing her explanation, Courtney’s eyes were wide. “Overall, puppies are more considerate and obedient to you. They will often pleasantly surprise you and give you warmth. As for wolves, they are more dominant and masculine but they won’t let you do any work, which shows that they care for you.”

“According to your explanation, it really sounds quite nice,” Courtney said thoughtfully. “No wonder these types are so popular recently.”

“This time, the spokesperson that the company hired is very young.”

“Really?” Courtney couldn’t imagine what a 20-year-old man would look like.

A while later, they arrived at the booth where the advertisement was shot.

Although Natasha acted like a fangirl on the way, she didn’t forget her professionalism when they arrived at the scene. She asked the two assistants, who came to help, to give everyone the cake and Starbucks coffee that they bought. Then, she looked at Courtney, seeking permission before she went to ask for a signed photograph.

As for Courtney, she didn’t follow Natasha as she wasn’t interested in the entertainment industry. Every day, Shay would call her to complain what an awful mess the industry was, so she always tried to avoid it.

Seeing Natasha taking photos with the male model from afar, she could see that the model was roughly two heads taller than Natasha. The lighting was too bright so she couldn’t see his face clearly.

After a quick glance, she withdrew her gaze and talked to the producer next to her while holding her coffee.

A while later, Natasha came back.

“President Hunter, this is the model for the commercial—Leon.”

“Leon?” Courtney lifted her head in surprise. This was the first time she saw the male model, who had millions of fans. He stood behind Natasha and she saw that he had prominent facial features; his brown eyes were very deep, much like clear spring water.

He had fair skin, bright eyes and white teeth. Along with his brown curly hair, Courtney felt that he looked like a real life teddy bear. In her mind, she just couldn’t connect the feminine-looking young hunk in front of her with the killer in the movie ‘The Professional’.

“Hello.” She reluctantly quirked up the corners of her lips and revealed a smile that she thought was polite enough.

Lean shook her hand and immediately smiled, revealing his teeth.

“You look much younger than me. You are so pretty.”

The voice of the young man was clear and youthful, giving others a sense of clarity.

For a moment, Courtney was startled but she quickly came back around.

“Thank you. Are young people usually so sweet now?”

“You look like you are 20 years old, Miss.” Leon blinked as he corrected her. “You are also one of us young people too.”

“Ha!” As Courtney laughed, she couldn’t help but glance at Natasha.

I finally understand what she meant by puppies. His mouth is really sweet.

“I brought some cakes and coffee. Have a rest and eat some before the next shoot,” Courtney politely reminded him. “I have something else to attend to, so I’ll make a move first. See you next time.”

Just as she was about to leave, Leon grabbed her sleeve. She turned around and met his serious eyes. “When will the next time be?”

Courtney’s brows furrowed slightly. It was only a turn of phrase. If the shooting of the commercial goes smoothly, it will be wrapped up today. How can there be a next time?

However, upon facing Leon’s question, she could only reluctantly continue, “I’ll treat you to a meal after the shooting.”

eon immediately revealed a smile. “The shooting will be finished today evening. It’s settled then—we’ll have dinner together tonight.”

He really is quite the follower.

Courtney was startled for a moment but when she came back to her senses, Leon had already turned around and went back to the shoot. From a distance away, he even looked back and raised his brows at her.

“Natasha, is this the puppy you mentioned? Why does he feel so cheesy to me?”

However, Natasha didn’t feel this way at all as she secretly took a lot of photos on her phone. Listening to her, she refuted, “President Hunter, you are quite young but why do you sound so old? This is the current trend. How is it cheesy? Don’t you think Leon’s words make others really happy?”

“What’s there to be happy about?”

“He praised you for being pretty, young and nice. Men these days basically won’t even open their mouths.”

Come to think of it, it’s true.

Courtney sorted through her memories and realized that Alexander never seemed to have praised her beauty or personality before.

Then, she asked Natasha, “What do you usually call these men who don’t praise others?”

“He’s in his thirties.”

Without lifting her head, Natasha said, “We call them old dogs.”

Courtney smirked. That’s quite accurate.

At this moment, someone in the Hunter Group sneezed twice in a row while looking through the financial account.


Alexander frowned as he held a cup of hot tea in his hand, taking a sip. Then, he turned on his phone to take a look at the weather report.

It must be because of the cold weather.

While thinking about it, his phone rang and a message appeared.

‘I’m busy so I’ll be back late.’

After staring at the name ‘Courtney Hunter’ for a while, he went back to change her name on his phone before replying to her text.


It feels much better looking at the name ‘Courtney’ instead.

When the finance assistant knocked on the door and came in, she was shocked to see him smiling while holding his phone. Carefully, she knocked on the door again.

“What is it?” Alexander looked toward the source of the sound.

“Mr. Duncan, President Hunter’s brother is here.”

When the finance assistant mentioned Courtney’s little brother, Alexander didn’t give much reaction because he thought it was Shay. When Oliver came in instead, Alexander finally came back to his senses and sneered, “Looks like everyone is your relative these days.”

Oliver was wearing a pair of jeans and a black sweater, and he even put on a white baseball jacket. Setting aside his backpack, he sat on the couch casually.

“I’ve already taken a step back. If someone didn’t get to her first, I might introduce myself as something other than a brother.”

“Is that so?” Alexander glared at him. “If you aren’t her brother, who do you plan to be?”

His quick glance was filled with murderous intent and Oliver could feel the atmosphere of the room getting cold, so he awkwardly changed the subject. “I took the package back to school for inspection last night. It’s K Powder.”

Alexander’s eyes darkened. “Are you sure?”

“Positive.” Oliver had a firm expression while his tone became serious. “It is usually used in nightclubs. Lately, several bars in Melrose City were found to have these things, but the dealer behind the scenes has not been found. I suspect that they are the same person.”

“We can start the investigation from the Sakura Group.” Alexander suggested.

“No; I suspect that this has something to do with James.”

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