One Night Surprise Chapter 290

Chapter 290 I Like You as You Are

Courtney’s words were enough to make Alexander’s eyes focus as he cast an inquiring gaze at her.

“It’s nothing, really. I just don’t want to hear about what happened that day. You don’t need to keep on reminding me about irrelevant things that irrelevant people said.” She kept her head low as she explained, her tone light.

She wasn’t afraid that he would believe what Vanessa said about her being sent to sleep with four or five men by Anna six years ago. Instead, when trying to refute Vanessa, Courtney was afraid that she herself would accidentally slip up and reveal that she went into the wrong room and bed six years ago.

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If Alexander connects the dots of what happened that night six years ago, the consequences will be devastating.

That was why she wanted this incident to be over quickly.

It’s best not to mention this ever again.

However, Alexander misunderstood her.

As his brows furrowed together, he stared at Courtney, who was still washing the vegetables, for a long time while his expression grew darker.

After dinner, Courtney went to clean herself up in her room while Alexander made a call on the balcony. On the other side of the line, Josh’s aggrieved voice could be heard.

“President Duncan, it happened six years ago. Also, Anna is already dead so I can’t even find the mastermind behind all this. Where will I find her men?”

With a dark expression, Alexander remained unfazed as he said coldly, “I will only give you three days. No matter what you do, I want you to find all the five people without missing out any one of them. You know what to do afterward.”

As soon as the call ended, Josh collapsed on the couch while letting out a long sigh.

Back when Alex was working in the enterprise, he didn’t have this much private matters to deal with but now that he isn’t in the enterprise, he will ask me to handle some matters for him quietly from time to time. Not only that, the tasks also get more difficult one after another. Before I get the time to finish one, there’ll be another one coming. I’m pretty sure my hair will become white before long.

At night, Courtney was held in someone’s arms the moment she went to bed.

For a moment, her back stiffened as she reminded him, “You have a cold. Are you planning to infect me as well?”

“I was cured a long time ago.” A deep voice came from behind her as its owner nuzzled her neck, sending a tingling feeling through her.

“You lied to me?” Immediately, Courtney came back to her senses.

No wonder; and here I was being puzzled as to why can’t he recover from a small cold even after so many days. His fever is gone and he looks quite energetic, yet he is still sick.

Before she could turn her head around, he tightened his arms around her waist. “It’s because I miss it.”

“What do you miss?”

“I miss the times when you were always thinking about me.”

“Have you had a spoonful of honey today?” Courtney tried to look behind her but Alexander’s chin blocked her forehead, preventing her from seeing his eyes.

“Courtney.” Today, he was extremely gentle to a point where even his cold voice had some traces of warmth. “I like you as you are. No matter what you experienced or encountered, it will never affect my love toward you.”

For a moment, Courtney was dumbfounded. However, she wasn’t stupid; she could hear the many implications in his words.

When she connected it with what was happening recently, she could easily guess which incident he was talking about. With little thought, she knew that he might have misunderstood something but she couldn’t explain it to him.

After a moment of silence, she asked, “Have you ever thought that everyone in this world is actually wearing a mask? What if the me that you face every day is just my mask?”

“What is it? Are you hiding something from me?” Alexander said in a casual tone, as if he was making a joke.

However, Courtney knew that he was the last person on earth to crack a joke.

“Most people can’t accept the truth. What if I’m not the person you think I am?”

“There is no doubt that I’m looking at you in your truest form.”

“Are you that confident?”

“Honesty is your biggest strength; other than that, you are nothing in my eyes.”

Before Courtney got the chance to feel happy, her face immediately darkened after hearing what he said.

As expected, a person like him will never have a silver tongue. If one were to mistakenly think otherwise, there’ll definitely be poison underneath that layer of honey.

After lowering her head to endure his scorn for a while, she bent her knee slightly before suddenly slamming it upward.

Bang! Someone fell from the bed to the floor while moaning in pain.

“Courtney, what are you doing?” As Alexander held onto his waist, he took a deep breath and gazed at the bed.

With her back facing him, she wrapped the blanket tightly around herself and growled, “Basically, I’m nothing. That’s the truth.”

Upon listening to her words, Alexander was startled for a moment. As he sat below the bed and gazed at that angry figure, the corners of his eyes crinkled and he revealed a loving smile, all the while feeling resigned.

Early in the morning, Courtney arrived at the Citron factory with Bill to check on the progress.

After checking a batch of goods, Bill patted the thread in his hand. “I’ve checked all of these carefully. Basically, there aren’t any problems. Most of the defective ones have been removed for reworks. When the last batch is finished tonight, we can finally send all of it to Sakura Group’s warehouse.”

“I can see that there’s quite a lot here. You can send the finished goods over first.” Courtney looked at the pile of products at the corner. “If we wait till tonight, I’m afraid there won’t be enough space here.”

“Why don’t we send those to our warehouse for the time being?” Bill had a serious expression as he commented, “I want to confirm everything with my team first before sending out the products. If a problem crops up, it won’t be good for us. Besides, the transportation and warehouse fee doesn’t cost much.”

However, Courtney still hesitated for a moment as she was inexplicably worried but in the end, she still nodded her head.

“Alright. It’s safer to check it a few more times. We’ll do it your way.”

“By the way—” Bill lifted his head from the product list. “—Natasha called me just now. She wants me to remind you about the dinner with the Sakura Group tonight. Based on her tone, I assume you’re not going?”

“James will be there.” Courtney felt angry the moment she mentioned him. “Don’t you know? Ever since we accepted the order from Sakura Group, I keep on seeing him during business meals. It is obvious that he is showing me how popular he is in Melrose City.”

“What’s wrong? Did he harass you?”

“No.” Courtney furrowed her brows. “If he dares to harass me, I’ll call the cops. He is just trying to talk me into an acquisition.”

“He wants to buy Citron?”

He wants the whole Hunter Group.” Courtney frowned. “He really is greedy. By the looks of it, he is planning to do something big to impress Mr. Duncan, so he is now targeting the Hunter Group.”

“There are many medium-sized enterprises in Melrose City that are much easier to negotiate to than the Hunter Group, so why has he got his eyes on it?” Bill was confused.

“It probably has something to do with Alexander.” Courtney’s frown deepened as she murmured, “You also know that Alexander is now the head of finance. James is trying to hit him when he is down—if he can kick Alexander out of Sunhill Enterprise and buy out the company he works for, it shows that James really is capable. He just wants to humiliate Alexander so that he can boast to Mr. Duncan on how much better he is.”

Her words made the situation sound dangerous and Bill was initially worried about her, but seeing how calm she looked, he let out a sigh of relief. “You don’t look worried at all,” he commented with a smile. “Do you already have a plan?”

“Of course. I have something up my sleeve too.”

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