One Night Surprise Chapter 293

Chapter 293 Subtle

Looking at the side of Alexander’s face, Courtney felt assured for some reason. “No matter what you decide, I’ll always support you.”

Alexander turned his head and gazed at her before reaching out to adjust her scarf. Seeing the once thin figure—who was a head shorter than him—getting more plump in recent days, the corners of his eyes crinkled slightly.

Courtney didn’t know what he was smiling at, so she asked, “Is it because I look good in this scarf?”

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“Yes.” Alexander went against his will and nodded obediently.

Compared to lying about such trivial matters, he was more worried about her crying to lose weight after realizing that she had gotten chubby.

By then, she may lose her touch.

“Why don’t we take a look around?”

Courtney blinked while the electronice screen of the mall behind her broadcasted an advertisement for a Christmas limited-edition skin care product.

The hotel, where they had dinner that night, was located in the liveliest place at the city center.

In just a few steps, the two of them reached the streets of the shopping square. Christmas was still a month away but the shops had already hung up all their decorations.

Looking at the lively atmosphere, Alexander had never felt so excited as he held tight to Courtney’s hands. Then, they went through the crowd of white-collar men and women, most of whom only had time to come out at night, before entering the building.

“It’s been so cold recently. I want to buy a hat but once I wear it, I can’t take it off because my hair will be disastrous,” Courtney kept on rambling while they strolled around.

Before they reached the fashion section, she was suddenly distracted by the kids’ section. She pulled Alexander along to help pick out things and very soon, the shopping cart was filled with lots of items.

“This yellow hat will look good on Jordan. I’ll buy another red one for Tina.”

While pushing the shopping cart, Alexander chimed in, “Should you get another green one to make a traffic light?”

Courtney stared at him and asked confusedly, “Are you going to wear it?”

For a moment, Alexander was startled and a kaleidoscope of expressions flashed across his face. In the end, he reluctantly said, “Forget it.”

Although he liked the things that Courtney bought for him, he really didn’t have the courage to go out wearing a green hat.

“There really is a green one; do you want to try it?” Courtney exclaimed. She pulled out a traditionally green woolen hat from a pile of parent-child hats and she tried to put it on his head.

However, Alexander had a height advantage, so he straightened his back slightly and pushed her hand away. There was nothing she could do.

Later on in the middle of the night, the sound of a woman smashing things could be heard from the first floor living room of a three-story villa hidden in the woods, which was located in the middle of General Mountain at the west of Melrose City.

“Don’t touch me!”

Britney sat on the couch with a furious expression as she held an ice pack to her face with one hand. Beside her, pieces of broken porcelain were scattered all around the floor. The ancient stamp was still intact on the bottom of the bowl, which showed that this piece of porcelain alone was really valuable.

“Alright. I won’t touch you.” James stood a certain distance away from the couch but the two obvious nails scratches on his face were exceptionally frightening. “No one could have expected this today. I’ll change my assistant tomorrow; it’ll stop these talkative people from telling everyone about us.”

Britney grunted. “I’m afraid it isn’t their fault. The moment you asked the driver to send Courtney home, that crazy woman of yours suddenly jumped out of the car and started biting like a mad dog. If you can’t see through this situation clearly, do you really think you are a match against Alexander?”

James furrowed his brows as he suddenly realized. “Courtney tricked me?”

“I’ve told you that she isn’t the same as those silly girls you met before. During dinner, she laughed a lot but she only drank a little wine, and she did it quite subtly too.”

“That b*tch!”

“I’ve told you that if you want to acquire the Hunter Group to strengthen your position, it’s basically impossible for you to woo her over to your side. She is an obstacle—if she no longer exists, you may have the chance to acquire the company.”

“Are you saying—” James looked toward the couch as he made a cut throat gesture. “—that I should kill her first?”

“That’ll be too kind to her.” Britney grunted coldly as she flung the ice bag at the coffee table. “Courtney is a very proud person. Since she doesn’t want to admit to that incident six years ago, we’ll just have to use the same tricks. By the time we expose her, I don’t think she’ll dare to show her face in Melrose City ever again. Even if she has thick skin, I don’t believe that Alexander would still want her.”

At this point, James finally understood what Britney was implying. “So you plan to use me to remove this thorn in your side?”

“I can’t deny my selfish motives but it won’t do any harm to you at all.”

“Oh?” James sneered. “Pray tell.”

Britney stood up from the couch and stepped barefoot on the carpet. Her burgundy satin pajamas were extraordinarily glamorous. Swinging her hips as she took two steps, the ribbons on her shoulder slided down. Although she had already applied an ice pack to her face, half of it was still covered in bruises. However, it couldn’t conceal her seductive look one bit.

Just by standing there, it was enough to turn James’ legs into jelly.

“The Hunter Group is now growing at a steady pace. Do you really think this is all down to Courtney alone? If she really is this capable, how could she not have a place in the Hunter Family since the beginning? It’s all because of Alexander’s network helping her. If you do things according to my plan, Alexander will break up with her and by then, she’ll be all yours.”

There was a malicious light flickering in her eyes but James loved her this way. Usually, he would have pounced on her long ago but this time, he was making her wait instead.

“That sounds great. However, do you know how much risk I have to take to do this for nothing? What if Old Master Duncan finds out about this? Not only will I lose my hold on my position, I’m afraid that I’ll be kicked out of the company straight away.”

“You won’t gain anything without taking a little risk.” Seeing that he was still hesitant, Britney’s eyes rolled as she took a step forward. “Ouch!”

After a scream, she suddenly fell onto the couch.

“What’s wrong?” James furrowed his brow and focused all his attention on her.

Turned out her snowy white foot was pierced by bits and pieces of porcelain, causing streaks of blood to flow out. While biting her lips painfully, she lay down on the couch and resisted the pain with all her strength. She looked like a damsel in distress to James.

After taking a few steps toward her, he held her foot and looked at it for a while before saying in distress, “Don’t move.” Then, he turned around and shouted, “Where’s the maid? Tell her to bring some medicine over.”

“What medicine?” Britney suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck, her hot breath fanning his face as she murmured, “You are my medicine.”

With the beauty in his arms, James was already restless inside. Seeing that she was interested, he immediately carried her up and walked toward the second floor.

When the maid arrived with the medicine, there wasn’t anyone left in the living room. Following the ambiguous voice of a man and woman coming from the second floor, she could see a bunch of clothes scattered across the stairs. From head to toe, not a scrap of clothing was left on their bodies.

One could still hear the sweet faint gasps of a woman coming from the bedroom on the second floor. “Ah… James. Now… Ah… Do you believe that what I said is for your own good?”

he hoarse voice of a man could be heard. “You are right, but now, let’s see how Courtney deals with the trouble coming her way.”

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