One Night Surprise Chapter 289

Chapter 289 How Can a Man Stay at Home Every Day

Facing Courtney’s question, Scott and Tina looked at each other for a while across the safety net. Just as the child was about to say something, Scott started coughing intensely.

Cough! Cough! Cough!

Beside him, Harry immediately understood his intentions, so he quickly went up and asked concernedly, “Master, are you alright?”

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Courtney also asked about his condition, automatically forgetting the query she had just now.

“I’m fine. It’s just a bit cold outside. It’ll be dark soon so let’s go home.”

After all, Scott was old now so it was reasonable for him to have such a request.

Courtney then called the two children out of the playground and gave them some advice before letting Harry and Scott take them away.

When leaving, Tina still looked reluctant to leave but through the car window, Courtney could see Scott conjuring a box of chocolates that the two of them loved, much like a magician.

Almost instantly, the little girl was smiling again.

What a greedy little kitten.

Resigned, Courtney shook her head before hailing a cab at the side of the road.

“Sir, please head to Greenville.”

After Courtney left, only the two sick patients—Alexander and Oliver—were left in the apartment. Compared to Oliver’s nonsensical talk, Alexander was much easier to take care of.

“I feel that Courtney is still reluctant to talk to you.” On the couch in the living room, Oliver poked his head out of the blanket and blew his nose before throwing the tissue paper into the trash can. “Don’t you plan to do something? After all, you are at fault for this. Don’t think that it’ll all go away just because you are sick. Courtney won’t want to argue with a sick person.”

However, Alexander didn’t look like someone who was sick. Instead, he was now standing behind the kitchen’s marble table in full spirits while serving himself a cup of tea. Upon listening to Oliver’s words, he replied without even lifting his head, “Mind your own business.”

“You can’t fake your illness forever, can you?” Hearing that, Alexander glared at Oliver while taking two glasses of water out of the kitchen. Then, he placed one of the glasses in front of Oliver, along with the medicine. “It’s time for my medicine again?” Oliver sighed. “Why do I feel worse after eating the medicine you give me?”

“You should have this before your meal. If you don’t want to eat your meal, you can take the medicine later on,” Alexander said flatly. “Also, I’m not the one who gave you these medicines; it’s the doctor who prescribed it to you.”

“Why didn’t the doctor prescribe some to you?”

“He did.” Alexander looked at him profoundly.

Due to the flu, Oliver’s brain couldn’t quite function properly but when he saw Alexander’s expression, he finally understood. Then, he reached out into his blanket and grabbed a bottle of pills before popping them down his throat. After taking a gulp of water, he muttered, “Pretend I didn’t ask.”

Actually, Alexander’s cold was cured long ago. Even if he stopped taking the medicines, the period of his flu infection was already long gone. Moreover, he even took the medicines for a few days. If Oliver didn’t find out afterward that Alexander threw the pills into the trash can, no one would know that he was faking his illness.

As a form of returning the favor for not telling Courtney immediately about Oliver regaining his memories, Oliver pretended as though nothing was off.

Suddenly, the sound of the door opening came, causing Alexander’s initially straight posture to bend over as he lay down on the couch. All of these happened before Oliver even had the chance to realize it. Alexander even snatched away Oliver’s blanket and covered himself.

“You really are something!” Oliver gave him a look.

The next second, Courtney opened the door and came in with two huge grocery bags from the supermarket.

“We are having hot pot tonight.”

Oliver sniffed and he raised his hand slightly. “No objections.”

As Courtney changed her shoes, she could see the sick duo lying on the couch. “Oliver, you aren’t wearing enough clothes. Why don’t you cover yourself in a blanket?”

Listening to her, Oliver glanced at the person on the opposite end.

I was covering myself in that warm blanket but someone took it by force to fake his illness.

Just as he was about to say something, an intense cough was heard on the opposite side.

Cough! Cough!

If Courtney weren’t here, Oliver would have given Alexander a big thumbs up.

What great acting skills; breathtaking, to say the very least.

“What is it? Are you alright?” Immediately, Courtney went over to ask Alexander while reaching out her hand to his forehead, checking his temperature. “It has been a week but your cold isn’t getting better. Shall we go to the hospital?”

Alexander shook his head while deepening his voice. “No need for that. I can just rest at home.”

When saying these words, he glanced at Oliver with the corner of his eyes, warning him not to say anything.

Oliver pouted his lips and crossed his arms as he went back to his room.

I’m not having any of this.

“That won’t do.” Courtney withdrew her hand and carried the two bags into the kitchen. “Your grandfather picked up Jordan just now and I can see that he wants you to return to Sunhill Enterprise.”

“I’m not going back there.” Alexander’s voice came from behind.

Then, Courtney placed the two bags on the kitchen counter before taking the items out one by one.

“Why not? Are you still angry at your grandfather? It’s normal for an elderly to be stubborn. Since he has given you a chance to back down, you should do so quickly.”

“I feel that this is quite a nice life.” While covering himself with the blanket, Alexander’s floral shirt collar was revealed—Courtney had bought it for him in bulk—as he turned around to look in the direction of the kitchen, his eyes gentle.

“How can a man stay at home every day?” Courtney mumbled. “You know what? Do whatever you want; it’s your business anyway.”

Listening to her words, Alexander’s expression changed slightly as his once gentle eyes started to harden. “Are you still angry about the party that day?”

Courtney stopped washing the vegetables and answered him without raising her head, “No; it was such a long time ago; you are thinking too much. You’d better get some rest.”

However, Alexander mistook the restlessness in her eyes as her still being angry at him, so he quickly explained, “I’ve told you that what Kelly said to me that day was what Vanessa told you in front of those people. I only wanted her to shut up. At that time, I didn’t know that it had already happened at the party. I just didn’t want you to hear those words.”

“You’ve already told me that.” Courtney continued washing the vegetables with her head down. From the corner of her eyes, she noticed that Alexander had stood up from the couch. The flowery shirt and casual beige shorts weren’t enough to conceal his perfect body as he walked toward her.

Truth be told, Courtney didn’t care much that Alexander and Kelly came out of the lounge together at the party. However, she was in a bad mood that day at the party, so she made a huge fuss out of it.

She didn’t take it seriously but Alexander seemed to be worried about it the whole time.

“Why do I get the feeling that you still seem to be upset?” He walked to the kitchen door and gazed at the side of her face in concern. “Ever since you came back from the party, you always look troubled inside. Is there anything that you want to tell me?”

“Can you not mention what happened that day? I don’t want to hear it.” Courtney took a deep breath while feeling nervous inside.

“They framed me.”

“But what if they didn’t?”

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