One Night Surprise Chapter 292

Chapter 292 I Didn’t Promise Him

Britney’s voice sounded like a high pitch screech to Courtney’s ears. The moment she heard it, she furrowed her eyes and kept on walking without arguing with her.

In Courtney’s eyes, a person like Britney who pushed the blame right after a break up would only end up hurting herself and others.

Tonight’s dinner was surprisingly successful and James didn’t use the chance to discuss the acquisition.

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At around nine o’clock, everyone at the table proposed to change the venue. Looking at the eyes of the men when their wine glasses clinked, Courtney could easily guess where they were headed to, so she said casually, “I won’t be following you all. It’s late now; I still need to go home and put the kids to sleep.”

I’ll send President Hunter home,” James immediately offered.

Tonight, everyone at the table were all drunk but James’ mind seemed to be quite clear by comparison. Courtney looked at the wine glass in front of him suspiciously but she couldn’t find anything wrong.

“No need for that.” She glanced at him. “President Duncan, it’s more important for you to send Miss Price home safely. I have my own driver.”

“President Hunter, didn’t your driver just ask for leave because he has something to deal with?” James stared at her. Even though he said it with a smile, Courtney still felt uncomfortable. “Are you worried because of me? I’m afraid you’re overthinking it because I’m not going with you; I’ll let my driver send you back. I still need to accompany Mr. Vinsmoke and others for the next round.”

He even knows that my driver has left for tonight. Courtney furrowed her brows as she looked at everyone around the table. If I show that I’m on bad terms with James, I’ll definitely lose a lot of potential clients here.

After weighing the pros and cons, she finally agreed with him.

Immediately, James smiled as he pushed his glasses up his nose and he announced, “Mr. Vinsmoke, why don’t we send President Hunter to the entrance? After all, she is the only woman here tonight so we need to make sure that she leaves safely, yes?”

“Yes, of course.”

Everyone quickly agreed. At the moment, they were all a bunch of drunks and even the two middle-level managers that Courtney brought along were now nodding their heads in confusion. As for Natasha, she was furious at the situation and she kept on winking at Courtney.

Although James was letting his driver send her home, who knew where the driver would send her seeing that the relationship between the two companies was so awkward at the moment?

This isn’t safe; he can’t be trusted at all.

And so, James and Courtney arrived at the hotel’s entrance surrounded by a bunch of drunks. James’ driver had already driven the deep blue Porsche over. In a very gentlemanly manner, James went up to open the car door for Courtney.

“President Hunter, time to get in the car.”

While carrying her bag, Courtney suddenly smiled faintly when she saw the person sitting in the car. “I think you should be the one getting in, President Duncan.”

“President Hunter, don’t tell me you are suddenly backing out. In business, we can’t have people whose words are unreliable—”

“I don’t think what you say is reliable either.”

A high pitched voice came from the car, cutting James off. Instantly, Britney’s face turned pale as she stood behind Courtney.

A pair of burgundy high heels with black soles appeared, followed by a well-maintained woman who got out of the car. Immediately, she slammed the Hermes bag in her hand right at James’ face before yelling, “James, do you have no shame? How many times have I warned you to stay away from this sl*t? Do you think you are very smart? How dare you bring her to parties with you? Do you still see me as your wife?”

James’ face turned pale and embarrassed as he grabbed hold of his wife’s Hermes bag. “Why are you here?” he asked in a panic.

“It doesn’t matter why I’m here. What matters the most is why this sl*t is here.”

The woman pointed her fingers at the person beside Courtney. The moment she laid eyes on Britney, her eyes were suddenly raging with flames as she pounced right at her.

Throughout the night, only Britney’s scream was heard as she was pulled by her hair.

“You sl*t! If I don’t tear your face off today, are you going to seduce my man again? Looks like I’ll have to tear off all your clothes so that you can seduce everyone on the street!”

“Are you crazy?” Britney shouted as she struggled hard. “We didn’t do anything. Let me go!”

“You think I believe you?”

Amidst the chaos, Courtney stood among the crowd. Naturally, the drunks surrounding them couldn’t help but laugh out because they drank too much just now; at the moment, they kept on laughing as if they were watching a show.

What a huge embarrassment this is, James thought to himself. Meanwhile, he ordered his driver and assistant with a dark expression, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and stop my wife immediately!”

Just when Courtney was enjoying the show, a hand reached out from the side and grabbed her wrist. Before she even got the chance to scream, she was pulled away from the crowd.

“Who are—Alexander?”

Courtney took a few steps before she could make out that it was Alexander pulling her along. Before the panicked expression on her face disappeared completely, happiness started to shine through.

After standing still, she laughed. “When did you arrive? Why did you pull me and run?”

At the moment, Alexander was dressed casually in a camel coat, which looked really refreshing. With a joyful spark in his eyes, he gazed at her before approaching her to take a whiff. “How much did you drink?”

“Only half a glass.” The light in Courtney’s eyes flickered as she whispered, “Natasha took care of the rest for me. That girl can really drink; she can even walk straight after so many rounds.”

Alexander removed the grey wool scarf from his neck and wrapped it around her. “You need to give her a raise after you go back,” he said in an indulgent tone. After that, he took Courtney’s hand and put it into his pocket naturally before walking with her on the side of the road. “Let’s walk back home. It’ll sober you up.”

Courtney followed along and she smiled. “I only drank half a glass; there’s no need for me to sober up. As for you, did you call James’ wife to come over here?”

“How did you know?”

“I didn’t know in advance that Britney was coming and James definitely wouldn’t tell others about it. He must have been very secretive about it but suddenly, his wife appeared. Come to think of it, I guess you heard me bringing it up when I called you in the washroom.”

Alexander didn’t deny her statement but the sudden playfulness in his eyes explained everything.

He didn’t like to b**t into other people’s business and he didn’t care how many women James had outside, but he felt that James wouldn’t allow Courtney to leave safely from today’s dinner.

Lately, Sunhill Enterprise has been pushing the Hunter Group tightly to a corner, which is pretty obvious from the financial aspect. It’s better to take a pre-emptive strike than to stand in the enemy’s way.

“What did you talk about with your grandfather?” Courtney changed the subject.

“The same old thing. He asked me to come back to the enterprise.”

“What about James?”

“Grandpa said that as long as I decide to go back, he’ll kick him out and this time, he won’t let him return ever again.”

“What did you say?”

From Alexander’s calm expression, she could tell that he didn’t promise his grandfather. Truth was, she was always curious as to why.

“I didn’t promise him.”

As expected.

Alexander squeezed her hand as he put it deeper in his pocket. Only his deep voice could be heard in the night. “Since we are letting him go, we need to eliminate him completely.”

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