One Night Surprise Chapter 297

Chapter 297 Why Don’t You Report Him?

Courtney looked calm as she stood up from the chair unhurriedly and straightened her clothes. As she looked at James, she lifted her chin slightly, showing a little arrogance. “If you don’t believe me, you can follow me and Mr. Vinsmoke to the Sakura Group’s warehouse for the inspection. Once you see it for yourself, you’ll believe it. By that time, I’m afraid that the factories you rented for a high price will all go to waste.”

The warehouse of the Sakura Group was located in the southern suburbs but James obviously did not believe her, so he actually followed her from behind.

At the scene, Bill was now personally instructing the workers to move the shipment. “This goes here and that goes over there. We need to separate the women’s clothes from the men’s clothes so that it’ll be easier for them to pick up the goods later on. Don’t mix it up.”

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A few designers under Bill’s command—whom he was close with—also came here to help personally. After inspecting the shipment, Mr. Vinsmoke handed the list over to his secretary, who stood beside him. In front of Courtney, he smiled. “There aren’t any problems. Give this to the finance department and ask them to transfer the rest of the payment to Citron quickly.”

Courtney gave him a faint smile as she shook his hand. “Thank you, Mr. Vinsmoke. I hope we will have a chance to work together in future.”

“President Hunter, you are a very trustworthy person, so there’ll definitely be a lot of opportunities for us to collaborate.” Mr. Vinsmoke stopped smiling and he glanced at James from the corner of his eye before changing the subject. “President Hunter, I still have matters to attend to in my company so I can’t stay much longer. Next time, let’s have dinner together as a celebration.”

“I’m flattered, Mr. Vinsmoke.”

Meanwhile, James was speechless. After Mr. Vinsmoke left, he was still standing at the entrance of the warehouse as though he was glued to the spot. With a dark expression, he questioned her, “How did you do it? Which factory did you find to produce the rest of the shipment?”

“What? Should I tell you so that you’ll rent the place later on?” Courtney crossed her arms as she stared at James, trying to provoke him with her smile. “However, it seems useless for you to rent it now, so why don’t you save the money?”

James clenched his fists so hard that the sound of bones cracking could be heard. As he held back his rage, he growled, “Courtney, it’s only a matter of time before the Hunter Group is acquired by Sunhill Enterprise, so why are you feeling so happy just because of a lucky escape?”

“I’ve never thought of escaping. You are welcome to bring it on, President Duncan.”

At the moment, James’ eyes were filled with hatred as he looked at her carefree expression. Clenching his fists, he strode out of the warehouse. Britney was right. This woman really has much more to her than meets the eye. It won’t be easy to deal with her, let alone with Alexander coming up with the plans for her. I was too careless this time.

After he left, Courtney turned around and called out to Bill. “Alright. You should stop working. Don’t we have enough staff for that? Tonight, take the whole team out for dinner. Everyone has worked especially hard during this period.”

Bill clapped his hands but then, his expression turned dark as he looked toward James’ direction. “Since we have found evidence of him causing the fire on purpose, who don’t we report him?”

Following his gaze, Courtney looked and saw that James had already gone into his car before leaving. Slowly, the car became a black dot that disappeared into the skyline.

“Alexander said that we’ll even the score in the end. No need to worry.”

The fire broke out in the warehouse at a coincidental time. Even though many sources confirmed that it was caused by aging eclectic circuits and the hot weather, Courtney didn’t believe it at all—her instinct told her that it had something to do with James.

Oliver had found a few classmates in school that specialized in network data, and they found the hotel address of the person in charge of the warehouse who escaped, so they captured him right away. Not only did they obtain the video and audio evidence, they also confiscated the cash that James gave to him as evidence.

Just as the two of them were talking, a large truck suddenly stopped in front of the transporter. The driver, whose hat was pulled down, popped his head out from the window. With a cigarette in his mouth, he asked in a displeased tone, “What are you doing? Who opened the warehouse door?”

The workers responsible for moving the products simply replied, “How do we know who opened the warehouse door? We only know that we need to move these inside.”

That drew Courtney and Bill’s attention. And so, Bill went over to ask him a few questions. Just like that, the two of them, one in the truck and other on the ground, talked for a long while before the driver decided to drive the truck away.

“What’s wrong?” Courtney asked.

“He came to the wrong warehouse,” Bill explained. “He came here to deliver some shipment, but he remembered the location of the warehouse incorrectly. The place he is going is a few rows away from us. It’s not here.”

“Oh.” Courtney nodded understandably.

However, it was difficult for the driver to back the truck and his driving skills didn’t seem to be good. With a bang, Courtney could see the back of that truck collide with her own transporter.

“Goodness; what kind of driving skills does he have?” Her company’s driver was standing off to one side and as soon as he heard the commotion, his face immediately darkened as he turned around, wanting to go argue with the other driver.

Courtney was afraid that this might cause a ruckus so she tried to block him while Bill brought two men with him to take a look.

The accident wasn’t that serious. The truck driver wasn’t that good at backing the truck, so it rammed against the surface of the transporter. Luckily, the transporter was much bigger than the truck and it only caused a dent on the outer shell, so it wasn’t a big deal. However, the truck was in a worse situation as it seemed to have been overloaded with cargo. With just a shake, a cardboard box fell off the truck and hit the concrete floor.

Before the driver could come down, Courtney and Bill went over to help but just as they were about to touch the box, someone shouted, “Hey! Who told you to touch my stuff?”

Both Courtney and Bill, who were about to squat down, were startled and paused in the act. The driver rushed over and quickly carried the box up before giving Courtney a vicious glare. Soon after, he drove the truck away without even giving an apology.

It was only after a few beats that Courtney came back to her senses and said resignedly, “There are so many strange people these days.” However, beside her, Bill remained motionless, so she asked curiously, “Bill, what are you looking at?”

“What do you think this is?”

Following his gaze, Courtney saw a pile of white powder on the concrete floor. At first, she was startled but when she connected the situation with the driver’s nervousness just now, her eyes suddenly focused.

At night in the living room of Courtney’s apartment, Alexander and Courtney sat side by side on the two-seater while Oliver and Bill sat on a sofa each, which were on two ends of the coffee table. On said table, there was a piece of A4 paper with white powder on it. However, the powder wasn’t clean as it was mixed with some gray particles.

After staring at the paper for a while, Oliver said, “I’ll take this back for my classmate to examine in the laboratory so we can identify it. We don’t know what it is just by looking at it but from your description, it’s probably that.”

Courtney furrowed her brows. Even though it was a long time since she first discovered the powder, she was still in disbelief. “If it really is, how much of it has to do with the Sakura Group? Bill and I asked their staff and they said that the warehouses are not rented out, so they are only used by the Sakura Group.”

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