One Night Surprise Chapter 287

Chapter 287 I Can’t Force the Child

The other end of the phone went silent for a long while.

Oliver was suddenly a little anxious. “Mom, please say something. I didn’t do anything and he doesn’t know about my identity either. I’m just wondering whether you would like to meet him. I feel that he doesn’t seem like a cold-hearted person.”

“No need for that.” A sorrowful and gentle voice was eventually heard on the other end. “I’ve already met him during the summer.”

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“You’ve already met him?” Oliver was startled. “When did that happen?”

“My soup is still brewing in the pot and I have guests in the inn waiting to drink it. I can’t talk to you now.” After that, the call ended.

Upon looking at the name ‘pretty mom’ on the top of the contact list of his phone, he took a deep breath as he was panicking. Everyone has a past that they selfishly hide deep inside their hearts. However, the moment the past shows up in front of our eyes, most people will usually panic and feel at a loss.

Oliver could not clearly remember why he chose Melrose City in every selection without hesitation when he was filling his university application back then. However, he still remembered that when he arrived in Melrose City, there was always a force pulling him toward a person. Yet, he never expected to be by the person’s side in such a manner.

After that day, the news in Melrose City for the entire week was on reminding the citizens about the recent flu infection. At first, Alexander ran a temperature before catching a cold after that. The flu had arrived so suddenly that even Oliver was immediately infected after taking care of Alexander for two days. Just like that, the only manpower left in the house had fallen.

As Courtney disinfected the house with a mask on her face, Oliver continued to cough while being wrapped under a blanket on the couch. “I have a lecture to listen to tomorrow,” he said. “There is a professor who is coming from abroad.”

“You need to stop for a while.” She glanced at him. “If you accidentally infect the professor, it’ll be your fault. You should stay at home for the next two days and not go anywhere. Stop infecting others with the flu.”

“What about Tina and Jordan?” On the other side of the couch, there was Alexander’s voice. Due to the severity of his cold, his voice was now particularly hoarse and deep.

“I’ll send them to Aunt Alicia’s house later.” Courtney helplessly sighed. “It’s just that I received a call from Uncle William saying that his two maids at home are also down with a cold. They have stopped working and the whole house is now being disinfected.”

“The flu might have already spread,” Oliver interrupted. “Why don’t you change to another place?”

“Where else can they go?” She straightened her posture while holding onto a mop. “Cameron and Gale have both gone to America. As for Bill, he has been working on his designs every day in the company. Besides, he doesn’t know how to take care of children. Don’t even mention Shay and Casey.”

“Why not? Aren’t the two of them quite suitable? They even have maids in their house.”

“The two of them went to Bali.”

He tutted twice. “They went on a honeymoon?”

Then, Courtney placed the mop in the washroom before she removed her apron and gloves. After wearing her jacket, she shouted at the bedroom. “Jordan, Tina, it’s time to go.”

Immediately, the two children ran out the moment they heard her voice. For the fear of them being infected, she had already asked them to wear their medical masks. After donning their tiny yellow hats, only two pairs of huge eyes were left on their faces.

“I’ve already mentioned in the morning that you’ll be living in Aunt Alicia’s house for the next two days. Once everyone in the house has recovered from the flu, I’ll bring you two home.”

The two children were obedient as they held her hands on each side while they dragged their tiny luggage. The moment they entered the elevator, her phone rang. As soon as she saw the name on the phone screen, she was startled before she answered the call. “Mr. Harry, what is it?”

Three minutes later, she brought the two kids downstairs. There was a black Rolls-Royce parked on the side of the entrance to the building. Due to the cold weather and the contagious flu, not many people were walking around the community. Even though it was not dark in the evening, the place was already as quiet as a graveyard.

Harry was standing in front of the car. When he saw Courtney coming out with the kids, he quickly walked up to her. “The flu has been spreading around Melrose City for the past few days, so Master is really worried. He has asked me to bring the Little Master back home.” The moment he opened his mouth, she could feel something tightening around her leg—it was no doubt that Jordan hugged her leg again as he refused to let go.

“Mr. Harry, it’s not that I’m not allowing you to bring Jordan away, but you can see that he isn’t willing to follow you back. I plan to send both of them to Aunt Alicia’s house. They won’t be infected there.”

“I heard that two of Mr. Somerfield’s maids have fallen ill in his house.”

Upon hearing him, Courtney furrowed her brows. Mr. Duncan really has eyes everywhere. He even knows who is infected with the flu in Aunt Alicia’s house.

However, at that point, it showed that Scott was determined to bring Jordan back with him. Since she could not force Jordan to stay with her, she pulled his hands away and tried to persuade him. “Jordan, do you hear that? Someone in Aunt Alicia’s house is sick, so why don’t you head back with Mr. Harry?”

Upon listening to her, he was shocked as he immediately shook his head and spat out a clear word from his mouth. “No.”

With an aggrieved face, Courtney responded, “Mr. Harry, I can’t force him to do something that he doesn’t want. I know that Mr. Duncan dislikes me, but on this matter, I really can’t force the child.”

“Miss Hunter, Master won’t trouble you on purpose for this matter.” Harry hesitated for a few seconds. “If he wanted to do so, he wouldn’t have personally come here. On the subject of Young Master Alexander, he doesn’t actually blame you much for it. After all, you did nothing wrong. He is just upset with Young Master Alexander.”

“Is Mr. Duncan here?” She was surprised as she looked toward the Rolls-Royce by the entrance.

Sure enough, she could faintly see a familiar face through the car window. It was a cold face that experienced the vicissitudes of life, but it was still warm and caring when he gazed at the two children with an indescribable kindness in his looks.

After a moment of hesitation, Courtney lifted her head and said, “Mr. Harry, please tell Mr. Duncan that I have something to say about his dissatisfaction with Alexander. As long as he hears me out, I’ll think of a way about Jordan.”

Harry was slightly startled for a moment. “Miss Hunter, have you talked to Young Master Alexander?”

“Don’t worry about it. I know what has actually happened.” After listening to her words, he quickly nodded before turning around and running toward the car. Then, he opened the car door and said something to Scott before trodding toward her a while later. “Miss Hunter, it’s freezing outside. Let’s bring the two children into the car first. Then, we’ll find a warm place to talk.”

Courtney nodded and caressed the hats on the two children’s heads while taking a deep breath. “Let’s go.”

They found a Japanese-styled teahouse near the community where she lived—there were not many diners there and the place had a children’s playground area. She and Scott sat opposite each other on the tatami floor with a pinewood tea table between them as the room was filled with the fragrance of tea.

“Although I don’t think there’s much credibility in your words, Harry told me that if I don’t listen to what you have to say, you won’t allow me to bring Jordan back. Is that true?” Scott’s tone showed that he was obviously displeased.

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