One Night Surprise Chapter 295

Chapter 295 The Person in Charge Is Gone

No one knew when Courtney appeared behind them. As soon as they heard her voice, everyone’s faces turned pale in unison. For a moment, the atmosphere came to a deadlock but suddenly, someone quickly returned to their working position.

“Miss Lilly, I can give you the semi-annual plan for the second half of the year before getting off from work. I can also prepare the annual plan for next year before that.”

Thinking about Bill’s expensive villa, everyone dispersed and returned to their respective work stations quickly. Just like a spring, they sprung back to their usual work as fast as possible.

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Standing beside Bill, Natasha looked at them in a daze.

This is probably the power of money! If your workers aren’t working hard enough, it means that you haven’t given them enough money.

After everyone was gone, Courtney and Bill were the only ones left as they stood not more than two meters away from each other. Therefore, it was inevitable for their eyes to meet.

“Are you free? I’ve made a new scented tea in my office. Do you want to try it?” Courtney looked at Bill calmly, as if she had forgotten her frustrations from last night.

Bill’s dark expression finally had traces of joy as he murmured, “Alright.”

Inside her office, the whole place was filled with the warm aroma of jasmine tea.

Courtney pushed the porcelain cup to Bill while she lowered her head down embarrassedly. “I apologize for what happened last night.”

For a moment, Bill was startled and his voice became gloomy. “No need for that. You were right, actually. It was my idea to ship the products to the warehouse first. If it weren’t for my insistence, we would have decreased the loss by half at the very least.”

“Someone is keeping an eye on us as they attack us. Even if you are able to protect one place, there’ll always be another place out of your reach.” Courtney’s words were filled with many implications.

Bill furrowed his brows as he knew what was going on without asking much. “This morning, the fire brigade told me that the fire was caused by the old electrical appliances in the warehouse, and the staff were away drinking at night.”

“We don’t have the time to investigate whether this was really a coincidence or not, but that doesn’t mean we’ll just leave it be. At the moment, we must contact as many factories as we can so that they can redo the entire order within half a month.”

The original deadline for the previous batch of products was a month. The factory head completed it about a week in advance by asking his staff to work day and night. After checking the shortage of products on hand, Courtney estimated the time for completion and realized that it would be difficult for them to finish it within a week; they needed half a month at the very least.

“But the deadline is next week.” Bill looked worried.

“I’ll talk to Mr. Vinsmoke about the delay and compensation.”

Bill pondered for a moment before announcing seriously, “No need for that. I’ll think of a way and I’ll complete the shipment in time.”

Courtney’s brows furrowed. “Bill, the possibility is too small. Even if we ask all of the factories in Melrose City to stop what they are doing to complete our shipment, the possibility of them finishing everything within a week is almost zero.”

“Even so, there’s still a possibility that it will work.” Bill stood up. “Leave this to me. I’ll take full responsibility for this shipment.”

With that, Bill left.

Courtney could see that he didn’t touch the cup of tea in front of him at all, which made her frown even harder.

I can see that he is really anxious about this deep down but we can’t afford to lose our cool, especially on this matter. He does not have any experience in this profit-driven world, so what plans does he have?

In the evening before the deadline of the shipment, Courtney brought her assistant, Natasha, to the Sakura Group to talk to Mr. Vinsmoke about the order.

However, the moment they arrived at the entrance of the group, they were blocked by a blue Porsche.

Just like lightning, the car swerved and parked between the entrance of the Sakura Group and Courtney’s car. If Natasha wasn’t quick enough to stop Courtney just in time, the consequences would be devastating.

“President Hunter, are you alright?” Natasha held onto Courtney’s hand in fear.

“I’m fine.”

As soon as Courtney lifted her head and saw the familiar car, she instantly knew who had arrived.

This is probably what they mean by enemies always crossing paths.

James got out of his car while wearing a black suit and coat, his eyes behind his glasses as hypocritical as usual.

“Long time no see, President Hunter.”

Courtney grabbed Natasha’s hand to stop her from arguing with him. Meanwhile, Courtney put on a faint smile as she looked at him. “President Duncan, your nose really is better than a bloodhound’s. You showed up the moment I arrived. How extraordinary.”

Listening to her, James’ expression darkened slightly as he sneered, “President Hunter, rather than spending your time mocking me, why don’t you focus on how to explain to Mr. Vinsmoke about the shipment’s delay?”

“You don’t need to worry about me, President Duncan.”

After that, Courtney let go of Natasha’s hand and straightened her clothes before walking into Sakura Group without a serious expression.

Standing at the entrance, James asked from behind Courtney, “If I were you, I would lower my pride at this moment. With my friendship with Mr. Vinsmoke, you can delay the shipment as long as you want.”

Without looking back, Courtney walked straight into the elevator, as if she didn’t hear what he said. Natasha followed close behind.

After the elevator door closed, Natasha asked, “President Hunter, even though we don’t want to be involved with a person like James, shouldn’t we adopt a more relaxed attitude at this time? The backstabbers are usually the hardest to deal with. What if he does one of his tricks behind our backs?”

“Do you really think he won’t do that just because we show him a good attitude?” Courtney remained composed. “Otherwise, how do you think this fire started?”

Citron had just started operating so they didn’t have their own warehouse, and Courtney didn’t want Citron to have any relations with the Hunter Group. After all, it was her mother’s company, so when Bill proposed to place the products in a warehouse for the time being, they temporarily rented a warehouse space at the west suburbs of Melrose City.

After the fire, the person in charge of the warehouse faced huge compensation because the space that Courtney rented wasn’t the only place that caught fire. There were many other products nearby from other companies that were also destroyed too, so the person in charge turned tail.

During this period, Natasha had been following Bill to deal with the other factories, so she didn’t know what Courtney was up to. After listening to Courtney’s words, Natasha’s expression turned to one of shock.

“He ran away? Then who will be responsible for this matter now?”

“The person in charge ran away, so the owner of the warehouse pushed the blame and chose to ignore it. James really has this planned meticulously.”

Hearing that, Natasha was dumbfounded and she frowned.

She was a clever person. Since Courtney had already made her words clear, it would be stupid for Natasha to not understand.

That’s why seeing James here today definitely won’t lead to something good. No wonder the two of them were so tense at the entrance.

When they arrived at the door of Mr. Vinsmoke’s office, his assistant knocked on the door and went in to inform him of their presence before letting Courtney inside.

“Mr. Vinsmoke.”

Courtney sat down on the other side of his office desk. Across the huge desk, Mr. Vinsmoke had just put down his pen and a pile of processed documents.

“Today is the day you hand in the shipment, right? Thanks for taking the trouble to come here personally, President Hunter.”

Before Courtney had the chance to speak, the door behind her opened and the assistant’s reluctant voice was heard. “President Duncan, Mr. Vinsmoke is now discussing business with President Hunter. You can’t go in—”

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