One Night Surprise Chapter 288

Chapter 288 Do You Want to Know the Truth About Three Years Ago?

Courtney drank her tea with her head down and smiled faintly after listening to Scott’s question. “Jordan is your great-grandson. I believe I do not have a say in it.”

“Good that you know.” Scott harrumphed. “But I feel that if we don’t settle the problem between you and Alexander sooner, the kids will have a hard time getting stuck between the two of you. They don’t need to suffer. Harry has told you everything, right?” He then glanced at Harry, who stood off to one side.

Although Harry remained silent, Courtney’s calm demeanor had said it all.

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“Mr. Harry only hopes that I can be the peacemaker of all this. After all, Alexander and you are a family.”

“Do you think you are capable?”

“No,” she answered him openly. “That is why I refused.”

Scott furrowed his brows and his face calmed down a lot more as compared to before. “I also feel that there’s nothing to talk about. For the past few years, I’ve said nothing because I only wanted peace but now, he has really crossed the line.”

“Are you talking about him being together with me against your will?” Courtney went straight to the point. “If I remember correctly, you were the one who was constantly pushing us to be together at the start.”

Scott made himself clear as he stared at her. “If I knew you weren’t divorced, I wouldn’t have brought you and Alexander together.”

“I’ll explain that to you in a while.” Courtney still remained composed as she asked him unhurriedly, “What’s most important now is your relationship with Alexander. Do you want to know the truth about what happened three years ago?”

Scott focused on her. “What did Alexander tell you?”

“He didn’t tell me anything. I found it out myself.” She then opened the file saved on her phone before pushing it on the coffee table toward Scott. “You can take a look yourself. This is the text version of a recording I asked someone to obtain from Jordan’s two maids back then in Elmsbury. I have the actual recording if you want to listen to it but it isn’t here with me.” As Scott read the content on her phone, his expression gradually became tense. “Initially, Sarah and Maria accused a young master of instigating them to use the drug. I also thought that it was Alexander. I guess you obtained the same confession at first but I would like to ask you something.”

“Go ahead.” Scott’s brows frowned.

“From the time Jordan was born until the accident three years ago, did Alexander visit your house often?”

Suddenly, Scott’s expression darkened, as if he wasn’t willing to answer her.

Beside him, Harry murmured, “Young Master Alexander didn’t return home. During those two years, he was angry with Master.”

Due to the ambiguity of Jordan’s birth, Scott refused to fulfil his promise of handing over the enterprise to Alexander directly. Because of that, the two of them were angry at each other for almost two years.

“Then, how could the young master that Sarah and Maria mentioned be Alexander?” Courtney pointed out the most crucial point straight away. “Also, they said that they’ve met the young master a few times in the ancestral home. Although they didn’t see him frequently, he still left a lasting impression on them. The servants who worked in the house for a long time called him Young Master.”

Immediately, both Scott and Harry’s expressions changed.


“Do you need me to continue?” Courtney asked. “I’ve asked someone to show Sarah and Maria two pictures for them to identify, but their memories from before are blurred.”

In the entire Duncan Family, the person who looked the most similar to Alexander was James. If one were to remove their glasses, the two of them would have been almost identical. After three years, who would have remembered clearly which young master was the one who instigated them to place the drug?

The truth is often right beside us.

Scott’s expression visibly darkened.

“That b*stard.”

A moment of silence later, Courtney spoke in an attitude that was neither humble nor overbearing. “It’s not appropriate of me to ask about the Duncan Family’s affairs, so I didn’t inform you of this even though I’d found out about it a while ago. Today, you came here to pick Jordan up, which means that you still care for him and Alexander, so I don’t want you to be kept in the dark.”

Naturally, it was embarrassing for the family to have its affairs exposed by an outsider.

For a while, Scott did not utter anything and his expression remained dark.

Reading the situation, Courtney changed the subject. “It’s going to be difficult to convince Jordan to go back with you but if you are willing, you can take Tina as well. With her tagging along, Jordan will surely be willing to follow you back.”

“That’s even better,” Harry said. “Everyone in the ancestral home loves Tina very much and even Miss Hannah misses her every day. If Tina goes back with Little Master, the house won’t be that quiet.”

Scott stared at him. “Harry, you have been quite talkative lately.”

Courtney smiled silently while lowering her head to take a sip of her tea.

After leaving their seats, Courtney accompanied Scott outside the safety net as they watched the two children play on the slides in a colorful ocean of b***s.

Suddenly, he asked, “Just now, you mentioned that you’ll explain why you aren’t divorced. Why didn’t you continue with your explanation?”

Courtney was slightly startled. “I thought that you wouldn’t want to hear it.”

“Why would I not want to hear about what kind of a person the woman my grandson is with?” Scott furrowed his brows, looking displeased. “Are you now trying to be too clever after following that little brat for so long?”

Of course, that little brat Scott referred to was none other than Alexander.

For a moment, Courtney felt a bit resigned.

I have been held as a business genius by the outside world but in front of him, I’m being seen as acting too clever.

“The marriage between me and my current legal husband is only a formality. We are actually just friends. Tina is my daughter and she has nothing to do with him.”

However, Courtney only explained half of it and she kept the other half to herself.

She knew that Scott didn’t hate her that much anymore when he asked her this question.

Maybe he is starting to believe that I’m in this marriage for a personal reason and he is using the question to give me a chance to explain myself while giving himself a chance to back down.

Scott looked at her thoughtfully and asked, “Does Alexander know about this?”

“Of course he does.” Courtney felt surprised. “Do you really think your grandson would get together with a married woman given that he is such an arrogant man?”

For a moment, Scott was startled but moments later, he reverted back to his serious expression as he grunted. “Who knows? There may be times when he is muddled in the head.”

Far away from them, Tina went down the slide, her bell-like laughter ringing the whole way. After diving straight into the sea of b***s, she rolled around to the edge of the safety net.

Scott smiled and reminded her, “Be careful, little girl.”

Upon hearing his voice, Tina sprouted out of the b***s and glared at him. “I don’t need your concern, bad Grandpa! Hmph!”

Scott was dumbfounded as he was given the cold shoulder by the kid that loved him the most. “How did I become a bad grandpa?”

Tina stood amidst the colorful sea of b***s with her arms akimbo. “You are bad and you don’t like my mommy. My mommy has lots of people pursuing her and we don’t want your family anyway. You have forgotten about our agreement where you said that you’ll find your own granddaughter-in-law and I’ll find my own daddy. You’re a liar; a big liar!”

“What agreement?” Standing off to one side, Courtney looked confused.

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