One Night Surprise Chapter 298

Chapter 298 Puppies and Wolves

“The Sakura Group wouldn’t take such a risk to do this kind of thing in their own warehouse.” Alexander’s voice was firm. “The annual profit of an airline company far exceeds selling these things. If it really has something to do with them, it must be the actions of someone under them.”

“Are you saying that someone is using their warehouse to smuggle drugs?” Courtney frowned even harder. “This is crazy!”

“You said just now that the driver went to the wrong warehouse,” Oliver suddenly interrupted them. “Is this his first time?”

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Courtney was startled for a moment. “I think so.”

“I still need to take this back for examination. Maybe it isn’t what you think it is.” Oliver put away the paper on the coffee table. “If it really is, they wouldn’t do it so openly and they didn’t even ask someone to guide the driver even though it’s his first time. It’s too risky for them.”

This really is strange.

Courtney and Bill thought about it in the warehouse but they weren’t sure if it was the real thing, so they didn’t dare to follow the driver and see what the shipment really was.

They discussed it for a while but they couldn’t come up with any answers. After Bill left, Oliver said that he had classes the next morning, so he went back to sleep in the school. Suddenly, the apartment became deserted.

Courtney took away the cups on the coffee table and just as she was about to clean them, Alexander said to her, “I’ll do it.”

With that, the beige rubber gloves in her hands went to him.

With someone helping her, she didn’t refuse and she leaned on the marble table instead. Courtney then started to play with her phone while casually talking with Alexander.

“It seems like Oliver is about to take his final exam in the next two days, so he’s always away from home. Suddenly, the whole place feels pretty lonely to me.”

Listening to her, Alexander stopped washing the cups. He looked at her and asked, “You want the place to be more lively?”

“Yes.” Courtney nodded absently and answered simply, “Who doesn’t like a lively place? A home is warm when it’s lively.”

Alexander nodded, seemingly lost in his own thoughts. “We can have a few more children after we get married.”

Then, he kept on washing the cups.

Courtney was busy playing with her phone but upon hearing his words, she was stunned and she even though she had heard him wrongly. Her hands were still swiping on the phone screen instinctively as she asked, “What did you just say?”

After washing the cups, Alexander placed them upside down on the rack to dry. Taking off the rubber gloves, he repeated, “I’m asking you if you like a lively place.”

“I do,” she replied to him, feeling slightly confused.

Why does this question feel familiar to me? I’m sure that I answered him just now.

She was too invested in the game so basically, she was answering Alexander’s questions instinctively. The moment his words went into her left ear, it immediately came out the other end.

Alexander had already cleaned up everything so he gently pinched her cheeks with his cool fingers. Lowering his head, he planted a kiss on her forehead and murmured, “It’s late. Time to go to sleep.”

Courtney’s face couldn’t help but flush as she followed him from behind to her room.

In her mind, she somehow felt that she had heard him mention something about marriage just now.

“Alright; I understand. All’s good as the shipment is fine.”

Deep in the valley, the voice speaking into the phone was particularly clear on the balcony of a three-story villa.

After hanging up, James went back to the room. Britney had just come out from her bath and she was now sitting on the dressing table, applying a mud mask on her face.

“Who called?” she asked simply.

“It’s none of your business.” James stared at her tender neck while feeling restless inside. “You only need to know that I’ve decided to follow your plan to deal with that thorn in your side.”

“Have you thought about it?” She turned around and looked at him in surprise.

“Yes; I’ve thought about it and you’re right. Courtney has Alexander helping her from behind the scenes and she isn’t that stupid. The possibility of defeating her with ordinary means is too low, so I’m now forced to use extreme measures.”

“What do you plan to do?” Britney seemed to be worried, so she asked, “Why don’t I—”

“I know what you mean. I’ve already arranged everything.” James cut her off and he seemed to be really confident about it. “Isn’t the plan to separate her and Alexander? How hard is it to deal with a relationship between a man and a woman?”

In the night, James’ tone was a little more menacing. His belittling attitude toward women was a bit disgusting to Britney but in front of him, she didn’t even furrow her brows in the slightest. Instead, she revealed a smile and agreed with him.

The next day, everyone was discussing the matter about the brand spokesperson at the morning

The director of the advertisement department gave Courtney a long list of names. “In this list, we’ve ranked all the celebrities based on cost-effectiveness, popularity, reliability and image suitability. The top three are basically the same but they have some small advantages and disadvantages respectively. President Hunter, the final decision is in your hands.”

“We’ll follow the list. Didn’t you already rank all of them? We’ll just go with the first one.” She glanced at it and yawned.

To be honest, she wasn’t familiar with the current celebrities. If Shay didn’t tag along with Casey to Bali for a holiday, she didn’t even think that they needed a spokesperson because she felt that Shay would be the most reliable.

The main product of the Hunter Group was tourism products. Lucian first started a travel company with only one bus during the early years. With the bus, he started a tourism company, which later developed into the tourism enterprise today.

Three days later, Natasha dragged Courtney to the shooting scene to have a look around; truth was, a sleepy Courtney was reluctant to come. “Natasha, this is the advertisement department’s business; we’ll just leave it to them. Why do you have to drag me here?”

“Your work requires you to do this. You have to know what kind of a person our company’s spokesperson is, right? Otherwise, there’ll be problems when we realize that the advertisement is not suitable for our company.”

“When did you start paying attention to these trivial things?” Courtney glanced at her. “Are you telling the truth?”

Hearing that, Natasha pursed her lips awkwardly. “The spokesperson that the advertisement department chose this time is a mixed-race male model. He is handsome and is internationally famous, so my colleagues asked me to get two signed photographs.”

“Is he really that handsome?” Courtney muttered and she disagreed. “I’m not interested in the young hunks that have made their debut recently. Their looks are fine but they are not as good as my…”

“Not as good as who?” Natasha pressed but Courtney shut her mouth and refused to say a thing. “They are not as good as your boyfriend, right?” Natasha finished for her. “You’re right. No one can compare to Mr. Duncan. A few years ago, the cold and handsome type was all the rage but his type has become less popular recently.”

“Is that so?” Courtney felt that her beauty standards were different from the current trend, so she enquired, “Then what is popular recently?”

“It’s either puppies or wolves.”

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